YAHOO ANSWER: Free Advertising For My Purse Party Buiness

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Free Advertising For My Purse Party Buiness???

I’m looking for free or very cheap ways to advertise my purse party business. I’m looking for local and nationwide ideas! Any suggestions would be great!

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Well for under a fifty bucks, some sweat, and a few months calendar time, imho, you can get “known”. I’d suggest a blog as the underlying engine for your biz advertising.

(1) Check for an available domain name you like (www dot party purse business dot com), but don’t buy it yet.

(2) Get a free wordpress blog at Sign up as PartyPurseBisuiness blog. Or whatever domain name you decide on.

(3) Buy the domain name feature from wordpress for $15 — it includes the registration of the domain name. (How’s that for cheap)

(4) You now have a web site and a domain name. Use the blog part to put fresh content on your blog. Put something meaningful there daily.

(5) Use the static pages part to put picture or stories or prices or events out on your “site”.

(6) Sign up for the free Gmail for Domains and get email via your domain. You can be party.purse at pursepartybusiness dot com.

(7) Sign up (free) at the various blog directories.

(8) Submit to the search engines

(9) Use the search engines to “find” yourself which improves your site in the search engines eyes. :-) [That’s circular reasoning! By telling the search engine to look for me and finding it, it makes me more find-able by regular people.]

So you’ll have a professional website with up to date content for cheap.

Yell if you want help with it. And, let us know how you make out.

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UPDATE 30 May 2007 @ 14:35 edst This answer was selected as “best”. Happy dance time.

One Response to YAHOO ANSWER: Free Advertising For My Purse Party Buiness

  1. Jeannine says:

    Thanks for this tid bit – I am going to try this too.

    I am trying to get my business going as well that I am just now starting out with.

    Thanks again,


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