YAHOO ANSWER: pay a couple of bills with my new credit card


Interest rates and definitions as a payee, can you give me some basic info ?

PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THIS UNLESS YOU WORK WITH IT AND KNOW IT WELL, I DON’T WANT SITES TO GO TO, NOR UNEDUCATED GUESSES, jokes are always ok as I love humor but i am looking for some basic info. I am 56, a numbers person & used to B more on top of this, but life has changed so much since I’ve been sick 4 10 years & rather out of it. I want 2 pay a couple of bills w- my new credit card, like some of the house taxes I owe,& first i want 2 determine which 1 actually charges me the true highest interest when compared in like terms (apples to apples ) I used 2 use APr questions, but now I see EAR or such ?? & on ebay I am being charged 1.5% 4 any unpaid monthly fee charges, but what does this 1.5% mean ?? I need a standardized term & also I used 2 know about car loans & how horrribly that interest is calculated & fixed home loans but now that I’m going2 refi my house in the next couple of years, I want to locate the best way and be able to compare interest apples to apples


Dear Mr. or Ms. “Wendy B”:

To quote Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson “we’ll cross that bridge when we fall off it”. (That’s my attempt at humor.)

I think you are perfectly right to be confused. Credit Card companies, like their compatriots in the car finance industry, are pulling the wool over us all the time.

I’d suggest that you might want to spend a few bucks to get a good answer. Hire a CPA. Mine for example does work for me, (actually I think his “girls” do the work and he just signs off), at a very reasonable rate. I bet that if you had say the three competing credit offers in hand, it would take a CPA less than 15 minutes to “find where the bodies are buried” to use a Soprano metaphor and another 15 minutes explain to you what they meant. My cpa charges less than 150$/hour. $75 might save you lots more. It even might be cheaper for you. I was surprised at how cheap it was. Some of my bone headed decisions not to use a pro cost me a lot more than I would have spent on the advice to avoid “falling off the bridge”.

I understand that you want to work on more serious problems like your health and your life. But, your money is important to. That’s why getting good advice, not Yahoo Answers, is critical.

Assuming that you have some need for financing to smooth out the rough spots, I like to send people to credit unions. I have never heard of them screwing anyone. Even with their credit cards. So, I’d give you the same advice.

BTW you have legal rights under Federal Law, so if you are getting confusing notices, you might want to consult a lawyer as well as an accountant.

Hope this helps,
Let me know how you make out.
Ferdinand J. Reinke
Kendall Park, NJ 08824


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Update 2007Jun17

Just notified that it was “best by voters”. One vote (not mine) for only one answer. (Somebody getting 2 points for the obvious?)

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