JOBSEARCH: TECHNOLOGY using the boss’ email

TECHNOLOGY using the boss’ email

Date: Sunday August 14, 2005 9AMedst
From: Ebineezer
To: All those Bob Cratchets out there
Subject: Using my email

In my last communication, I addressed the terrible waste of coal. Some drivel about trying to keep warm or something. Coal costs me money.

Anyway, my topic today is “if I’m working, why aren’t you”! No, that was yesterday’s. Wait. Oh yes, today’s is “you’re using my email”.

It has come to my attention that some of you are using my email, or that of your employers, to do non-business messaging. This is terrible, I will have to read every single one of those emails. Now I don’t care if you have a social disease. Well maybe I do. But, I do care that, just like the coal, you are wasting my resources for your petty pleasures. Telling jokes or other frivolous stuff! But worse, some of you are conspiring against me. Talking to people behind my back! Being disloyal and even disrespectful. You’re all against me. Those messages cost me money. I have to have systems big enough to handle all that traffic, back them up and give them to lawyers, who cost me even more money.

At least my backups allow me to go back and PROVE you were stealing from me. I’ll make you PAY for every joke. And your little dog too. (OOps wrong movie!)

Go to yahoo, pay zero, and get a free private email. Pay yahoo a few bucks a year and get a better mail experience. Do something, anything. But get your darned postcards off of my and or your employers mail system. Go to 1and1 and get your own domain, email, and a website for 36$/year.

Then, when I, or my equivalent in your current employer, fires you, all those nasty little people who have been corresponding with can still email you. At least, I won’t be paying for it. I don’t care about the benefit to you that after I fire you that your communications aren’t disrupted. And don’t you even dare to think about having outsiders communicate with you on your private account about business matters because of the excuse that the inside system is flakey. I know all you just want to do is to stay in touch with my suppliers and customers after I “nuke” you. And don’t you be using that email address when you sign up for software, internet services, or other things I pay for. When I nuke you, I want you to feel the loss.

And those of you plotting with recruiters to find a better job, you’d be better off if I didn’t know about it.

And, those of you with social diseases and or personal problems, you’d be better off dead than have me gossiping about you.

And even if I don’t have time to read your message, what about all those sys admins who I overpay? I know that they are sitting around idly gossiping and reading your email for fun. Where do you think they get the raw material to gossip about FROM?

BOTTOM LINE: Take your email private. At zero or no cost. Even gmail would be better than your employer’s. When writing email, IM, or such, think post cards.

Next week, I’ll shall write you about the phone!

Do it or get fired before you want to quit,

YahooAnswers: Status “Best by Voters” awarded (#18)


*** begin quote ***

Asked by “Wendy b”

Interest rates and definitions as a payee, can you give me some basic info ?

*** end quote ***

Just received word that this was selected “best by voters”.

Only one vote among only one answer.

Ten meaningless points brings me to 613.

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YAHOO ANSWER: Any Good Shepherd grads



Asked by “chaquita”

Any Good Shepherd grads?

Did anyone attend Good Shepherd in the Inwood section of Manhattan? I graduated in 87 (attended 79-87). I went to the reunion they had in 2000 at Manhattan College. Great time, although majority of people there were my parents age!


You buzzed? I graduated from GS in 1960, Manhattan Prep 64, and Manhattan College 68. I knew several GS grads thru the MP Yahoo groups and MC alums. Were you looking for someone in particular?

Ferdinand J. Reinke
Kendall Park, NJ 08824



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UPDATE “Best Answer – Chosen By Voters” Only one answer; only one vote. This was my first “best answer”.

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YahooAnswers: Status “Best by Asker” awarded (#17)


YAHOO ANSWER: Why does it seem every new law seems to be taking away our rights

*** begin quote ***

AmyB askes:

Why does it seem every new law seems to be taking away our rights and freedoms? Is this just in Maryland?

*** end quote ***

Just received word that this was selected “best by asker”.

Mine among 7 answers.

Ten meaningless points brings me to 603.

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YAHOO ANSWER: STATUS getting better organized

OK, now I am really really “maturing” in my approach.

The format (or foolmat) of the postings will always start with “Yahoo Answers”. When I post my answer, all I know is that it’s an answer. It will first be a pending, then either go to “bad” … err “not best” or “best”. Why try to change the title, (I DO like the tile to reflect the category), when it “resolves”. It mucks with how WordPressDotCom assigns a url. So, “YA” for all.

I’ve also updated the categories. I realized there are TWO types of best — by voters (which can be messed with) and by asker. The “by Asker” is the gold standard (can’t be messed with) because that is really who counts here. So I have an updated category hierarchy.

YahooAnswers – top level
— YahooAnswers – Best for “Best in Show” (Those that got the ten meaningless points)
— YahooAnswers – Best by Asker (The most valuable form of “best”)
— YahooAnswers – Best by Voters (A less valuable form of “best”)
— YahooAnswers – Not Best (My clearly misunderstood entries that were not “winners”)
— YahooAnswers – Pending (My excellent entries waiting for their “acclaim”)
— YahooAnswers – Status (For aministrivia like this)


(1) Clearly, it about answering someone’s question so that they feel they have the best answer.

(2) Even more clearly, I want to communicate such that people immediately see the value.

(3) From pending, you can go and cook the books by voting for my superior whizdumb!

(4) From status, you can see in my mixed up mind.

Lessons learned:

(1) As usual, I’ve jumped into the swamp with out organizing for alligators.

(2) Aiello’s admonition about holes and digging needs amending. Something inclusive of painting and corners.

(3) Why do I make a fool out of myself. No wonder I have no image to be snooty about. One leg at a time, Sweet …

Your thoughts? After all this ego trip is PARTIALLY for you. :-)

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