LIBERTY: I support the troops … bring them home now!

by Ron Paul
Before the U.S. House of Representatives, May 22, 2007


***Begin Quote***

It is conveniently ignored that the only authentic way to best support the troops is to keep them out of dangerous undeclared no-win wars that are politically inspired. Sending troops off to war for reasons that are not truly related to national security and, for that matter, may even damage our security, is hardly a way to patriotically support the troops.

***End Quote***

I agree 100%. Sound recall! (It’s a bugle call in the old cavalry movies.) Out troops should spike anything to heavy to move, and take the first thing heading home (i.e., plane, train, bike) or shank’s mare.

No excuses, no apologies, no plan to plan the plan.


p.s., And, I still think every politician should attend the funeral of every GI in their “district”! Maybe then it would sink in that this is NOT some kid’s game with the objective to fill your pockets and be popular. No, it’s deadly serious.

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