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Asked by sheratonsami

How can I contact my fans?

I participated successfully Q&A, as a result I got amazing fans,and I would like to contact and email them, to build a good friendship with them, but I didn’t know how?


Dear “sheratonsami”:

Well, you didn’t say what the Q&A was about, but if it was about tomorrow’s winning lotto numbers, then I’d be a fan too. Assuming that you have further contact with your old fans, or their contact information, then you might be able to offer them some reasons to be bigger fans. Or, going forward, if you have more Q&As, then you can be ready to build that fan base. I can think of some things that you can offer, that might encourage more and bigger fans. Like, the ability to ask the questions that they forgot or didn’t get to ask. Like, the summary of all the Q’s & A’s that were asked that they missed, didn’t hear, or didn’t comprehend. Like, pointers to examples, further info, or related material.

My idea would be to have business cards that point to your website / blog.

For under a fifty bucks, some effort, some calendar time, imho, you can get better “known”. I’d suggest a blog as the underlying engine for building your fan base and enthusiasm.

(1) Check for an available domain name you like (www dot sheratonsami dot com is available), but don’t buy it yet.

(2) Get a free wordpress blog at Sign up as “sheratonsami”. Or whatever domain name you decide on that is available.

(3) Buy the domain name feature from wordpress for $15 — it includes the registration of the domain name. (How’s that for cheap?)

(4) You now have a web site and a domain name. Use the blog posting part to put fresh content on your blog. Put something meaningful there daily.

(5) Use the pages part to put more static posts like your Q&A summaries, pictures, stories, prices, or event schedules out on your “site”.

(6) Sign up for the free Gmail for Domains and get email via your domain. You can be sheratonsami at sheratonsami dot com.

(7) Sign up (free) at the various blog directories.

(8) Submit to the search engines

(9) Use the search engines to “find” yourself which improves your site in the search engines eyes. :-) [That’s circular reasoning! By telling the search engine to look for me and finding it, it makes me more find-able by regular people.]

All this is about building your “brand” with your fans. On your business card, put your name, web address, and email. So you’ll have a professional website with up to date content for cheap. And, your fans will love it. What fan wouldn’t. And it’s really cheap and easy!

Yell if you want help with it. (I’m free and do this stuff for fun!) And, let me know how you make out if you decide to try it.

Ferdinand J. Reinke

p.s.: You an look at my site… which was done exactly this way.




I may have not understood the question?

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UPDATE 20070617 Corrected the title to my new standard format for Yahoo Answers.

YahooAnswers – Status: “BEST” awarded


*** begin quote ***

Ms. “el” asked:

Looking to relocate to a city with a high growth rate and great entry-level jobs. Any suggestions?

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Just received word that this was selected “best by voters”.

Two votes among five answers.

Ten meaningless points brings me to 590.

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PRODUCTIVITY: PowerPoint enabling the presenting of dull presentations

Presentation Revolution: Changing the Way the World Does Presentations
By Scott B. Schwertly

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Today we live in a business culture that abuses the art and science of public speaking. We power up our PCs and present dull presentations to audiences who want to be inspired but never get fulfilled. Schwertly believes an effective presentation can change the world.

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Powerpoint in the Pentegon! Bad news. Power point in your pc prevents persuasion.

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TECHNOLOGY a free wiki

Dear fellow turkey,


Want to set up a Wiki, but don’t know where to begin? Check out Schtuff, a free wiki service that lets you set up your own collaborative website in just a few steps. Sign up for a free account, define your domain and add your “spaces”, the pages that make up your site’s contents. It’s easy-to-use but if you’ve never used a wiki before and you just want to explore, make sure to read through their copious help documents.

Hat tip to

And if you have no idea what a wiki can be or

Why you should care?

Free. Casually dropping it in chit chat with hunter, hr, or interviewer makes you look “hipper”, more with it, techie, and thirty punds lighter. Ok I made the last one up. It enables you to assert a value proposition that you might not normally be able to.


“I know everything on the net isn’t gold but when I was playing with schtuff, a free wiki, I was able to find a use for my Church to cost effectively produce announcements and have people volunteer for assignments. OK it is not the biggest deal but for a financially strapped organization, it fit the bill. I can remember many times when something like that would have been a cost-effective solution to an immediate problem.”

Now I’m not saying you should LIE. And no one cares if you have seen the inside of a Church since your favorite Aunt died. And no one cares if this wiki thing does anything like you say it did. You sound techie. Certainly more techie than most HR types. And you have told them that you know resources cost money and you’re basically cheap. And, you’ve learned from your past.

And maybe you don’t need to lose 30# like I do. But, take a look at new stuff instead of playing solitaire on your computer when you are down. You are telling anyone who’ll listen how creative you are! So create something.

It doesn’t matter what specifically you do. What matters is you can use it to advance your value proposition.

YahooAnswers – Status: “BEST” awarded for “future study” answer


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“Celebrity Soup” asked:

What job should I study to do for the future?

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Just received word that this was selected “best by voters”.

One vote among three answers.

Ten meaningless points brings me to 540.

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YahooAnswers – Status: A new category created

OK, now I am “maturing” in my approach. I think Yahoo Answers is “fun”. BUT, no we’re gonna get serious. I’ve created a better “Yahoo Answers” category structure for us.

YahooAnswers – top level
— YahooAnswers – Best for “Best in Show”
— YahooAnswers – Not Best for “non winners”
— YahooAnswers – Pending for pending “judging
— YahooAnswers – Status for aministrivia like this


(1) Clearly, you might want to see what someone else has thought was a “good answer”.

(2) Even more clearly, you might want to have a good laff at my expense from a bad one. I want to highlight the “bad” ones so I can learn and improve. How can I be a great “coach” if I don’t communicate such that people immediately see the value.

(3) From pending, you might want to go vote for my answers as a “thumbs up” or “best” if they deserve it. (Hint, HINT! hint!!)

(4) From status, you can keep tabs on my little hobby here!

Your thoughts? After all this is PARTIALLY for you. :-)

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INTERESTING: Iran’s key vulnerability is it … is totally dependent on energy revenues

Published on on June 13, 2007.

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{Extraneous Deleted}

United Nations sanctions are important, but these state pension decisions directly impact the 485 companies that Gaffney’s group,, has found to invest in the four terror-sponsoring nations identified in the Missouri disinvestment program.

Iran’s key vulnerability is its economy, which is totally dependent on energy revenues. Eighty-five percent of government revenues come from the energy sector, and these revenues are expected to drop from $55 billion in 2006 to only $44 billion this year due to a rise in domestic demand for energy and decreasing energy production. By 2014, it is estimated Iran will export no oil at all unless foreign investment comes to the rescue and helps generate additional production. Iranian oil reserves are the second largest in the world, but are of no use to the ayatollahs unless they can get at them. By cutting off foreign investment in the energy sector, these state government s have gone a long way toward destabilizing the Iranian regime.

{Extraneous Deleted}

***End Quote***

I’m no Dick Morris fan. (I suspect any fellow with “interesting” tastes.) But, I like when he exposes the politician’s “clay feet” and he does have a knack for great ideas. Now, we should NOT have gooferment pensions. And, we should MYOB. But, having said that, this idea seems to be like the concept of Marque and Reprisal. We should get the gooferment out of the energy biz and we’ll have cheap energy from a variety of sources. And, the two bit dictators sitting on oil will be back to square one, wondering where the good life went.

It’s the same principle as legalizing drugs. Don’t get me wrong drug addiction is terrible. But the collateral damage from our phony and immoral so-called “war” on drugs is the equivalent of shooting ourselves in the foot. Eliminate the gooferment from drugs, and we will have the Columbian drug lords wondering where the good life went as WalMart takes the price of drugs to 4$ for a thirty day supply. Oh, and don’t worry about an explosion in addiction, because, at the same time, you will have stripped the “koolness” of drugs being “illegal, dangerous, and hip”.

MYOB, put the gooferment back in it’s Constitutional box, and let the people decide where their money should be invested. If the people see an enemy, then they can decide where to invest their money.

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UPDATE: Some how this horse got out of the barn and on the blog missing one key word and most of the last paragraph. Saw it when it echoed back to me this morning. So I fixed it. Hmmm?

MONEY: the fate as all other un-backed currencies

Letter Re: Request for Investing Advice from a U.S. Reader
What is your guidance on a safe (conservative) way to invest? What percentage in precious metals? Thanks, – TZK in Central Kentucky

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JWR Replies: I recommend that SurvivalBlog readers should put at least 25% of their portfolios into gold, silver, and barter goods, and roughly 50% into productive farm ground–a retreat to occupy year-round–in a lightly populated region that is well-removed major metropolitan areas.

{Extraneous Deleted}

I consider any investment denominated in un-backed paper dollars risky, at least in the long term, since the US dollar, as a currency unit is doomed. It faces the same fate as all other un-backed currencies throughout history. In the long run, they will all inevitably revert to their actual value, which if measured either by weight or per square inch is comparable to toilet paper.

***End Quote***

Well, in the long run, we all die too.

One can quibble about the advice. I’m not sure there will be any place to hide in TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) scenario. But, having said that, one wonders how long the mass global illusion with the Federal Reserve Note aka mislabled the dollar can continue?

Abroad, the Chinese and the OPEC are amassing huge collections of these funny green pieces of paper. Abrogation by the USA gooferment is not unheard of. Think of the French having the gold window closed in their face. At home, look at the mountains of unfunded liabilities the various levels of gooferment have rung up. So gold does appear to be a store of value.

I would respectfully disagree with JWR the greenback isn’t comparable to toilet paper. Toilet papers is useful; greenbacks are a poor substitute.

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