YAHOO ANSWER: Unknown mortgage? Sure possible.

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Can someone take out a mortgage on your home without you knowing?

I got a phone call, left on answering machine, talking about a mortgage. I do not have a mortgage on the home . I am just worried that someone could fraudulently get a mortgage on my home. With people stealing identities how easy would it be?

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ABOSLUTELY! One of the first indications of identity theft is when strange debts are recorded to “you”. In fact. there’s a horror story cited below. There’s a reason that most credit experts advise that you check your reports as often as you can. That’s discovery of bad things before they go to far. My credit card issuer verifies all purchase more than X dollars with a follow up call. Sometimes annoying but worthwhile. Depending up your state, you can get some reports for free, block access to your “identity” with a password, or other things that come with your location. As a NJ Notary, I am very sensitive to fraud. A notarized power of attorney is gold to a fraudster. I’d suggest that you guard your signature. I use one on “financial” documents and another as a throw away. That is when I charge at Home Depot, I use “fjreinke”. When I open a bank account, I use my full name “ferdinandjreinke”. It’s a little trick but I like it. Also, never use the same password everywhere. Also, when you give answers to security questions, lie. You have to remember your lies, but that a small price. I’d love to see the scammer’s face when he answers the security question “what’s your wife’s name” and gets told the right answer is the wrong one!


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thank you ev1 some really good info

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