YAHOO ANSWER: what would u do if this were u n why


Asked by pisces_dreamer06

What would u do if this were u n why?

basically right now im just turned 19. i work as a dispatcher making about $1,400 a month and will be attending college next semester FULL TIME. BUT this job just came up as a dispatcher for 9-1-1 making $64,000/yr thats about 4,500/mo. should i do that and go to school part time? oh im going to school for nursing but will be doing just my pre-req/general ed next semester.

what should i do and what do you think the pro and cons on it would be? thank you serious answers plz

i quilify for this job 100% and at my current job its a slow independent company where i have all the time in the world to study where being a 9-1-1 dispatcher is probally busy with little down time.


You didn’t say what you were planning to study, what you career aspirations are, and how important grades would be in your employment prospects. Believe it or not these should all bear on you decision.

I worked full time and went to school full time. Your grades might suffer. Mine actually improved because I spent less time goofing off and applied myself more.

If you’re planning to study French Romantic Poetry, Philosophy, or such, then I’m not sure what you will be earning when you graduate. If you’re going for law, medicine, or engineering, then I think you need to focus on the study; not the job. If you’re broke, don’t go into a lot of debt and do the full time job and Gary North’s cheap college suggestions,

I think you need to clarify your expectations and then the answer will be apparent.



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  1. anonymous says:

    Anything in law enforcement, military, security, etc… is very hot right now. Most everything else isn’t so hot with some exceptions (e.g. medical field for example). It’s all lopsided compared to when I grew up. At least I got to see what it was like and could be again (but probably never will be).

    I shake my head in sadness at the loss of freedoms that were forfeit just in my lifetime. We live in a tightly controlled “safe” society governed with zero tolerance strict punishment for the slightest offense (real and imagined), aggressive government, and an evergrowing body of legislation/law and law enforcement to see all is carried out in the new zero tolerance environment. I can’t imagine growing up in this day and age doing the sometimes dumb things teens do as they grow and learn from life.

    This is just my opinion based on my observations and I believe I can still express it at this time. And yes this observation is from a card carrying Republican, military veteran, who has never been in trouble in his life. Nevertheless, I post this anonymously. Did they pass legislation to make that a crime yet?


    Editorial Comment: No, but I consider it rude behavior to write and leave anonymous notes. It’s my “turf” and my rules. Actually the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom’s space. They grant me certain gifts and, within that scope, I regift it to you. If I wanted anon comments, then I’d have allowed them. The fact that one can do something, doesn’t mean you should. I would no more be “rude” to the nice guys at the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom than I would be rude to anyone.

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