FUN: E-voting gets the knife

Man of the Year
with Robin Williams
as President Elect Tom Dobbs

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Tom Dobbs, comedic host of a political talk show – a la Bill Maher and Jon Stewart – runs for President of the US as an independent candidate who, after an issues-oriented campaign and an explosive performance in the final debate, gets just enough votes to win. Trouble is he owes his victory to a computer glitch in the national touch-screen voting system marketed by Delacroy, a private company with a rising stock price. To protect their fortune, Delacroy executives want to keep the glitch a secret, but one programmer, Eleanor Green, wants Dobbs to know the truth. Can she get to him? Written by jhailey.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but did this movie just put a stake thru the heart of the vampire known as “electronic voting”?

Systems provided by Delacroy … err I mean Diebold … could manipulate the results of an election. Based on the movie, I’ve just emailed Ron Paul to change his name to Ron Paaul. (SPOILER: In the movie, the buggy computer program elects the candidate with the “best” double letter.) So if anyone wants to debate about paperless electronic internet voting and tell you how good it will be yada yada yada, just rent them this movie. That should finish up the discussion!

They say many a true word is said in jest.

Some times concepts can get thru via humor. My non-techie spouse said after watching this that it would now never be approved here. Hope she’s right.

This film IMHO says it all about that topic. And, says it in way that comes across to the average person.


p.s.: The movie did have one other great line. Tom Dobbs says “Politicians are a lot like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reasons.” If you gather I’m no fan of politicians, you’re correct. They are like diapers!

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LINKEDIN: Comments on LinkedIn Members

Create Public and Private Comments for LinkedIn Members

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LinkedIn provides no way to record public and private info about your fellow members. Who did you use to send your last Introduction through? Is that member active? Is that person a good or bad networker. Where have all the sock orphans gone? Nobody knows. Because on LinkedIn nobody can hear you scream. So I created a solution using Diigo at It’s an imperfect solution but gets the job done. I’ll use this page to record my latest instructions, tips, and findings.

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I’m trying it. Will report.

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YahooAnswers: Status: “BEST” awarded dates wrong on application


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YAHOO ANSWER: dates wrong on application
June 18th, 2007


dates wrong on application

Asked by “hcj25?

What do you think ?

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Just received word that this was selected “best by voters”. Not “best by asker”.

1 vote among 3 answers.

Ten meaningless points brings me to 692.

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