JOBSEARCH: What Makes A Resume “GREAT”?


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>What Makes A Resume “GREAT”? Can You Prove It?

In my world of turkeys, and I’m a big old fat one myself, a resume’s ONLY purpose is to cause a conversation to happen.

I teach my baby turkeys to measure response rates. We all “know” finding a job is a “numbers game”. I particularly like the number forty as a sample size. I urge my students to gather up 40 “targets” create two resumes (A & B) and two different cover letters (Y & Z). Then create four batches of AY, AZ, BY, and BZ. Send them out. And measure the response rate.

It helps them to focus on the sales management process.

It often shows them dramatically that a simple resume works better than a complex one. I tried to convince one good soul that an 11 page resume was a turnoff. It wasn’t until he saw the results when stacked up against the one pager that I wrote for him — breaking my rule against violating the Prime Directive — Thou shalt not interfere with a developing planet — and the results were devastating. His 11 pages go ZERO response. No Surprise To Me. My one page got 50%. He “updated” his thinking and was “in” within 8 weeks. (Humans can be soooo stubborn when they think they are right!)

So IMHO a great resume is one that provides a measurable response.

It has NOTHING to do with what is on the RESUME; it has everything to do with the response it causes.

Sorry, the Silver Bullet store is out of them, but they have plenty of cans of “Hard Work” left. :-)

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LIBERTY: asked to make personal sacrifices?


Denver targets global warming
Goal is equivalent of taking 500,000 vehicles off road
By Stuart Steers, Rocky Mountain News
June 11, 2007

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Denver is gearing up to fight global warming, and residents may soon be asked to make personal sacrifices to help save the planet.

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I read the article and I didn’t see a lot of “asking”. I did see a lot of “telling”.

IMHO the hallmark of a bad idea is when you have to force people to do it.

I read about increased regulation that is a hidden form of taxation. Fifth Amendment issues when I have to bring my house to code to sell it? They have just “stolen” value from me. No court order; no compensation. Just theft!

This is the gooferment at it’s best. Denver will be better than others because they care more. Note no one is saying that it will make an iotas difference.


I gotta get to the Free State.

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ALUMNI: JasperJottings-Daily now has it’s own domain

ALUMNI: JasperJottings-Daily now has it’s own domain

JasperJottings-Daily now has it’s own domain; like JasperJottings-Sports. JasperJottings Dash Daily Dot Com

It’s easier to remember and hard to confuse with the weekly news site

Your source for Jasper Alumni stories that doesn’t come from the College.

(Weekly) Jasper Jottings Dot Com

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YAHOO ANSWER: pay a couple of bills with my new credit card


Interest rates and definitions as a payee, can you give me some basic info ?

PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THIS UNLESS YOU WORK WITH IT AND KNOW IT WELL, I DON’T WANT SITES TO GO TO, NOR UNEDUCATED GUESSES, jokes are always ok as I love humor but i am looking for some basic info. I am 56, a numbers person & used to B more on top of this, but life has changed so much since I’ve been sick 4 10 years & rather out of it. I want 2 pay a couple of bills w- my new credit card, like some of the house taxes I owe,& first i want 2 determine which 1 actually charges me the true highest interest when compared in like terms (apples to apples ) I used 2 use APr questions, but now I see EAR or such ?? & on ebay I am being charged 1.5% 4 any unpaid monthly fee charges, but what does this 1.5% mean ?? I need a standardized term & also I used 2 know about car loans & how horrribly that interest is calculated & fixed home loans but now that I’m going2 refi my house in the next couple of years, I want to locate the best way and be able to compare interest apples to apples


Dear Mr. or Ms. “Wendy B”:

To quote Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson “we’ll cross that bridge when we fall off it”. (That’s my attempt at humor.)

I think you are perfectly right to be confused. Credit Card companies, like their compatriots in the car finance industry, are pulling the wool over us all the time.

I’d suggest that you might want to spend a few bucks to get a good answer. Hire a CPA. Mine for example does work for me, (actually I think his “girls” do the work and he just signs off), at a very reasonable rate. I bet that if you had say the three competing credit offers in hand, it would take a CPA less than 15 minutes to “find where the bodies are buried” to use a Soprano metaphor and another 15 minutes explain to you what they meant. My cpa charges less than 150$/hour. $75 might save you lots more. It even might be cheaper for you. I was surprised at how cheap it was. Some of my bone headed decisions not to use a pro cost me a lot more than I would have spent on the advice to avoid “falling off the bridge”.

I understand that you want to work on more serious problems like your health and your life. But, your money is important to. That’s why getting good advice, not Yahoo Answers, is critical.

Assuming that you have some need for financing to smooth out the rough spots, I like to send people to credit unions. I have never heard of them screwing anyone. Even with their credit cards. So, I’d give you the same advice.

BTW you have legal rights under Federal Law, so if you are getting confusing notices, you might want to consult a lawyer as well as an accountant.

Hope this helps,
Let me know how you make out.
Ferdinand J. Reinke
Kendall Park, NJ 08824


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Update 2007Jun17

Just notified that it was “best by voters”. One vote (not mine) for only one answer. (Somebody getting 2 points for the obvious?)

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LIBERTY: Ron Paul has a chance to win this election

Ron Paul’s American Education
by Karen De Coster

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I do believe that Ron Paul has a chance to win this election. Is that too optimistic?

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Well, if the anti-war democrats really want to end the war and if the anti-war wing of the republicans really are anti-war, he’s a lock.

If the Americans, who could could vote, are 100%. Then there is an estimated 20% anti-war d’s and 20% anti-war r’s, that’s 40%. Hard to imagine that at least some of the 60% who never vote wouldn’t come out to say “no war”.

So I can see how he might swamp McRomeialnni or Hila-bama.

It’s a long time until the election. I hope the heat doesn’t melt him like it did Perot.

I’m voting for him. As if that mattered.

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JOBSEARCH:METHODOLOGY your resume may allow id theft

METHODOLOGY your resume may allow id theft

Job Offer or Identity-Theft Scam?
By Anne Fisher

It seemed a terrific opportunity. Laid off from a senior marketing job, Tom (not his real name), an MBA with 22 years’ experience, spent several months look-ing for a new position. Then he got a phone call from someone who said he was the human resources director of a large, well-known insurance company. The HR guy said he was impressed with the résumé Tom had posted on a popular Internet job site and was eager to meet as soon as possible, since Tom was the ideal candidate for a new marketing job the company was creating.

Just one tiny detail: “He told me that since they were anxious to fill the position quickly, they wanted to save some time by starting a routine background check right away,” Tom says.

“He e-mailed me a very detailed form to complete and return.” Tom complied, filling in the blanks for Social Security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, even a bank account number. After a few days of vainly trying to get back in touch with the HR director, Tom began to feel uneasy. Then he tried to use one of his credit cards and discovered that not only was the account maxed out, but several new accounts had been opened in his name and squeezed dry. His identity had been stolen, and it has taken him almost a year to straighten out the mess—all the while kicking himself for having fallen for the scam.

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Seekers beware. Not everyone seeking to scam you is from Nigeria!

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The New ‘Age’ of Leadership: The Power and Practices of Maturity
By Harriet Rubin

What do Warren Buffett and Rupert Murdock have in common with Titian and Bach? Just as artistic skill is honed over years of hard work and many a masterpiece was created late in an artist’s life, these Late-Style leaders are rejuvenating leadership instead of handing off their power.