YAHOO ANSWER: Google as a converting engine!

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could some one tell me how much 850.00 and 500.00 English pounds in US dollars?

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Use Google for all conversion questions.

Put “500.00 pounds sterling” in the Google search box and it pops back

500.00 British pounds = 992.05 U.S. dollars


850.00 pounds sterling

850.00 British pounds = 1 686.485 U.S. dollars


It’s fish and fishing. Give some one a fish; Teach someone to fish! Now you can convert anything?

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LIBERTY: Is A Blogger A Journalist, A Citizen, Or Both?


Is A Blogger A Journalist, A Citizen, Or Both?
Posted by: “Martin Bosworth”
Tue May 29, 2007 11:40 am (PST)

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For those who don’t know, one of my gigs is writing for
ConsumerAffairs.Com, a fairly popular Web news site that focuses on
consumer issues. One of our reporters, Joseph Enoch, was recently
kicked out of the Senate press gallery on grounds that he wasn’t a
“real” reporter:

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Restricting access to the People’s Palace is not the purview of a “palace guard”, komisars, or petty dictators. We pay the taxes for it, and imho, we set the rules for it. Bloggers are the people’s journalists! Self-appointed and self-credentialed is fine with me. What is the “U.S. Senate Press Gallery” anyway and why do they have “officials”? I sure hope my taxes aren’t paying for them as well.

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INTERESTING: Women can’t leave the room slamming the door without being tempted to peek back for a reaction?


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>It has been brought to my attention, that the moderator of this forum

Guess some one didn’t get the memo that it’s a “moderated” forum. Having had my hand slapped a time or two, here and elsewhere, I don’t understand how it’s “unhealthy”? Guess we’ll never know what was meant. Can I get cancer from falling asleep reading posts? Or printing them out and leaving them on my lap? I know, I know, it’s causes Global Warming. To many moderated electrons causes friction.

Sorry, but it’s frustrating. Like slamming the door out of the room after you lose an argument with your spouse. But that’s redundant. “Argument with spouse” is identical to “losing”. But, you get the idea.

(I have now “slammed” the send button as a point of de-emphasis. You didn’t pay attention. I’ll do it again!)

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29th May 11:25 pm

Hey there Fjohn, I had unsubscribed to MLPF, but was lured back to check the recent posts via web to find the very delightful “Goodbye MLPF” post reminiscent of “Goodbye Cruel World” and had a good laugh at your reply. You’re way too funny for the internet but I missed seeing your posts and thought to stop by and subscribe to your blog to get my fjohn fix ;) Hope all is well! Nadine

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>29th May 11:25 pm
>Hey there Fjohn, I had unsubscribed to MLPF, but
>was lured back to check the recent posts

Typical womanly behavior slam the door on the way out, but has to “peek” to see if it had the desired effect. I thought you might look to see who and what reaction it had.

>find the very delightful “Goodbye MLPF” post
>reminiscent of “Goodbye Cruel World” and had a
>good laugh at your reply.

Now, maybe you’ll make the dramatic re-entrance, announcing “I’m back” because my adoring public needed me.”?

>You’re way too funny for the internet

My wife reminds me “you think you’re so funny?”.

>I missed seeing your posts and thought to stop by
>and subscribe to your blog to get my fjohn fix ;)

Well, you are easily entertained. I don’t cross post everything. Too lazy. But enjoy.

> Hope all is well! Nadine

As you can tell from my blog, I’m pumping out random bursts of energy. Your blog has been strangely silent. New job tough? Growing out of the narcissistic medium? Getting a real life. :-)


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INTERESTING: Has HOUSE jumped the shark?

Has HOUSE jumped the shark? (Reference the end of Happy Days when Fonzie ski jumps a shark and after that the ratings tanked.) You only dump the supporting cast when the writers have no more good ideas for them?

If I was a writer, and I’m not. I’d try a metaphor like “House is actually running an honors class in diagnostics. Each year (season) the oldest “graduates” and “newbie” joins. Then the writers have a parade of fresh faces to insult, torture, and write about. It would feel like real life. You could have the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s be fun!

I found some very Libertarian themes in the show. It’s all about being correct. Political correctness be darned. Girls cause trouble. Stereo typing is a human aptitude. I’ll watch in the reruns for them.

One great line. She slowly wakes up and asks if she’s in Heaven. “No – this is New Jersey.” House replies. I’d have said “Hell”.

You’d think that the show would work in PSAs in the show itself. Take propaganda to a new level. The warning signs for diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Admonishments about taking all your antibiotics or staying on your meds. Advice about mental illness and depression. The show COULD be an entertaining source of medical advice as opposed to yet another soap opera.

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YAHOOANSWER: 20070524 declared best!

http: //reinkefaceslife /2007/05/24/


Yeah! Happy dance time. I just made 400 points. (Heck, Frau and I play in the seaside arcade for the points as a competition and then give the tickets to little kids. It’s about scoring meaningless points and “winning”.)

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TECH SERVICE: WORDPRESSDOTCOM offers better draft blogging


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Got Drafts? Filter.

Some of us bloggers have a few hundred drafts sitting in our WordPress accounts waiting for the right words or the right time. Hundreds you say? Yup. We’re not naming any names, but you know who you are.

We used to just list all your drafts in your blog’s Manage -> Posts screen. For some of us, that got really hairy really fast.

Now, your drafts can be displayed in a nice table by going to Manage -> Posts and selecting “Draft” from the “Post Type…” dropdown. If you have lots, they’ll be spread over several pages.

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You mean people actually think about what they post. They just don’t “spit, spray, and pray”? What an odd behavior. Here I thought blogging was just scratching one’s own itch. Or other more disgusting metaphors. Well, if it’s a new feature, I’ll have to try it. Imagine delaying one’s own gratification. What would Walter Winchell say? Not Paul Winchell the fellow behind Jerry Mahoney. Always thought that Mahoney could replace most politicians. But that’s another topic. Off to draft something. I thought you drafted race cars. Or cannon fodder. Oh well.

Note: This was a draft to play with the new capability. I like BLOGDESK for my client software, not the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom web interface. But one has to try everything.

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Well I let it sit for some time and it didn’t magically improve. In fact, I think I like BLOGDESK and pre-post release time date. Like a magazines embargo. I don’t see much value for me of drafts, I’m spray ‘n’ pray, kvetch ‘n’ post kinda blogger. Hear those finger nails on the chalk board?That’s my kinda sytle. Delaying the screech doesn’t change anything.

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