POLITICAL: Is Bill Maher an undercover libertairan?


Bill Maher unveils his ‘Cojones Awards’ for those who fought against cancel culture mobs – and hands out prizes to Netflix for not canning Dave Chappelle over trans controversy and Ben Stiller for standing by Tropic Thunder

  •     Liberal comedian Bill Maher unveiled his new Cojones Awards on Friday’s edition of his HBO talk show
  •     The trophies honored ‘outstanding achievement in growing a pair’ in standing up to cancel culture
  •     Recipients included Netflix, Ben Stiller, Trader Joe’s and Cornell University  

By Paul Farrell For Dailymail.Com
Published: 08:50 EDT, 22 April 2023 | Updated: 09:36 EDT, 22 April 2023

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Liberal comedian Bill Maher launched the Cojones Awards, a new trophy for those who stand up to cancel culture mobs, on Friday’s edition of his long running HBO talk show. The award honors ‘outstanding achievement in growing a pair.’

Maher, 67, handed out a gold trophy of dangling testicles to Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos for his refusal to apologize over the controversy created by Dave Chappelle’s 2021 comedy special The Closer, which was criticized over jokes about the transgender community. 

The host congratulated Sarandos for standing firm as Netflix employees walked out of their jobs over the controversy. He joked that if staff didn’t like the content then maybe ‘Netflix may not be the best place for you.’ 

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While I don’t agree with his liberal slant, but with these awards he seems to doing the right thing.

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4/22/2023, 10:44:32 AM · 15 of 17

Gary from Dayton to tomkat

“Is this guy beginning to pull his head out ?”

Maybe, but he can’t pull it out completely because he will lose his audience and gig.

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Maybe he’s is either a concealed libertarian or just a liberal coming to his senses.


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