YAHOO ANSWER: How do you settle into a good job

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How do you settle into a good job with prospects instead of falling into the “McDonald’s” category ?

Im 19, went to college to study IT, did my year course in it and now i’m stuck. I’m in and out of just stupid places with no real place to end up. Iam still not sure what i want to do as a career but i thought doing a course in IT would benefit me as nearly all jobs have computers involved. I dont want to be 30 and scanning tills, any advice ?. Where you in a ever similar position to this ?

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I’ve been working in IT for decades and I’m still learning. How you learned it in one course is astonishing? And, you’re young; so there’s lot left for you to do.

One never “settles into a good job”. You’ll have, if the averages are right, between 5 and 10 “jobs” during your 45 year working career. You’ll have good jobs, bad jobs, and jobs somewhere in between. Get ready for a roller coaster ride.

May I suggest my “patented copyrighted and often repeated” strategy? (Just jesting)

You need an education for a white collar job, a blue collar skill, and one or more “internet businesses”? Off to school to get a degree. And, get that white collar job.

Don’t spend a lot of money getting skills or education. Often employers had tuition refund and employer provided. As a matter of fact, be ruthless about not getting into debt. Work relentlessly for several reasons — to learn “stuff” — earn money — get experience. Get a blue collar skill — plumber, carpenter, electrician — to fall back on.

And, since you’re now a computer expert, or at least computer literate, look into creating an internet-based business. Don’t spend money on scams. But try to sell “stuff” on ebay. Help others get their businesses on the net. Do things like that.

I think you’re in a great place. You’re young with endless opportunities. Start seizing them.

I’m around for further questions, or dialogue. Let me know how you make out,

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UPDATE 31 May 2007 @ 13:30 edst This answer was selected as “best”. Happy dance time.

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