LIBERTY: The New England Secession Tradition

Donald Livingston: The New England Secession Tradition, Part 1
Submitted by Rob Williams on Wed, 05/30/2007 – 11:31am.
The New England Secession Tradition
(Part One of a Three-Part Series)
By Donald W. Livingston

***Begin Quote***

Everywhere the vast nation-states created since the French Revolution are fracturing. Allegiances are shifting to supranational or sub-national organizations. The Second Vermont Republic is possible because we live in interesting times. George Kennan, one of the 20th century’s great geopolitical strategists and architect of the United States’ Cold War containment policy, argued in his autobiography, Around the Cragged Hill, that the public corporation known as the United States has become simply too large for the purposes of self government. When any corporation becomes so large that it is on the verge of collapsing under its own unwieldy bulk, the only remedy, Kennan concluded, is to downsize it. And he suggested that we begin a public debate on how to divide the U.S. empire into a number of independent unions of states associated under a commonwealth model. George Kennan, who ended his career at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Studies, endorsed the idea of a Second Vermont Republic a few years before his death as a worthy effort to begin a debate about how such division should proceed.

***End Quote***

Maybe the Free State Project isn’t such a wacky idea.

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INTERESTING: LULU publishing as an interesting solution


>know when your autobiography comes out

With the cheap publishing available from Lulu, there’s no reason that people don’t have an ongoing autobiography. Update it, publish it, and use it as a job search aid?


But, it is “do-able”.


An interesting way to self publish anything. Maybe I’ll schedule an autobiography. Now we just need a ghost writer web20 application.

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YAHOO ANSWER: How do you settle into a good job

*** begin quote ***

How do you settle into a good job with prospects instead of falling into the “McDonald’s” category ?

Im 19, went to college to study IT, did my year course in it and now i’m stuck. I’m in and out of just stupid places with no real place to end up. Iam still not sure what i want to do as a career but i thought doing a course in IT would benefit me as nearly all jobs have computers involved. I dont want to be 30 and scanning tills, any advice ?. Where you in a ever similar position to this ?

*** end quote ***

I’ve been working in IT for decades and I’m still learning. How you learned it in one course is astonishing? And, you’re young; so there’s lot left for you to do.

One never “settles into a good job”. You’ll have, if the averages are right, between 5 and 10 “jobs” during your 45 year working career. You’ll have good jobs, bad jobs, and jobs somewhere in between. Get ready for a roller coaster ride.

May I suggest my “patented copyrighted and often repeated” strategy? (Just jesting)

You need an education for a white collar job, a blue collar skill, and one or more “internet businesses”? Off to school to get a degree. And, get that white collar job.

Don’t spend a lot of money getting skills or education. Often employers had tuition refund and employer provided. As a matter of fact, be ruthless about not getting into debt. Work relentlessly for several reasons — to learn “stuff” — earn money — get experience. Get a blue collar skill — plumber, carpenter, electrician — to fall back on.

And, since you’re now a computer expert, or at least computer literate, look into creating an internet-based business. Don’t spend money on scams. But try to sell “stuff” on ebay. Help others get their businesses on the net. Do things like that.

I think you’re in a great place. You’re young with endless opportunities. Start seizing them.

I’m around for further questions, or dialogue. Let me know how you make out,

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UPDATE 31 May 2007 @ 13:30 edst This answer was selected as “best”. Happy dance time.

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INTERESTING: Spam comments

FEEDBACK TO the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom

I am taking between gobs and gobs squared of spam comments daily for the past few days. I don’t understand exactly how they are doing it but “we” (i.e., you need to do something). I have “comments require approval” so nothing is getting thru. But “you” must be spending grazillions of cycles with this trash. Time for a challenge response system to ensure that there’s a human on the other side of the glass?

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Challenge systems stop commenters.
They also stop people who are visually impaired.
There is no solution.

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How about an option that require the commenter to be an authenticated “user” (i.e., setup an id, not necessarily a blog, with a unique uid – password, and a validated email. Seems like that’s pretty common. Or any of the other Open Id type systems?

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YAHOO ANSWER: Google as a converting engine!

*** begin quote ***

could some one tell me how much 850.00 and 500.00 English pounds in US dollars?

*** end quote ***

Use Google for all conversion questions.

Put “500.00 pounds sterling” in the Google search box and it pops back

500.00 British pounds = 992.05 U.S. dollars


850.00 pounds sterling

850.00 British pounds = 1 686.485 U.S. dollars


It’s fish and fishing. Give some one a fish; Teach someone to fish! Now you can convert anything?

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LIBERTY: Is A Blogger A Journalist, A Citizen, Or Both?


Is A Blogger A Journalist, A Citizen, Or Both?
Posted by: “Martin Bosworth”
Tue May 29, 2007 11:40 am (PST)

*** begin quote ***


For those who don’t know, one of my gigs is writing for
ConsumerAffairs.Com, a fairly popular Web news site that focuses on
consumer issues. One of our reporters, Joseph Enoch, was recently
kicked out of the Senate press gallery on grounds that he wasn’t a
“real” reporter:

*** end quote ***

Restricting access to the People’s Palace is not the purview of a “palace guard”, komisars, or petty dictators. We pay the taxes for it, and imho, we set the rules for it. Bloggers are the people’s journalists! Self-appointed and self-credentialed is fine with me. What is the “U.S. Senate Press Gallery” anyway and why do they have “officials”? I sure hope my taxes aren’t paying for them as well.

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INTERESTING: Women can’t leave the room slamming the door without being tempted to peek back for a reaction?


*** begin quote ***

>It has been brought to my attention, that the moderator of this forum

Guess some one didn’t get the memo that it’s a “moderated” forum. Having had my hand slapped a time or two, here and elsewhere, I don’t understand how it’s “unhealthy”? Guess we’ll never know what was meant. Can I get cancer from falling asleep reading posts? Or printing them out and leaving them on my lap? I know, I know, it’s causes Global Warming. To many moderated electrons causes friction.

Sorry, but it’s frustrating. Like slamming the door out of the room after you lose an argument with your spouse. But that’s redundant. “Argument with spouse” is identical to “losing”. But, you get the idea.

(I have now “slammed” the send button as a point of de-emphasis. You didn’t pay attention. I’ll do it again!)

*** end quote ***


*** begin quote ***

29th May 11:25 pm

Hey there Fjohn, I had unsubscribed to MLPF, but was lured back to check the recent posts via web to find the very delightful “Goodbye MLPF” post reminiscent of “Goodbye Cruel World” and had a good laugh at your reply. You’re way too funny for the internet but I missed seeing your posts and thought to stop by and subscribe to your blog to get my fjohn fix ;) Hope all is well! Nadine

*** end quote ***


*** begin quote ***

>29th May 11:25 pm
>Hey there Fjohn, I had unsubscribed to MLPF, but
>was lured back to check the recent posts

Typical womanly behavior slam the door on the way out, but has to “peek” to see if it had the desired effect. I thought you might look to see who and what reaction it had.

>find the very delightful “Goodbye MLPF” post
>reminiscent of “Goodbye Cruel World” and had a
>good laugh at your reply.

Now, maybe you’ll make the dramatic re-entrance, announcing “I’m back” because my adoring public needed me.”?

>You’re way too funny for the internet

My wife reminds me “you think you’re so funny?”.

>I missed seeing your posts and thought to stop by
>and subscribe to your blog to get my fjohn fix ;)

Well, you are easily entertained. I don’t cross post everything. Too lazy. But enjoy.

> Hope all is well! Nadine

As you can tell from my blog, I’m pumping out random bursts of energy. Your blog has been strangely silent. New job tough? Growing out of the narcissistic medium? Getting a real life. :-)


*** end quote ***

INTERESTING: Has HOUSE jumped the shark?

Has HOUSE jumped the shark? (Reference the end of Happy Days when Fonzie ski jumps a shark and after that the ratings tanked.) You only dump the supporting cast when the writers have no more good ideas for them?

If I was a writer, and I’m not. I’d try a metaphor like “House is actually running an honors class in diagnostics. Each year (season) the oldest “graduates” and “newbie” joins. Then the writers have a parade of fresh faces to insult, torture, and write about. It would feel like real life. You could have the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s be fun!

I found some very Libertarian themes in the show. It’s all about being correct. Political correctness be darned. Girls cause trouble. Stereo typing is a human aptitude. I’ll watch in the reruns for them.

One great line. She slowly wakes up and asks if she’s in Heaven. “No – this is New Jersey.” House replies. I’d have said “Hell”.

You’d think that the show would work in PSAs in the show itself. Take propaganda to a new level. The warning signs for diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Admonishments about taking all your antibiotics or staying on your meds. Advice about mental illness and depression. The show COULD be an entertaining source of medical advice as opposed to yet another soap opera.

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YAHOOANSWER: 20070524 declared best!

http: //reinkefaceslife /2007/05/24/


Yeah! Happy dance time. I just made 400 points. (Heck, Frau and I play in the seaside arcade for the points as a competition and then give the tickets to little kids. It’s about scoring meaningless points and “winning”.)

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TECH SERVICE: WORDPRESSDOTCOM offers better draft blogging


*** begin quote ***

Got Drafts? Filter.

Some of us bloggers have a few hundred drafts sitting in our WordPress accounts waiting for the right words or the right time. Hundreds you say? Yup. We’re not naming any names, but you know who you are.

We used to just list all your drafts in your blog’s Manage -> Posts screen. For some of us, that got really hairy really fast.

Now, your drafts can be displayed in a nice table by going to Manage -> Posts and selecting “Draft” from the “Post Type…” dropdown. If you have lots, they’ll be spread over several pages.

*** end quote ***

You mean people actually think about what they post. They just don’t “spit, spray, and pray”? What an odd behavior. Here I thought blogging was just scratching one’s own itch. Or other more disgusting metaphors. Well, if it’s a new feature, I’ll have to try it. Imagine delaying one’s own gratification. What would Walter Winchell say? Not Paul Winchell the fellow behind Jerry Mahoney. Always thought that Mahoney could replace most politicians. But that’s another topic. Off to draft something. I thought you drafted race cars. Or cannon fodder. Oh well.

Note: This was a draft to play with the new capability. I like BLOGDESK for my client software, not the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom web interface. But one has to try everything.

# # #


Well I let it sit for some time and it didn’t magically improve. In fact, I think I like BLOGDESK and pre-post release time date. Like a magazines embargo. I don’t see much value for me of drafts, I’m spray ‘n’ pray, kvetch ‘n’ post kinda blogger. Hear those finger nails on the chalk board?That’s my kinda sytle. Delaying the screech doesn’t change anything.

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INTERESTING: Spam comments doesn’t “elevate” the post being commented on?

FEEDBACK TO the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom

Interesting, I am seeing a slew of spam comments. But the post that they are supposedly commenting to is not showing any bump in traffic. Care to explain to the nut in the peanut gallery how that happens?

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Matt’s response: Spammers don’t visit blogs – they run scripts which do the dirty work – hence no stats.
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FUN: Maybe “click it or ticket” for the New Jersey Governor; not regular folks

Seen all the gooferment commercials about “click it or ticket”/

Seems to be that is a good program for NJ governors and the gooferment in general.

What happened to the concept that “if it is such a good idea, people will do it voluntarily”?

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GUNS: More about Liberators


by L. Neil Smith

***Begin Quote***

I had grown up all my life hearing that the Liberators got duly dropped, some were used, the rest vanishing deep into barns and cellars, hidden from the mostly communist governments that came to replace the Nazis.


I don’t believe it. I think the whole project became an historical embarrassment for an increasingly anti-gun US government. It couldn’t have made us terribly popular with various totalitarian bosses in east Europe for whom it would have been a constant thorn in their sides.

***End Quote***

When I heard about the liberator story, it was after doing some reading as a youth after watching an Errol Flynn movie about the French Resistance. So I’m not sure what to believe. If Churchill was involved, I bet they were dropped. He didn’t strike me as the type to hold anything back. LNS’ disbelief of “official stories” is absolutely correct. No one in gooferment tells the whole truth; certainly not if a lie would serve the agenda.

So, I’ll suspect that they were dropped, were effective, and suppressed for political reasons.

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YAHOO ANSWER: … first time getting a mortgage

*** begin quote ***

My first mortgage?

This is my first time getting a mortgage. I have no clue what to even look for. I know that I need to shop around and get quotes… But I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO LOOK FOR! If anyone else out there has shooped around, can you please let me know exactly what I need to know about getting a mortgage before I call a bunch of places and sound like an idiot…and then they might take advantage of me. Please help.

*** end quote ***

First take a deep breath. Then, marshal your resources. Do you have a relative that is financially sophisticated? Use them as your sounding board.

If you haven’t signed for the property yet, or maybe even if you have, find and retain a Real Estate attorney that you can afford. It’s a GIANT mistake to get into a real estate deal without a liar … err, I mean lawyer. Don’t use the seller’s. Don’t use the mortgage company’s. Have your own. When I bought my first house in 1975, that single piece of advice from my Mom saved me about 15k$. My lawyer said “my client isn’t responsible for that” about a dozen times. Without him, I’d have said “yeah whatever”.

Then you need an accountant. Same deal. Cheaper and easier. Have them review whatever you are going to sign up for. Promise you’ll let them do your taxes and I bet they’ll come dirt cheap. Shop around. I SHOULD have done that with my second house and I’d have saved a bunch of bucks.

Then you need a “home inspector”. Licensed, certified, insured, with lots of references. This is no guarantee of being problem free, BUT, when you’re in front of Judge Judy you can saw “I didn’t know about houses so I hired him! Pointing accusingly to the defendant.) It’s all about changing unknown risks into modest upfront costs.

Find or found, the house of your dreams.

Now you are ready to consider mortgages.

You can get them from a bank, brokerage, mortgage broker, credit union, and private lenders. Start with a credit union. (IMHO you’ll we get the most honest deal there.) Find a rich relative with a brokerage account and as if they can get you a deal. (I have a Merrill account and my relative could have gotten a mortgage with them with my “sponsorship” — not cosigning — at an attractive rate. Dumb, but they wanted to do it on their own. I think they made a mistake. But not my problem.)!

Look at the type (Suggest you want fixed), term (15 if you can afford it), points (extra interest cost), fees (Yuck!), and gimmicks (i.e., credit life insurance; buyer protection).

Your lawyer, accountant, and home inspector can tell you if you are getting a “fair deal”. No balloons, teaser aprs, negative amortizations, interest onlys, nothing tricky.

Your family member, or Yahoo answerer, can tell you if you can afford it. No more than 20% of your salary in mortgage payments. OK 25%, but that means no eating out.

Hope this helps, and you’re happy with your new mortgage, let me know how it turns out,

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LIBERTY: … what’s for supper and the sheep are well armed.

Why Is Democracy Such A Bad Thing?
by Doug Newman

***Begin Quote***

It has often been said that, in a democracy two wolves and a sheep take a majority vote on what’s for supper, while in a constitutional republic the wolves are forbidden on voting on what’s for supper and the sheep are well armed.

***End Quote***

Love it!

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GUNS: Gun Control = The Final Solution

Gun Control = The Final Solution = Back to the Bronze Age
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

***Begin Quote***

Gun control laws are akin to welcoming us all to the Bronze Age of survival, where the biggest, strongest, and most aggressive, take control and keep control. Without Sam Colt’s equalizer women again become property, men again have to carry large swords and knives to protect themselves. Sweat and blood-soaked battles like occurred inside the Roman Coliseum would become the only means of protecting ourselves, and would eventually encompass our children. Communities would be forced again to form militia to protect themselves from roving bands of looters. All of this would of course be in vain because the criminals who outnumber the finger-men (police) more than ten-to-one would be just as well or better armed than the “peacekeepers”. Only the private citizen suffers under such legislation, becoming disarmed victims. Once that happens the only thing left to the citizen, is to choose a side, police or criminal, to protect and defend their persons and chattels. But that discussion is a whole ‘nother subject, we call it “Civil War”.

***End Quote***

Yup, Sam Colt was right. The handgun makes the weakest women stronger than the most powerful man. Just as the cross bow polished off the Knights of the Roundtable, so to the “girlie gun” put the bad guys in their place … … with a new appreciation of the Second Amendment, in jail, or six feet under. Any of the three is equally fine with me.

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LIBERTY: Government Divides, Families Unite – Pope Leo XIII saw it coming

Government Divides, Families Unite – Pope Leo XIII saw it coming
by Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in Economics


***Begin Quote***

This brings us to Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII’s masterful document that kicked off modern Catholic social teaching. Americans are inclined to read this document simply as a defense of private property and the right to form independent trade unions. But thinking carefully about the family reveals a deeper meaning. Rerum Novarum is a protest against the tendency of the state to absorb all functions and institutions of society into itself. “It is not right,” Leo insists, “for either the citizens or the family to be absorbed by the State; it is proper that the individual and the family should be permitted to retain their freedom of action.”

Beginning with the French Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century and culminating in the Bolshevik Revolution at the beginning of the twentieth, revolutionary social movements have attempted to give the state complete jurisdiction over every aspect of society. Part of the statist strategy has been to redefine social institutions as mere collections of individuals. Rerum Novarum objects: “Although private societies exist within the State and are, as it were, so many parts of it, still it is not within the authority of the State universally and per se to forbid them to exist as such. For man is permitted by a right of nature to form private societies.”

***End Quote***

In the days of the Kings, the Church was roughly equal and sometimes protected the the People. Now there is no effective counter balance to the Gooferment. It’s has destroyed education dumbing down the people, destroyed the Church with the help of pedophiles, and spent the country into poverty. So who will be the People’s champion? Where will the opposition to the new tyrants come from?

New Hampshire?

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TECH SERVICE: JIBBERJOBBER supports the troops with a lot more than words

Revisiting Free Premium JibberJobber Features For Deployed Servicemen
May 28th, 2007

***Begin Quote***

year I sent out a press release announcing free premium features for those returning from deployment. This is a timeless offer, which means that it has not, and will, not expire. Since today is Memorial Day in the U.S. I figured I would revisit this offer.

What does this mean?

If you are deployed, you can click here to set up your JibberJobber account. You get at least one year of premium features on your account (the 12 months starts from the time you return).

Normally we give you 30 months, assuming that you will be deployed for 18 months and back home for 12 months (we don’t want to know any confidential details about your deployment). You can use this while deployed (if you have time, and access to the Internet) … and your loved ones (spouse, significant other, kids, parents, etc.) can use it for you while you are deployed.

Think about this. Let’s say you get deployed for 18 months. During this time you are learning and growing, even to the point of out-growing the job that you left. Or, you are unsure that the job you left will even be there when you get back (of course it’s supposed to be, but you still wonder, and there is no guarantee).

Your parents (or loved ones) at home know that when you get back you’ll be in a job search. They can login to your JibberJobber account and put in prospective employers, information about specific jobs that might be available, even key people that you will need to network with when you get back.

Instead of coming home and starting at square one, you can come home and have a rich database of leads. This can be huge.

During the first 12 months that you are home you continue to use JibberJobber with the free premium features to track your transition – whether you are getting a new job or not, there are a lot of network contacts that you should put into your network, and work on nurturing those relationships. And if you are looking for a new job you probably won’t find a better, easier and more effective tool to track the job search.

After the free period expires you can choose to upgrade, if you want. If you don’t want to upgrade you will NOT lose any of your data, just some bells-and-whistles.

Why are we doing this?

This is not a political statement, rather it’s an effort to show support to troops. There are lots of ways to support the troops, including sending cookies, care packages, letters, cards and more. This is a way that we (the JibberJobber team) can show our support for people that are willing to sacrifice their life to serve their country.

How do people take advantage of it?

The process is rather simple – all you need to do is click on this special link (so we can track the number of people that take advantage of this) and sign up for your free account. Then, send us an e-mail (Jason [at] JibberJobber [dot] com) and let us know that you are, have been, or will be, deployed. Finally, have ONE MORE person send an e-mail confirming that. It doesn’t matter who that person is – but it’s just a second measure. That’s it – mostly based on the honor system. So far there hasn’t been abuses, as far as we know.

How can you help?

There are three ways that you can support this program:

1. Spread the word: First, let everyone know about this offer. Servicemen, moms and dads of those that are serving, spouses, career experts, etc. Also, if you have any media contacts let them know about this.

2. Sponsorships: We are accepting sponsorships from companies or individuals who want to support this program. If you know someone at a military friendly company such as Home Depot, Halliburton, Guardsmark or some other company that says they support the troops, please let them know about this. We have special, extra information for major sponsors. We are not a non-profit and therefore don’t allow you any tax savings, but if you want to support this program you can contribute here.

3. Support JibberJobber in general: If you don’t have your own JibberJobber account then you should get one. It’s not just for job seekers – it’s for anyone that wants a tool to help manage relationships. Whether you are a grandma who sends out Christmas cards and birthday cards or a business owner keeping track of customers, prospects and vendors, JibberJobber can prove to be a valuable tool for you. You get lots of benefits for free, and the extra features you get for the optional $10/month upgrade are worth it.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts or anything else please let me know (you can use the Contact Us page, or send an e-mail directly to Jason [at] JibberJobber [dot] com). This offer is not limited to any particular branch or country.

***End Quote***

Support Our Troops?

You’ll hear a lot of politicians talk about patriotism, Jason Alba of JibberJobber makes them all look like the empty suits they are. He SUPPORTS the troops with something that is useful and comes right out of his pocketbook.

My hat’s off to him.

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JOBSEARCH: Action Verb + Noun + Benefit equals a seeker’s UVP


Why you need a cool company name

***Begin Quote***

SECOND, you articulate your company’s value.

Your USP. Your value statement. Your positioning statement.

Make sure it’s clear, concise and emotional. No more than ten words. Leave no doubt in the other person’s mind what you do and how your company delivers value.

Consider the formula described in John Jansch’s Duct Tape Marketing:

Action Verb (what you actually do)
Noun (target market you do it for)
Benefit (the result of what you do)

For example, “I teach nurse practitioners how to provide more empathetic patient care.”

JUST REMEMBER: Surprise attracts attention, but only interest keeps attention.

***End Quote***

It’s a good model for the seeker’s UVP. I think a USP is about how you sell that UVP and to whom. But that’s a minor quibble.

# # # # #

LIBERTY: South Brunswick to target under-age drinkers and our rights get hit!

South Brunswick to target under-age drinkers
By: Paul Koepp , Staff Writer

***Begin Quote***

Ordinances would make it easier to punish teens and those who supply them with alcohol.

Trouble could be brewing for underage drinkers due to two proposed ordinances soon to be considered by the Township Council.

One of the measures would require registration for keg purchases, while the other would allow municipal judges to suspend or postpone for up to six months the driver’s license of any underage drinker caught on private property.

The ordinances are part of the township’s effort, led by South Brunswick Stop Underage Drinking Zone, to raise awareness about alcohol use by minors as graduation and prom celebrations approach. However, the ordinances will not be introduced until after a public hearing at 7 p.m. on June 18 at the Municipal Building, meaning they will not be approved and take effect before mid-summer.

Steve Liga, executive director of the Middlesex County branch of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, said his group is working with SUDZ to promote the ordinances because they would hold accountable both underage drinkers and those who provide them with alcohol.

The private property ordinance would close a “huge loophole” that allows young people to drink on private property without fear of getting more than a slap on the wrist, he said.

“This is the first really significant initiative that could have an impact on underage drinking,” Mr. Liga said. Eight towns in the county have already adopted the measure.

“If you take away a kid’s driver’s license, that’s a huge deal,” he said. “The date they get their license is probably even more important than the date of their graduation. All it will take is for a couple of these parties to get busted and a couple licenses suspended, and the word will get out.”
The other ordinance would require every keg sold in the township to be labeled with its point of sale and an identification number, so that any keg found when police bust a party can be traced back to the purchaser.

SUDZ, a partnership of community members and agencies whose mission is to prevent alcohol use by anyone younger than 21, aims to keep youth safe by alerting them to the emotional and physical consequences of drinking alcohol.

Sue Nissenblatt, the township’s teen health coordinator, said that SUDZ hopes to raise awareness about underage drinking by promoting the ordinances.

“Kids are going to be celebrating (at the end of the school year) and some parents may have a tendency to look away,” she said. “But it’s illegal and dangerous, and a lot of people aren’t aware of all of the consequences.”

Cleo Lowinger, the advisor for Students Against Destructive Decisions at South Brunswick High School and a member of SUDZ, said SADD is taking steps to address teenage drinking.

“We’ve had meetings with prom chaperones and a series of speakers” on drug and alcohol issues, she said. As in past years, the group also put a crashed car on display on the high school’s front lawn to combat what she called the “it can’t happen to me mentality” among young people.

“It puts the reality in their face of what can happen and reminds them to make safe and healthy decisions,” Ms. Lowinger said.

The next SUDZ meeting, where parents can get statistics about underage drinking and help the group brainstorm ways to address the issue, will be May 23 at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building.

For additional information, or if you plan to attend the meeting, e-mail or call 732-329-4000 ext. 7237.

***End Quote***

I tried to prune this piece but it is tightly written. Full of statist unconstitutional trash, but tightly written. I can’t excerpt it without destroying the flow. There’s not a line in the story that I don’t want to comment about. It really is a load of “barbara streisand”! Argh!

Let’s start with the jurisdiction of the Township Council. Where do they get off “punishing” other people’s children? AND, I think it is a well established principle that any type of “drug regulation” is doomed to failure. Didn’t we learn from alcohol prohibition that if people want something the marketplace will supply it. Nothing that the Township Council can do will reverse this. And, I’ll drop back on my favorite line:

If it’s such a good idea, why do people have to be forced to do it?

Now about registration for kegs. Yet another diktat. Where does anyone get the right, authority, or force to insert themselves into the transaction between consenting individuals. Only the gooferment thinks that it, like the movie tyrant Kings of England, can issue Royal Orders to be followed across the realm. It’s egotisitical at best and stupid at worst. Where do the local komisars get off telling a local business that they have been dragooned into being the “keg police”. It has to be violation of the Fifth Amendment. And, probably the Third, Fourteenth, the right of privacy, and a ton of principles in common law. Of course, since the Township’s jurisdiction ends at the township boundary, so this dank is a tax imposed on the “booze barns” inside the township. Of course, if the law breaker, shops across the street in a different Township or a different County, well then the local business just loses business.

And, don’t get me started about “private property”.

William Pitt the Elder once expressed a British freedom ideal: “The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the force of the Crown. It may be frail; its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storms may enter, the rain may enter, but the King of England cannot enter; all his forces dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!”

So why does the gooferment seek to go by law, regulation, and enforcement where the Crown’s officers can not go.

On to “the township’s effort, led by South Brunswick Stop Underage Drinking Zone”. Who empowered the Township to get involved in this effort? And, are we mixing public, private, and “religious” efforts. I know SBTwp is funded with the Gooferment’s stealing for people, “SBSUDZ”, with a private aol email, appears not to be SBTwp. And, animosity to “drinking” is a characteristic of the Salvation Army, Southern Baptists, or AA. All in the “religious” business. So, I have real objections to this one.

Now some evidence of why gooferment can NOT do anything right. The objective is alcohol and proms, but it won’t be in place until late summer. Please. So the komisars are passing diktats that won’t be ready in time. Hilarious.

Now we have a “middlesex county branch of ncoaadd”. Why do I smell my taxes being burned doing social work? And, it just generates all sorts of questions about the proper demarcation between public law and private purpose.

Private property is not a “huge loophole”! It is the Constitutionally recognized right.

Great, another a dank, adopted by lots of towns. That must make it right! And, it “could have an impact”. Great, who’s measuring? And, when it doesn’t work, like all gooferment diktats, how do I get my rights back. Diktats never get repealed, just added to.

And a mixture of agencies and groups muddles what is law and what is “religion”!

Are we serious?


# # # # #

JOBSEARCH: Advice to A Landed Turkey


***Begin Quote***

From: A Landed Turkey
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2007 8:44 AM
To: His Turkeyness
Subject: Landed!


Well, this turkey didn’t quite die of old age.

Landed about 2 weeks ago – company immediately flew me to Belgium for the week, for the annual European distributor meeting.

Will be moving to Michigan as soon as I can sell my (gorgeous) condo in Atlanta. Know anyone in the market?

Take care,

***End Quote***

Dear surviving turkey XXXXXXX,,

Mozel Tov. Great News. Vunderbar!

I have some networking contacts in Atlanta. Why not make up a one pager about it and I’ll float it to them.

I assume that you have already rewritten your resume and networking profile, update the myriad of sites, fixed LinkedIn & Plaxo, updated your professional blog, and notified the 9 gazillion of your closest networking buds.

In Roman times and Papal coronations, “Sic Gloria Transit Mundi”, so permit me to be the slave behind you.

I find that newly landed Turkeys, wanting to put all the bad times behind them, as if it was an aberration, promptly forget all the “lessons learned” and “people met” during the ordeal. Maybe it’s natural. Several “turkey masters” believe that it’s not ingratitude but a reaction to a reminder of “bad times”. I’m very mellow about that. I don’t need anything but the pleasure of a “turkey well landed’.

But, please don’t make the mistake to think “it can’t happen again”. I’ve seen turkeys back out after as little as five weeks. One fellow — clearly an aberration — was nuked the day he showed up for work after relocating his family internationally — they paid him off, but he still hasn’t recovered.

I don’t remember and don’t have time to look it up but are you an execunet member? A jibber jobber member? If not, consider it. Between the two, it’s a few buck a month. Think of it as you own personal unemployment insurance.

Yell if I can help in some way,
the big fat old turkey hisself

# # #



And, I forgot to nag about a website with a personal professional email as is offered by my WSP

# # #

Note: While I am happy, there are more turkeys to help. Hence, this blog post for all of the complacent soon to be axed turkeys out there. “The Grim Farmer Is Coming For You NEXT! Be afraid, be very afraid.”

(Have to keep up the turkey metaphor. What else does a turkey fear but the farmer’s axe?)

# # # # #

LIBERTY: Liberty’s silver bullet


*** begin quote ***

Laughter activates the chemistry of the will to live and increases our capacity to fight disease. Laughing relaxes the body and reduces problems associated with high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, and ulcers. Some research suggests that laughter may also reduce the risk of heart disease.

*** end quote ***

Laughter can reduce the risk of gooferment too.

I listen to the podcast and was listening to the fellow, just beginning his media career, who didn’t know where to start. I think he need to “do” liberty comedy.

Make people laugh at the stupidity of gooferment.

I have a piece of evidence and a rationale why it’s the silver bullet.

The evidence is look at how FAST the “Spanish American War Tax” on cell phones was repealed after everyone, even the liberal media, started calling it that.

The rationale is that humor, especially truthful, obviously true, enters the target’s mind through an “undefended gate”. If I say the “cell phone tax is unjust”, then you look for proof. When I laughingly ask you “Did you pay your Spanish American War tax on your cell phone bill this month?”, you don’t ask for anything. But, like a burr under your saddle, every time you think, see, or pay a phone bill, you’ll think of that “joke”. Every time you hear it from another source, it gets reinforced and irritates even more. Becomes more “true”. More irritating. And begins a cycle of reinforcement. At the height of hilarity about it, in three days, I heard it three times on Leno, twice on Letterman, and every other day on the the morning radio wake up show.

The gang in “power” can’t afford to be laughed at. It makes them look stupid. It punctures their balloon of legitimacy. And, it gets people focused on them and their stupidity.

So, if the fellow is listening, then I’d suggest “Liberty Comedy”.

Get people laughing at the gooferment, and like Ghost Busters, they’ll shrink back to human being size.

stuck behind the lines in the
Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee

INTERESTING: It Is Better To Be Alone, Than In The Wrong Company


***Begin Quote***

From: Old Friend (yes I have one!)
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007
To: John Reinke
Subject: It Is Better To Be Alone, Than In The Wrong Company

Anonymous from a friend, apparently from the internet…..but very interesting. Sounds like some of the advice from your blog!

It Is Better To Be Alone, Than In The Wrong Company

Tell me who your best friends are, and I will tell you who you are. If you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl. But, if you associate with eagles, you will learn how to soar to great heights. “A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses.” The simple but true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you closely associate – for the good and the bad.

The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity.

An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you to stay where they are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that don’t increase you will eventually decrease you. Consider this:
— Never receive counsel from unproductive people.
–Never discuss your problems with someone incapable of contributing to the solution, because those who never succeed themselves are always the first to tell you how. Not everyone has a right to speak into your life. You are certain to get the worst of the bargain when you exchange ideas with the wrong person.
–Don’t follow anyone who’s not going anywhere. With some people you spend an evening: with others you invest it.
–Be careful where you stop to inquire for directions along the road of life.
–Wise is the person who fortifies his life with the right friendships.

***End Quote***

>If you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl.

And, if you hang with a turkey, do you learn to gobble? :-)

>you become like those with whom you closely associate

Not sure I agree with that. I think it might be better to say, “You are what you think! Think you’re a “good guy”, and you’ll tend to become what you think you are. I’m thinking of Ronald Regan, who went from Bonzo movies to be President and his writings showed how he grew. I’m thinking John Wayne, from a bad Marine to a Heroic Icon. I’m think Gandhi, who went from being a venial little lawyer to a Great Emancipator. All have flaws. All had one thing in common, the belief in a big idea. Many of the self-help gurus preach about it. So is it “I’ll believe it when I see it” or “I’ll see it when I believe it”?

>Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream.

I’m thinking of the great Paul Scoefield line in Man For All Seasons. “Come along with us, if for nothing more than old times sake” with the response “And when you stand in front of your Maker and get to go to Paradise for following your conscience, and I am assigned to Hell for not following mine, will you come along … for old time’s sake?”.

No some times friends are neither “stretchers or chokers”.


Watch what you read form the net. You to could become a … … Libertarian! ;-)


p.s., thanks for a great blog fodder. and, the idea that my blog could have some whizdumb!

JOBSEARCH: Getting to your UVP


*** begin quote ***

Spent a few minutes on this tonight, tell me what you think. Be brutal, I can handle it.

“I am an information technology leader who delivers high quality business solutions to support the growth and cost effectiveness of a company’s objectives. Providing experience in application development, staff retention, and strategic technology direction are only a subset of the skills I add to an organization”

*** end quote ***

“I am” NOT my job. I don’t like that type of self talk.

“an information technology leader” I get the image of the drum major strutting from the parade. You do work for a living.

“delivers” good word

“high quality business solutions” Yeah, so what. Who says. What about “results”? “Solutions” solve but do the make money?

“to support” a yada word.

“the growth and cost effectiveness of a company’s objectives”. “barbara streisand” Are you growing objectives? Are the “company’s objectives” “cost effective”? No, it’s confused imho.

“Providing experience in” So you’re old! And, anyone can see you’re old, listen to old stories, and you serve as an object lesson not to grow old. What does it DO for the listener?

“application development, staff retention” Lipstick on the pig? Maybe if you said RAPID APP DEV, or JOINT APP DEV, or even USER FOCUSED APP DEV, I might care.

“strategic technology direction” That I can buy from McKinsey! Why are you my strat tech director? Direct me something?

” are only a subset of the skills” Not “my” skills. Not “important” skills. Not “vast inventory of skills and tools”. Who cares if you can speak URDU?

“I add to an organization” Yada. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the synergy? Where’s the earth shaking rapid movement to the buried treasure.

No, I’ve read it, studied it, analyzed it, struggled over it — twice. In two different sessions. And, IMHO, it’s not you. You have more passion in some blog posts than exudes from this elevator speech.

Make it short, energetic, every word costs a million bucks. Does each phrase or word have an ROI?

MY “elevator speech” statement is “I help enterprises, solve tough business and technical problems, in large scale global infrastructures.”

I think it’s spot on for me. What do you think? The commas are important. :-) Followed by silence and active listening. (I hope)

How about recasting yours into:

I can lead an information technology effort to deliver business solutions. That makes growth, profitability, and “fun” happen. It takes skills from a – applications development to z – zest to make it happen. When I get my opportunities to shine, I’m a star.

Does that help?

In retrospect maybe:

I can lead an information technology effort to deliver business solutions. That makes growth, profitability, and “fun” happen. It takes ALL my skills from a – applications development to z – zest to make it happen.

Yup, that’s it. It’s how I see you. But the real question is how do you see you? It’s like a ghost written resume or using some one else’s UVP. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. You have to be YOUR uvp.

fwiw ymmv faiwwypfi

# # # # #