LIBERTY: How much of a slave are you?

Learning From Henry V
by Vin Suprynowicz

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What do they say about those who wish to trim back the size and intrusiveness of government at least to, say, the levels prevailing under dastardly child-hating conservative John F. Kennedy in 1962? (I might settle for 1911, myself – small schools with mixed-grade classrooms under local control; no income tax; dollar bills still “payable in silver” or in gold; no War on Drugs.) Why, we “hate the teachers!” these zealots insist. We want old people to “starve in the streets!” We’re willing to tolerate “social services ranked at the very bottom, like some Central American hellhole!”

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How can one tell if tax rates reach 90 percent, or 95 percent, or 102 percent?

The gooferment has done an EXCELLENT job of hiding the true level of taxation form us.

Consider all the federal, state, county, town, and heaven knows what other geographical entities that tax you?

Consider property taxes?

Consider the inflation tax on your savings?

Consider the Social Security Insurance tax?

Consider all the taxes on business that are passed along to you hidden from view?

Consider the gasoline tax that gets factored into everything?

Consider the things called “fees” that are unavoidable, or for all intents and purposes unavoidable?

How would you know WHAT you are paying?


Time for the pitchforks and torches. Tar ‘n’ feather every taxing politician!

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YAHOO ANSWER: currency at the bank


currency at the bank


Asked by “walmart3rdshiftnight”

Who work at a suntrust banks!?

How can I get a 100s bills at the bank do I need to give them anything or how get 7 of 20s bills?

I never go to bank so dont no how its work if any female work in a bank and know what people ask for I need know what I need to take with me!!! no one not give me a 100s bills like ATM wont and try my work place and no one can’t unless I have paid walmart to get a 100s bill from them I have to give them 20s to get a 100s is that true??


Dear “walmart3rdshiftnight”:

Well, assuming that this is not a phising attempt to meet “gurls”, or the cute teller a the local Suntrust bank, I can tell you that you need to try a different approach. All you caught is a fat old turkey who thinks every question is worth an answer. And, I get two meaningless points to answer with a possibility of ten for best.

Who works at Suntrust Bank can be answered by shooting over to LinkedIn ( and running a query. It’s free.

You may have to brake down and go into a bank branch. They are full of nice people who sole job is to make you happy while separating you from your money. Think of it as a strip club without the nakedness or the booze. Seriously, if you have a need to change denominations (5*20=100) (10*10=5*20), most banks will oblige you.

If you are truly a “third shift night worker at wallmart”, then you are getting paid and probably have a paycheck to handle. Take it to your branch bank and, I’ll bet, they can arrange a direct deposit to an account for you. If you’re not into checking accounts, then get a savings account to be your pot of gold.

ATMs don’t usually stock anything but 20’s and 5’s. The Atlantic City casinos have some snazzy ones that will show you on the screen what you put in and give you choices of what you can take out. (No two dollar bills as an output choice!) But the risk there is you may not get out of the casino with your cash.

Rumor hath it that WalMart wants to go into the banking business. So wait awhile and your question may be answered by them.

I’d suggest finding a credit union or a friendly bank and chatting with them. They won’t bite.

Hope this helps. I’m interested how it works out for you. Drop me a note sometime. My blog may have other helpful “stuff”.

Ferdinand J. Reinke
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

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TECHNOLOGY: WORDPRESSDOTCOM needs a queued draft function

Your “drafts” capability got me to thinking, (an always dangerous problem). Since one, I think, always wants to present fresh content to browsers. Perhaps you could make it “easier” to put stuff up on a regular interval. Think of it as a virtual clerk. You could have a category of draft called QUEUED. The parameters might be “over some period of time” (X days, weeks, months) release a QUEUED entry at regular intervals (Every X hours). It could be done manual by setting the time stamps, but that requires the user to do the thinking about it. That seems best left to the software. IMHO, fjohn

YAHOO ANSWER: dates wrong on application


dates wrong on application


Asked by “hcj25”

What do you think ?

i messed up on my application and thought i started a job a couple years prior to what i put.So when she called my reference they said i started in 01 but i still had an excellent reference.I was offered this job pending references as an intake coordinator what do you think will this ruin me?
Additional Details

by the way the lady called me back after the reference and question my dates at that job i told her my dates may have been off but i was basically there about 6 years


Dear “hcj25”:

Well, it could be a big deal or a small deal.

You said “intake coordinator”. Depends upon what you are taking in and for whom. Tomatoes for Gristedes, who cares. Little children for the gooferment, everyone might care.

My first take was “honest mistake” or “deliberate lie”? On a government application or some standard application form that’s been xeroxed a grazillion times?

If it’s a gooferment form, does it say anything down at the bottom where you signed about perjury? Did it have to be notarized? Was it “official” like a permit to “intake children”? Then, I’d suggest that you need a lawyer; not Yahoo Answers. If not, then you might be able to apologize your way out.

Assuming that it is NOT, repeat NOT, about perjury, gooferent forms, or something that can get you in a lot of hot water (and that’s a big deal!), I have some thoughts.

I’d forget about it unless it comes up again. (And resolve in the future to fill out all forms as if they were important. Very important.) If it comes up again, apologize profusely, offer to correct the form, and ask what you can do to compensate for making a mistake.

You might want to have some thoughts, about why you made the mistake, in case things get intense. Treat it as a typo. Think about how rushed you were filling it out. Maybe someone said “don’t worry about the exact dates”. Maybe you were interrupted by the interviewer being ready. Get the incident firmly in your mind now in case it becomes urgent.

Then forget about it.

Hope this helps. I’m interested how it works out for you. Drop me a note sometime. I have jobsearch hints on my blog if you need them.

Ferdinand J. Reinke
Kendall Park, NJ 08824


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