JOBSEARCH: Interviewing, no college degree

Interviewing, no college degree

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May I suggest that you have good reasons for not having a degree? You just can’t express them.

To get past that hurdle, you need to be ready for the question. Some acceptable answers MIGHT be: money (“my family was dirt poor and they need my help”); unnecessary (“sales doesn’t require a degree because there’s no Bachelor of Sales; should be; so I learned on my own”); or even temperament (“sitting listening to lectures and taking tests is not how to learn; I’ve done this on my own. See here.”)

Just as now there are “extension schools” that give test with credit for life experience, you need to have EVIDENCE that you have the equivalent. Use your references. Have you written a book? Articles? Love letters … … err, no that won’t work unless you Liz barret browning.

In getting a job, you have to engage in a series of conversations that fully explore what is really required, and what is someone’s nice to have. When I interviewed people, I used to take a College Degree as evidence of an ability to stick with a four year project, self-motivate, and convince a variety of people that the candidate knew something. Try the same tactic. Identify what the buyer thinks that a college degree means, and give EVIDENCE that you have that quality.

You do have a BRAG BOOK don’t you? For every claim on your resume, you should have evidence in your “brag book” to support it.

Note that “evidence” does not mean you saying “X” it’s something tangible that proves you have it. Think what do I show Judge Judy. “Dumb is forever”. So, if I put on my resume (heaven forbid! this is an example) that I am a Sudoku player, then I should have a blue ribbon prize for winning my town’s contest. The entry on the resume is a claim. The certificate is EVIDENCE. Me saying it in the interview is merely repeating my claim. How does the interviewer know you are telling the truth?

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