JOBSEARCH: 10 half day part time jobs

I think you can definitely apply one of my other ideas (i.e., one full time job can equal 10 half day part time jobs in your own business).

If you have your own business, then you could section that ~40 hours in whatever form works. Pile on part-time gooferment positions, teaching, mowing lawns, whatever, and you’ve got it.

One of my old friends is NY real estate lawyer and he has four part-time jobs to supplement his practice. One is as a ref. He treats it all as a biz and keeps careful track of his expenses, earnings, and time. He been doing it happily for a decade. You could too.

>if I should apply for a half-time job in spite of the money,
>possibly while starting a web design consultancy

Well certainly, apply. Assume that it’s morning five days a week. That gives you afternoons to develop other opportunities. If you’re “out” and burning that cash, then at least it slows the crash into broke-ness. I think you have to be flexible.

How about teaching? Are there opportunities for tutoring “students” (i.e., children; elementary schoolers; high schoolers; college students; business people; senior citizens)?

Have your heard of LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)? It puts Linux local area networks into schools and other places to avoid the Microsoft tax and upgrade treadmill. How about installing and supporting open source packages like Moodle (a quiz type package)? For example, for a teacher, in school or business, who needs to educate and test on the cheap, put up Moodle and load the content for the teacher and support.

I think if you’re going to go the 10 part-time jobs route, then you’re going to have to be on the bleeding edge in terms of identifying, learning, deploying, and implementing “stuff”. I’d be super ALERT for “fall out”, “reuse”, and “spin offs”.

Fall out are ideas that come out of something you do and you capture it and exploit it. Reuse is figuring something out once “at cost” and then “mark it up and profit from it”. Spin off is identifying the pre-cursor, thinning streamline, fattening offering more, or follow on activities for profit.

To pull this off, you’re going to have to be aggressively sensitive measured disciplinarian. Aggressive in seeking any earning opportunity. Sensitive in “feeling” any hint of a paying gig. Measured in all the metrics that you think move cash into your checkbook. And, finally disciplined in not giving away for free what you should be charging for, project overruns or scope creep, or “lazy”.

Some Eastern & Western philosophies believe that it’s the Id that give the great ideas that the SuperEgo scares you into believing that they can’t work. Your fears and decisions got you to where you are now. Satisfied with that? Yes, keep doing what you are doing. No, try something different. “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

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RANT: Congress to stop the free travel

By Dick Morris Reports <>

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It’s time for Congress to stop the free travel and focus on the important issues that need resolution. That means showing up for work and making tough decisions.

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Now while I hate the fact that they are wasting money stolen from the taxpayers, at least they are not “legislating”.

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LIBERTY: trade and friendly relations with anybody

Goodbye and Good Luck
by Charley Reese

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What the knuckleheads in Washington have created is an empire of delusions and illusions. It’s time for the nation to wake up and adopt a realistic foreign policy, which is trade and friendly relations with anybody who wants it. As for those who don’t, we simply ignore them. We don’t need to be anybody’s enemy.

As for defense, defending our space is easy and cheap. As another mark of imperial stupidity, the rulers of the empire can’t even do that while they fail overseas.

***End Quote***

Only a a tank gunner could recap the DOWG’s (dead old white guy’s) wisdom so well.

George Washington

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The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.

*** end quote ***

Just stop!

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PRODUCTIVITY: Lessons from my week end!

One of my older relatives was driving to a party where they had been before last year. For a variety of reasons, they didn’t have the address or their usual tools. And, got confused and got lost. They drove around looking for my car. After a while they got really confused.

So went to a relative’s house, where a young whippersnapper, looked up the name on the net, mapquested it, and led them over. Great save.

Why they didn’t have my cell phone I forgot to ask. Calling Frau’s cellphone is a waste of effort. She hates it. (Yes, I made her get it.)

Lessons: Put a family phone book in the glove box of every elder driver’s car. That way, when they are in the car, they always have the [hone book with them.

Lesson: Have my cell phone on the public net. So if you know my shore house address. Divide these three numbers by the address and you’ll have my cell. 46,308 10,659 184,875l

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RANT: Lincoln’s legacy

Bushes Enjoy Ford’s Theatre Holiday Gala
Jun 25 12:43 AM US/Eastern
By ANN SANNER Associated Press Writer

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Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and civil rights veteran, and Civil War historian James McPherson were awarded Lincoln Medals. The award is given to those who exemplify President Lincoln’s legacy and character through their work, accomplishments or personal attributes.

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Does everyone get sucked in by the liberal media?

Ahh the cult of Lincoln. A fellow who for the benefit of the Northern mercantilists killed a bunch of people. Imprisoned journalists and dissidents. And, got himself shot for being a tyrant.


I’d be embarrassed.

BTW I don’t take five dollar bills either. When I have time, I give people a history lesson.

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