YAHOO ANSWER: Can one make a career out of working at a bank


Can one make a career out of working at a bank?

I just got a job working at a bank as a teller. What are the advancement opportunities within a bank? Can someone make a career out of it with a pretty decent income? I have a bachelors degree in psychology and the bank will pay for any business classes that I want to take leading to an associates or bachelors in business.


Dear Ms. “Cheyenne”:

Congratulations, on getting a job. That’s a start.

Can one make a “career” out of working at a bank?

Sure you can; humans are remarkable adaptable. You have to discover “your” own opportunities. Don’t look at the situation through the eyes of anyone else uncritically. (Even me!) Bear in mind the old folk song “the times they are a changing”. The bank of the next decade is probably not even on the drawing board yet?

You’ve got a psych degree so you should understand motivations. Banking is about scared people putting their money in an illusion of security. You could help the people understand the illusions and intelligently plan their finances. You could help the bank adapt thru helping its people change that future. You could seek out the IT staff and their users and translate between the two communities putting the requirements and capabilities in to each other’s “language”.

Can you make a “career” out of working at a bank?

You can make three careers and not even scratch the surface.


And we didn’t event talk about the different banks there are — the Fed, the local “mom ‘n’ pop”, the big regionals, the internationals, the merchants, the investments, and all the kinds I don’t know about.


I hope that you don’t look from a too close perspective. It’s easy to see your job as “just a teller”, “just a branch manger”, or some other current “dead end” job.

I think that your viewpoint is clearly critical to your future success. Be it at the bank its suppliers, regulators, or customers.

Let me know how you make out,
Ferdinand J. Reinke

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FABLES: The pony in the dung heap

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Lopez: What’s your most treasured life lesson inspired by RWR?

Robinson: That one’s easy. The pony in the dung heap.

It was Reagan’s favorite joke.

Worried that their son was too optimistic, the parents of a little boy took him to a psychiatrist. Trying to dampen the boy’s spirits, the psychiatrist showed him into a room piled high with nothing but horse manure. Yet instead of displaying distaste, the little boy clambered to the top of the pile, dropped to all fours, and began digging. “What do you think you’re doing?” the psychiatrist asked. “With all this manure,” the little boy replied, beaming, “there must be a pony in here somewhere.”

To Reagan, the pony in the dung heap was more than a gag. It was an approach to life.

Reagan’s father was a drunk. His first wife divorced him. And just as he was starting his second family, the motion-picture industry turned away from good-natured, sunny actors such as Reagan himself to dark, brooding actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean, leaving Reagan out of work for months at a time (family finances grew so tight at one point that Mrs. Reagan had to return to acting, accepting a part in a third-rate science fiction flick called Donovan’s Brain). Yet in each of these misfortunes, Reagan seems to have insisted upon finding good.

“A lot of people have a mistaken conception of free will,” Rev. Lorenzo Albacete, a priest I got to know during the Reagan years, once told me. “They think exercising free will means choosing their own reality. Try hard enough, and you can make yourself rich or famous or beautiful — that kind of thing. Well, man, I’m sorry. But it just ain’t so. Nobody gets to choose his parents. Nobody gets to choose whether he’s good looking or ugly or whether he’s intelligent or stupid. We all have to take reality as it comes to us — presidents, popes, all of us.

“The question is what you choose to do with reality. Reagan never permitted his misfortunes to interfere with his development as a human person. Instead he used them. All his life Reagan exercised his free will by choosing to seek the good in reality as it came to him.

“The pony in the dung heap?” Father Albacete said. “That’s it. That’s the entire anthropology of human existence. You become a complete person by digging for the pony in the midst of all the crap life throws at you.”

*** end quote ***

Now let me get back to looking for my “pony”!

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LIBERTY: First they came for the dogs, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a dog.

Lawsuit: Katrina Pets Executed
Investigations, Two Criminal Indictments and a Lawsuit Put the Heat on St. Bernard Parish’s Sheriff’s Office
ABC News Law & Justice Unit
June 11, 2007

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For nearly two years, pet owners from the low-lying Louisiana parish of St. Bernard have accused sheriff’s deputies of having wantonly killed dozens of dogs they forced evacuees to leave behind during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, without regard to the dogs’ size or the potential threat they might pose.

One owner said her family was forced at gunpoint to leave its dog behind. Another owner said residents became frantic when, they said, they overheard one deputy claim that “once everybody’s gone, we’re going to have target practice tonight.” They claim in court papers that deputies were under ” authorization…of their superiors and employers.
Related Stories

Two deputies have already been indicted by a grand jury in New Orleans on charges of felony, aggravated cruelty to animals. The Louisiana attorney general’s office is investigating and this morning lawyers for a group of owners will file a comprehensive complaint in federal court in Louisiana seeking class action status for their clients.

For the first time, the St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s office has acknowledged to ABC News’ Law & Justice Unit that an internal investigation has been launched.

***End Quote***

And you thought the “nice” policeman was your friend?

You were lucky they only shot your dog. If you were an inconvenience, then they might have. Gooferment is raw force.

No, we need a radical change to reverse the USA back into America.

These were probably the same jerks, or their moronic kindred spirits, that during NOLA: would NOT let the minorities cross the bridge to safety; turned back the WalMart trucks; and, wouldn’t let the Navy doc help people because his paperwork wasn’t right.

And, you depend on these people for your security?

If a child tortures and kills animals, don’t the psychs say it portends badly. What is it when adults do it? Standard Police Procedure. Sorry, it’s just an armed gang, who’s veneer of legitimacy is being ripped away day by day.

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INTERESTING: the blog is the new resume

10 Essential Marketing Skills for Freelancers
By Leo on New Leads
By Leo Babauta

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Blog. It’s been said many times before, but the blog is the new resume. If you don’t have a blog, learn how to start one up. And don’t just rant about politics and talk about your cat. Make your blog look professional, write about things that would look good to potential clients, and offer your services to others (with contact info, of course). If you are a designer, be sure that the design is clean and creative. If you are a photographer, the photos should knock them out. If you’re a writer, have only your best writing on your blog. In all cases, have a simple, clean layout with well-written words. If you’re not good at this yet, constantly learn and refine. Look at other professional blogs for inspiration, then tweak. Then edit some more.

***End Quote***

I’ve seen people do blogs as a branding exercise. I’ve even seen one seeker try a wiki. I’ve seen job sites put questions for seekers to “show more about themselves”.

I’m not sure I agree. But what do I know?

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GUNS:One-Gun-a-Month passes New Jersey General Assembly


One-Gun-a-Month passes New Jersey General Assembly

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On Monday, June 11 the New Jersey General Assembly passed A3511 , legislation that will restrict law-abiding citizens from purchasing more than one handgun in a calendar month by a vote of 51-25 with 4 members choosing to abstain. Once the individual vote count has been posted we will notify you of your legislators vote. Thank you for all the phone calls and emails voicing your opposition to this bill.

***End Quote***

More lipstick on the pig.

What is this diktat supposed to do?

Do they think that criminals will obey it?

Well, if you can’t do anything important, do something.


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RANT: A “Ron Paul Supporter” did a drive by

A “Ron Paul Supporter” did a drive by.

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JJ | <phoney email address> | IP:

Jun 11, 11:14 PM — [ Edit | Delete ] — View post “LIBERTY: Ron Paul has a chance to win this election”

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It’s a fake email address. So what is the purpose? Annoy the blogging community. It certainly would engender warm and fuzzy feelings. Maybe this isn’t support but sabotage?

Couple of thoughts.

(1) Most bloggers have wordpressdotcom set to “one than one url” is spam. So this comment might have gotten swept into the spam bucket on most blogs. It was on mine. But I rescued it.

[I read the spam. I am fascinated about all these nice people. My friends in Nigeria want to give me missions. Sexy Cat wants to spend the night with me alone in my room; Frau Reinke vetoed that. And, so many people want to enlarge my breasts it’s stunning.]

(2) Most bloggers don’t like strange email addresses. I use v2y2r0n27rhj6y at my isp for networking to prevent spam. So it get me in trouble with some as well.

So if the writer was trying to “help” Ron Paul, his effort may be invisible, ineffective, and inefficient.

But what do I know, I’m just an injineer.

BTW I’m a Ron Paul supporter and contributor. And, have been for a while.

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LIBERTY: the jobs skilled Americans used to do

Jun. 10, 2007
In fact, illegals are taking the jobs skilled Americans used to do
Las Vegas Review-Journal

***Begin Quote***

Steve voices quite articulately the plight of many whose costs of operation were driven up by government interventions as he struggled to “do things right” and “play by the rules.” And what was his reward, from our proud politicians of the Neville Chamberlain School of Immigration Studies?


quoting Steve the Ceramic contractor

I spent my entire adult life in the ceramic tile business, the last 11 years in Las Vegas. I was licensed by the state Contractors Board as a tile contractor, paying license fees as well as bonding and insurance. This was a small business I ran alone, primarily installing tile.

{Extraneous Deleted}

Being the naive idiot I am I turned to the government for help. I called the state Contractors Board and was told that if I did all the investigating and could come up with a signed contract that my ILLEGAL friends had entered into with a customer, that would be actionable. Why the Board could not go to the businesses that were selling tile and recommending the LAWBREAKERS to do the installation I don’t know. Too much hassle when you’re being paid with taxpayer money, I suppose.

Then there are our elected government representatives. I approached (Rep.) Shelley Berkley at the Summerlin July 4th parade two years ago and told her my livelihood was being destroyed by ILLEGAL immigration. She never quit smiling and waving to her faithful minions in the crowd as out of the corner of her mouth she said, “Call my office.”

Well, I told you I was naive, so I spent almost a year calling her staff with absolutely no reply. I guess they thought if they ignored me long enough I would be put out of business by her “real constituents.” Finally after nearly a year I received a letter from Ms. Berkley stating she was against illegal immigration but because of humanitarian reasons she thought they should be allowed to stay. Not only that, she went on to explain “how much they have contributed to our country.”

***End Quote***

My take on it?

The fellow, who believed in gooferment, got screwed. He thought he was buy “protection” from the gooferment with licensing, regulation, and taxes.

What a joke.

At least when you bought “protection from the mob”, someone crossing the line would get their legs broken. (Real protection!) As a country, we’d be all better off without the “gooferment’s protection”!

imho, fjohn from nujerzee

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JOBSEARCH: STRATEGY demographic tidal wave

STRATEGY demographic tidal wave


Dear fellow turkey,

Bill Ayers
President & CEO
Tel: 212.889.7788

This coming New Year’s Day will mark more than the beginning of another year. On January 1, the baby boom generation—somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 million people born between 1946 and 1964—will begin to turn 60. On New Year’s Day of 2011, what FORTUNE magazine calls “the biggest retirement wave in U.S. history” will officially begin. It will most certainly transform the employment landscape. In 2015, we’ll reach the point at which the 65+ age group begins to swell more quickly than the 20-to-64 age group, draining the traditional labor pool.

Have you given thought to what this fast-approaching demographic tidal wave will mean to your organization?

<<The heck with them, what will it mean to me?>>

Big issues/big questions

The most obvious implication is the potential shortage of employees. Are you up-to-date on the demographics of your company? Do your retirement policies encourage or discourage early retirement? Do you know who’s going to be leaving, in what numbers, and when? Are you going to have a trickle or a flood?

Even more important is the potential for a brain drain as valuable skills, experience, marketplace know-how, and institutional knowledge flow out the door with retiring workers. Human capital and organizational knowledge are two of your company’s greatest assets. Have you assessed what you’re at risk for? What key talent, skills, and competencies you’re going to need to replace and how you’re going to do that—through internal development, recruiting, or a combination of the two? Do you have mechanisms in place to institutionalize critical knowledge?

Many organizations will be particularly vulnerable at the top. We at Ayers are concerned about this because although many companies pay lip service to succession planning, too few are actually engaging in it. Have you identified tomorrow’s managers and leaders? How far down the bench? What are you doing to prepare them?

A study conducted by Age Wave, The Concours Group and Harris Interactive reveals some important issues with regard to your future managers and leaders. It shows that younger employees are the least satisfied, committed and engaged members of the workforce. Mid-career employees—those who haven’t been downsized out of organizations—are struggling with frustration. It’s the employees who are nearing retirement, the boomers, who are the most satisfied, loyal and engaged members of the workforce. How do you develop the kind of engagement that will motivate younger workers to be as loyal and productive as the generation they’re expected to replace?

Redefining the labor pool; reinventing retirement

Along with investing in the development of younger workers, perhaps the best strategy in preparing for the retirement wave is redefining the labor pool. It’s already clear that the baby boom—a generation that is the most educated in history and that will have more years during which to use that education—intends to approach its retirement years in a nontraditional way. Many of us are going to reinvent ourselves, tackle new responsibilities, and try things we didn’t have a chance to try in our previous careers.

Nearly 80 percent of boomers participating in a study by Age Wave and Merrill Lynch say they intend to keep working after 65: 42 percent want to cycle between work and leisure; 16 percent want to work part-time; 13 percent want to start a business; and 6 percent want to continue full-time work. According to a BusinessWeek analysis, increased productivity and participation in the workforce among older Americans could add nine percent to GDP by 2045, which translates to more than $3 trillion annually in 2005 dollars.

Enlightened employers have begun finding ways to tap this valuable labor pool, including

* Flexible schedules—such as part-time and on-call work—and work locations
* New benefits, such as elder-care referral services and career-long training
* Special projects
* Opportunities to mentor or conduct research.

Given the demographic trends, the strategy of keeping older employees will result in a workforce that is heavy on the higher and lower ends of the age spectrum. This will raise other issues you need to begin considering. How will you manage across generations and meet the very different needs of the two groups?

Diversity plays a role in this discussion of rethinking the labor pool as well. As the traditional pool drains, competition for all qualified candidates—regardless of gender, race, or background—will increase. What are you doing to attract and retain women and minorities?

The threshold of a new era

We are on the threshold of an era in which the old paradigm—hire and invest in the young/stop investing in and push out the old—will no longer be viable. Riding the baby boom retirement wave will require a rethinking of HR practices—everything from recruitment to retention and development to diversity.

It’s time to strategize about how your organization can take advantage of the human and intellectual capital it has now and create or recruit the resources it will need going forward. It’s time to create the programs that will help you hold onto those approaching retirement age and develop the talent in the ranks behind them.


In your marketing and selling, you need to understand that there are structural discontinuities that you can exploit to your advantage.

yet another fellow turkey
just bigger and dumber


ALUMNI: Jim Couch Reunion Games – Father’s Day – June 17, 2007 @ Manhattan College

 Interesting that DIGG knows my blog. :-)  Doesn’t stuff things in the right category or in the right format but it stuffs it.

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New to the city landscape is the Reunion Games for Dyckman resident Jim Couch. Mr. Couch founded Dyckman Basketball in 1957. Dyckman’s own Kareem Abdul-Jabbar started out with him and currently through his program over 400 individuals have been steered to scholarship opportunities. The first game will jump off at […]

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