YAHOO ANSWER: What job should I study to do for the future?


What job should I study to do for the future?

I am in high school and need to now choose an area to study for the future.

I don’t know what I want!!

My interests:

cooking, nutrition, house decorating (interior decorating), music, sing, fashion, show biz, working with famous or being a famous person, being on the net, posting things i like on the net (like recipes and advice). etc.



Dear Ms. “Celebrity Soup”:

Ahhh to be young again and have such problems. Any way, some thoughts come leaping to mind:

(1) Doesn’t high school have guidance counselors to help?They have tests to tell you what you’re good at. I’m supposed to be a forest ranger, Texas ranger, or Ranger Rick … something like that. It’s a start. But remember it’s your life not theirs. Remember the Knight in the “Holy Grail” movie … “choose wisely”!

(2) Your local community college in the USA is always a great resource to chat with (i.e., nice people, good ideas, and not trying to sell you anything).

(3) Get a good general education. Unless you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or indian chief there’s no need to specialize too soon. Keep you options and eyes open.

(4) Avoid smoking, drinking, drugs, and debt. ALL of them are killers in one form or another. In high school and college my best friend was a promising injineer like me. He got involved in drugs and ran his motor cycle into a ditch while high. Killed himself. End of a promising injineer. Makes me sad to think of it. Don’t let it happen to you.

(5) Look about for opportunities to volunteer or intern. Remember you are not doing it for experience, fun, money, or kudos. You’re doing it to learn what you want to be when you grow up.

(6) Make decision based on “your boat’s waterline”. If a decision is “above the waterline”, make it quick. “Below” make it right!

(7) Don’t talk to strangers on the internet. And be careful who you take advice from. Free Advice Is Worth What You Pay For it. Remember the Storm Phillips TV shows? Even a knowledgeable internet citizen like myself is finding denizens on the net.

Let me know how you make out.

(if you ignore #7, then converse with some one who’s safe. Honest. I am. Trust me.) <<at this point, put both hands on your wallet, or purse, and run the other way>>

Good luck,
Ferdinand J. Reinke



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