RANT: Congresscritters’ double standard


AUGUST 10, 2009

Opposition Emerges to House’s Jet Spree

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WASHINGTON — Bipartisan opposition is emerging in the Senate to a plan by House lawmakers to spend $550 million for additional passenger jets for senior government officials.

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Weren’t these the sae congresscritters who were outraged by the car execs flying into get questioned?


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INTERESTING: Golf Official interferes with a race


Woods to be fined for criticism of rules official
Aug 10, 7:31 PM (ET)

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CHASKA, Minn. (AP) – Tiger Woods will be fined by the PGA Tour for his public criticism of a rules official after winning the Bridgestone Invitational, a tour official said Monday.

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With the championship on the line, the “official” says “hurry up”. And, Woods’ competition triple bogeys the 16th. Great time to mention it.

Now don’t get me wrong, Golf sucks. On TV, it’s even worse. (It’s covered like a skitzo. Jumping around, like a poor unfortunate with ADD.)

But this was just wrong.

It’s like … … joggling a Chess grandmaster during the end game. “Hey, Grand, did you know you only have 3 minutes to move!”


And, Woods was sticking up for his competition.

CBS should demand a refund.

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POLITICAL: Pay the big gang off first


Pet store shut over sales-tax nonpayment
01:00 AM EDT on Sunday, August 9, 2009
By Alex Kuffner
Journal Staff Writer

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He went to the Division of Taxation in Providence on July 30 to deliver a check for $4,500 — all the money he had on hand. He asked if he could keep the pet shop on Newport Avenue open long enough to liquidate by selling off the animals. The tax representative said no.

The next day, he returned to file tax forms that were overdue. A representative told him that if he paid another $10,000, he would be allowed to reopen. He said he didn’t have the money. He asked what would happen if he defied the order and was told he could be fined and imprisoned. He left the office in tears, escorted out by a supervisor.

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Make no mistake about it, the gooferment is a criminal gang. Heartless and money hungry. And, dont stand in their way.

In a perverse sort of a way, they are doing the fellow a favor forcing him out of business. A money losing business.

But, force leads to force.

In this case, it’s wasy to see the guns of government.

Aren’t you ashamed at what is done in your name?

I am.

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California Won’t Accept Its Own IOUs



SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Small businesses that received $682 million in IOUs from the state say California expects them to pay taxes on the worthless scraps of paper, but refuses to accept its own IOUs to pay debts or taxes.

via Courthouse News Service.

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Don’t you find this ironic? I do. On so many levels. Why should any one take their paper? Is it even legal? Really legal; not what the gooferment’s own courts say. Seems not!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment expanding in other directions


August 10th, 2009 at 9:16 am
Are Local And State Governments In The U.S. Getting Too Big?

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A new local government now emerges, on average, once a day in the United States. “I think it gives you a fair sense of the scale of growth that warrants attention,” says Nick Dranias, director of the Center for Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute, a public policy think tank in Phoenix, Arizona. For example, according to the California state government Web site, “within California, there are 58 counties, 468 cities, and over 3,400 special districts, exclusive of school districts.” Dranias believes that “few [special districts] are models of limited government restrained by a system of checks and balances,” arguing that these bodies are often driven by special interests.

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Of course, my immediate answer is yes.

“Special Districts” represent a new threat to liberty. Overlapping gooferments. With lots more paid staff. With pensions.


How dumb are we?

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