YAHOO ANSWER: Manhattan College or CUNY City College


Asked by motahar_basam

Manhattan College or CUNY City College?

I want to major in Mechanical Engineering. I don’t know if I should go to Manhattan College or CUNY City College?

someone help, please.


I’m a Jasper EE Class of 68. I can honestly say I have never heard anyone complain that they didn’t get a good education at Manhattan. I don’t know about CUNYCC. I think that the primary determinate of what you will take away from your place of education is you, your attitude, and your willingness to do the “heavy lifting”. I do know that if you graduate from Jasper-land, you will find that there are about 6k of fellow alums who you can network with. If you are specifically interested in chatting up an ME I can probably find a dozen to talk to. Go up to any Manhattan Men’s Basketball game at Draddy Gym and look for a red headed loony cheering on the team, ask for Pete Sweeney (my cousin), and ask him to aim you at some MEs. He’s a CE but as past president of the alumni society, he probably be able to id one right there. I’d say that if you go to MC, you won’t be disappointed.



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N.B.: Before you go wild with excitement, not only was I the only one to answer the question, but I got the only vote for “best answer”. I’m ashamed to put that ten points in my total. But not too ashamed, in it goes. Hey a “best” is a “best”. This is the question that got me started “doing” Yahoo Answers. What an ego!

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One Response to YAHOO ANSWER: Manhattan College or CUNY City College

  1. michael says:

    CCNY CUNY BME is definitely a million times superior to Manhattan which is a private Catholic school charging much more cloak money yearly as tuition. In USA private schools are garbage for engineering because they have funds that are limited and misused always.

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