YAHOO ANSWER: say in my interview


Asked by “Genaro G”

What can i say in my inerview as a medicl assistant?

what is a good thing to say in an interview as an MA to get hire


I think it’s always important to express your unique value equation. That is what are you going to do for your new employer to be valuable for them. So things like how much energy, enthusiasm, and effort your going to put in for them. Notice, they won’t care what you want. They care about what they want. Even when I haven’t been the best qualified candidate, I always tried to be the best choice. imho.




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TECH SOFTWARE: MSFT Windows Live Writer

A BLOGDESK competitor, one has to at least consider the offering from the Evil Empire. Clearly in my mind, it starts off with one big strike against it. It integrates with IE7 and not firefox. Strike Two. Now let’s see if it posts to WORDPRESSDOTCOM?

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OK so it did stick a post in the blog. Two strikes and looking for a third. :-)

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YAHOO ANSWER: for someone who has been out of the workforce


Asked by snfbwf

Resume and cover letter for someone who has been out of the workforce.?


Surf over to my “turkey farm” and review some of the key points. Regardless of why you have been out of the workforce, you have a “unique value proposition” to express. You can unlock same value for some one. If you can’t, what are you selling? You have to find out what that value is. Then, you craft a “unique sales proposition” (i.e., how do I get someone to hire me). Then, you build a resume and cover letter to that purpose.

I counsel “turkeys” (i.e., people who have gotten the axe from their employer). I’ve been axed several times. After the first time, it should NOT hurt. And, it certainly shouldn’t be a surprise. Happens to everyone. If it doesn’t then you’re playing your cards to tight to the vest.

Your letter and resume have to tell a story. They have to initiate a conversation. You want them to make the reader pick up the phone and say “how did you do that? can you do it for me?”.

It’s hard work. The hardest you’ll ever do. But, you’ll be motivated because you’re working for yourself.

I’ll close with one story. An “old” turkey (i.e., one who has been out of work for a “long” time) was sent to me for “help”. So, I looked at his resume with a three year hole in it. I naturally inquired, in my blunt cavalier injineer way, “been in jail?”. Mind you this was the resume he was sending out and didn’t understand why no response. He said “no, i was caring for my dying wife”. My jaw dropped to the floor.

He wasn’t telling his story. We fashioned a “job entry” that said something like “Care Giver, Medical Treatment Assistant, and Medical Billing Expert” with three bullet points. Recruiters hate holes in time lines; they suspect you’ve been in jail or worse off having the fun that they are not having. Any way, this turkey had a senior level IT job in an HR department working on their benefits billing systems in less than five weeks.

All I did was get him to tell his story. All you have to do is to tell yours. AND, express what you are going to do for the reader.

Good luck,
just a big old fat turkey hisself



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TECH SERVICE: SPOCK finding people (in some type of prerelease)


***Begin Quote***

Spock is the online leader in personal search, helping users find and discover people. With over one hundred million people already indexed and millions added every day, Spock is building the broadest and deepest people specific search engine.

***End Quote***

In light of my prestigious postition in the field of blogging about technology, … … ok I asked when they said “any fools out there will to test our stuff for no money … I’ve got one of the “rare” spock accounts. (I have invites. What’s it worth to you?)

It’s pretty neat a service. I found some Jaspers I didn’t know about.

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YAHOO ANSWER: Manhattan College or CUNY City College


Asked by motahar_basam

Manhattan College or CUNY City College?

I want to major in Mechanical Engineering. I don’t know if I should go to Manhattan College or CUNY City College?

someone help, please.


I’m a Jasper EE Class of 68. I can honestly say I have never heard anyone complain that they didn’t get a good education at Manhattan. I don’t know about CUNYCC. I think that the primary determinate of what you will take away from your place of education is you, your attitude, and your willingness to do the “heavy lifting”. I do know that if you graduate from Jasper-land, you will find that there are about 6k of fellow alums who you can network with. If you are specifically interested in chatting up an ME I can probably find a dozen to talk to. Go up to any Manhattan Men’s Basketball game at Draddy Gym and look for a red headed loony cheering on the team, ask for Pete Sweeney (my cousin), and ask him to aim you at some MEs. He’s a CE but as past president of the alumni society, he probably be able to id one right there. I’d say that if you go to MC, you won’t be disappointed.



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YAHOO ANSWER: what would u do if this were u n why


Asked by pisces_dreamer06

What would u do if this were u n why?

basically right now im just turned 19. i work as a dispatcher making about $1,400 a month and will be attending college next semester FULL TIME. BUT this job just came up as a dispatcher for 9-1-1 making $64,000/yr thats about 4,500/mo. should i do that and go to school part time? oh im going to school for nursing but will be doing just my pre-req/general ed next semester.

what should i do and what do you think the pro and cons on it would be? thank you serious answers plz

i quilify for this job 100% and at my current job its a slow independent company where i have all the time in the world to study where being a 9-1-1 dispatcher is probally busy with little down time.


You didn’t say what you were planning to study, what you career aspirations are, and how important grades would be in your employment prospects. Believe it or not these should all bear on you decision.

I worked full time and went to school full time. Your grades might suffer. Mine actually improved because I spent less time goofing off and applied myself more.

If you’re planning to study French Romantic Poetry, Philosophy, or such, then I’m not sure what you will be earning when you graduate. If you’re going for law, medicine, or engineering, then I think you need to focus on the study; not the job. If you’re broke, don’t go into a lot of debt and do the full time job and Gary North’s cheap college suggestions,

I think you need to clarify your expectations and then the answer will be apparent.



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YAHOO ANSWER: Per dollar how much Yen

Asked by “sooshians_1981”


Per dollar how much Yen?

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Dear Soosh_,

Use Google for all conversion questions.

Put in “Convert 1 USD to Yen” in the Google search box and it pops back

1 U.S. dollar = 121.285628 Japanese yen


It’s fish and fishing. Give some one a fish; Teach someone to fish! Now you can convert anything?

Hope this helps.

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YAHOO ANSWER: Why does it seem every new law seems to be taking away our rights


AmyB askes:

Why does it seem every new law seems to be taking away our rights and freedoms? Is this just in Maryland?

I just heard on the news the police have a new device that can see in the dark if a seatbelt is being worn and another new device that will ticket if following too close to another vehicle.(It measures the distance.) The police should be stopping violent crimes etc. Not sitting on the side of the road to ticket for a seatbelt. What next. We are already are on camera. The gov’t will know all one day.


Dear Ms. “Amy B”:

No, it’s not just Maryland! It’s the entire world, minus New Hampshire and certain revolutionary areas like Estonia, Poland, Hong Kong, and such.

“The slow loss of freedom was always justified in the name of keeping the people safe.”

When you look at the great genocides in history, you’ll always find that the was a government involved. Government, if it was a virus, would be classified as a “pandemic”. Humans are frail little creatures that survive by being able to think. We huddle together, organize, and prosper via a division of labor. One of the divisions of that labor seems to have been “leader”. Unfortunately, the minute some one becomes the “leader” they begin to feather their own nest.

A paradigm is consultant speak for a way of thinking. How you see things. We’ve all seen the optical illusions that require us to change our thinking to see the other side of the illusion. A meme, like gene is our DNA, is internet jargon for an idea that spreads like a virus. Government is a paradigm or meme that imposes on us by force. Because it has the trappings of legitimacy, humans defer to it either because of its power or because of their thinking.

Government grows itself.

Inexorably, like the blob in the science fiction movie, it “absorbs” things into itself. It uses a variety of excuses. “We’ll keep you safe” delivers us Homeland Security which is the prototype of the German SS where are your papers. “We can do it right!” leads to government garbage collectors. “We can do it fairly for everyone” leads to government education that dumbs down the future voters to stupid followers. It splits and creates more ways to “serve” you. You have 535 legislators, minus Ron Paul, in DC that are as busy as termites legislating away your freedom.

“The final tyranny was the end result of a slow loss of freedom.”

I had the unique opportunity to grow up around a family some of whom survived what they called the Shoah and we called the Holocaust. They described that every small step they could see the loss of freedom. Until, the last step was their being loaded onto the trains. The Father dispatched his children early to relatives. His wife took a “vacation” and never looked back. He walked to Switzerland where his childhood friend took him in and sent him to America as Swiss business lawyer. Otherwise, the USA would have sent him back to Germany. From him, I learned that any loss of freedom anywhere must be opposed vigorously. You can’t wait until they are loading you on a train. Every slight move in the wrong direction must be treated as if it was “being loaded on the train”.

How do we stop the trend?

One can move from Maryland, which like NY, CA, FL, and DC, is firmly locked into the Socialist Statist Big Gooferment paradigm. Liberty minded people are migrating lock, stock, and barrel to New Hampshire under the banner of the Free State Project. There’s no agenda other that “liberty and freedom”. Upon “landing”, the activists are organizing themselves “organically” without “leadership” in the things they see need doing. It’s a fascinating concept. If you don’t have “anchors” in Maryland, I’d urge you to consider it.

If you like me and tied down by family, a job, and “responsibility”, then you can “fight in place”. Like McAulife’s order at the Battle of the Bulge or Stalin’s order at Stalingrad, stop where you are and resist to the last. I like DONWSIZEDC. They are seeking to build a grass roots internet based activist base for small government. If we have to have one (and I’m not so sure we do), then a tiny one would be less oppressive than a big one.

I think you can support Ron Paul, the only true anti-war candidate. And, be vocal. Get a blog. Talk to your family, fiends, and neighbors.

The most effective weapon is laughter. The bozos in power, like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, can’t afford to be laughed at. It makes people not take government seriously. I use as an example, the tax on cell phones and telephone service. So wag started calling it the Spanish American War Tax. That meme caught on and I heard it called that on the Main Stream Media (i.e., I heard it on NBC). Several people told me. (Like I didn’t know that!) Everyone was chuckling over it and starting to get steamed about it. The Congress Critters and the FCC was falling all over each other to get rid of it. When was the last time you heard a tax being repealed? It was the laughter that threatened to undermine their cloak of legitimacy.

So make a joke out of it. Get your FF&N laughing at them!

How about “I hear the State Police has a nighttime seat belt checker, wonder if it can be moded to check all the politicans’ zippers? They seem to need it more than we need our belts checked.”

Make up your own. And, pass them along to me. Here in NuJerzee we have the imperial guvanator that says “seat belts are for serfs”! ;-) Speed limits too.

Let me know how you make out starting your own one-person American Revolution.


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Update 2007June17 Just notified awarded a “best by asker”. Basking in success. Resting on laurels. … nuff resting. Time to make another answer. Waz fun while it lasted.

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LIBERTY: Spending money is an election

***Begin Quote***

[QUOTE who=”Nanci”]Just proves that all we care about in this country is the MONEY/revenues and we’ll give up our freedom for the almighty dollar. [/QUOTE]

***End Quote***

May I humbly suggest that “spending money” is really at its heart an “election” in the marketplace. While everyone thinks “money is the root of all evil”, I’d dare to suggest that it’s about making choices, having needs met, and being “heard”.

We don’t have a national election about is Ford versus Chevy. We have a marketplace where some people buy Ford and some Chevy. In the marketplace it’s not winner take all. AND, one can only have money by serving your fellow humans. So you “earn” the right to vote in “marketplace elections”.

I hope this in some small way turns you away from the gooferment as a way to get our fellow humans what they need to be satisfied. Money is not the root of the problem; it’s the “lubricating oil” that allows everyone in society to have there perceived needs met peacefully. You can TRY to force people to do things OR you can offer them CHOICES.

Yes, I’m a libertarian, that wants the freedom to make the choices that I see fit. For me to have that, I have to allow everyone else the same freedom. See the hallmark of a bad idea is when I have to force people to do something, anything. If it’s such a great idea, then I should be able to convince you.

So let’s recap. Rush is on because people want to listen and patronize his advertisers. You are free not to listen. Neither do I, because to a certain extent, I think he’s anti-liberty. You are free to try to convince others not to listen. You are not free to FORCE him off by gooferment action.

I disagree that all we care about is money. We are, despite the HUGE tax burden of gooferment, very charitable people. Look at NOLA, the Tsunami, the WTC Fund. It’s our gooferment that holds us as a people back imho. And, our thinking that the use of force is somehow OK when the gooferment does it. “It’s for our own good!” Not.


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JOBSEARCH: STRATEGY self directed learning

STRATEGY self directed learning

Dear fellow turkey,

Articles : Personal Development & FREE Planning tool
by Mark Mortimer on 29-Sep-05 10:26am
The idea that education and training need to be lifelong processes is one that has gained widespread acceptance. We are all aware of how organisational structures and cultures are continually evolving in response to rapid changes in the external environment. Management constantly demands fresh strategies to meet the changing needs of our customers as they emerge. We have to develop new philosophies and different ways of working; we even have to learn a new language to describe the work in which we are involved

Business changes are now so rapid that unless we have a highly motivated workforce with skills to match the needs of our clients we are likely to fail. It is especially important for managers, who have development and training at the heart of their role, to seek to extend their own knowledge base and skills. This can only be achieved if we make people accountable for their own development aligning personal and company goals.

As children we learn by watching others and by trying things out for ourselves. This process never stops during our lives; we are all constantly learning as we experience life and work. The best person to help focus and direct the growth of your natural abilities is you, in a systematic programme of personal development. As a self developer, you will be unlocking your own untapped potential; not just developing, but learning to learn. You will also be acquiring skills which will enable you to support other people involved in personal development programmes.

In consultancy and service related businesses your people are your products. The problem is that, people development is not generally self directed and occurs in a fairly haphazard manner. We have little time or energy to apply the same standards of quality to our own development that we do providing our service to our customers.

Typical steps in self directed learning are:
• Assess your development needs
• Devise a personal development plan
• Continuously develop your own knowledge and skills
• Monitor your action plan and evaluate the outcomes.

To get the best results a support infrastructure should be made available for the learner and this can be best provided through coaching and action learning sets. Both these approaches focus on learning in the workplace which is a speciality of

Planning and Reviewing Your Development

Once you have pinpointed your development needs, the next step is to plan how to meet them. Drawing up an action plan will put you in control of your rate of progress and will ensure that you fit in your development with all the other tasks that you have to accomplish.

Like other parts of the personal development process, planning is not a once and for all activity but a continuous process of setting and updating targets, and strategies for achieving them. Once you have made an action plan, you will need to review it regularly in order to make sure that you are making the progress you desire.

For your free workbook on how to make an effective personal development plan please contact me on