HARDWARE: It’s not the PC; it’s what can you do?


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Yes, we are entering a post-PC world. Tablets and smartphones are becoming more important… to sales. PCs are no more going to go away than mainframes did. We’re still going to be using them in offices and homes for the foreseeable future. They let us easily do things that we need to do every day that we can’t easily do with a tablet or a phone.

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I didn’t like Windoze when it started. I was a UNIX guy from AT&T. Then I saw the value of insulating Users for the operating system. 

Now, I just focus on getting work done?

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SERVICE: Google password change forced

Google forced me to change a password based on “suspicious activity”.

It gave me no further information.

Google doesn’t enforce three strikes and your out so what use is a password!

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And, next time into GMAIL it asked to verify a secondary email address.

Perhaps, three strikes and you’re out is coming.

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SERVICE: BUG HUNT! WORDPRESSDOTCOM prime suspect; ECTO secondary suspect

I lost content on my Jasper Jottings blog. The the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom is the prime suspect. But, it might be ECTO, my secondary suspect.

Only on Jasper Jottings. Happened once last week. Didn’t have time or attention to chase.

Now I do!

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Using ECTO, I posted a story on 7/10. “JBlogger: Stagnaro, Melissa [MC1997?] Cancer runner. Donate?”

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When I looked at my FEEDBLITZ daily email collection of stories, one was blank. So I recreated and reposted it with today’s date. It was blank on the site as well (so it wasn’t feedblitz).

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It happened last week, but I didn’t think to much of it. I thought maybe I screwed it up. Today, I’m positive, I didn’t.

I’m not sure it’s the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom that has a bug. It could be ecto. But, why all of a sudden, starting last week do I suddenly have a problem? I’ve been using ecto for a while and no updates. Whereas, WP being outside of my control, might have had a change last week. So I suspect, WP. No proof.

But, I’m on a “bug hunt”

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UPDATE: The the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom responded that the items were store blank. This makes ECTO prime.

UPDATE: Certain posts, prepositioned, are blank. That content is lost. Argh!

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TECHNOLOGY: WGA is one of the reasons I’ve left MSFT


Windows Genuine Advantage is still genuinely bad
Ryan Russell By Ryan Russell

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Microsoft’s system for validating Windows before users can download most updates continues to be a problem for legitimate customers and for Internet security as a whole.

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And, what exactly are you buying when you give Microsoft your hard earned money — either directly or indirectly?

Nothing. Potentially nothing.

For any reason at all they can “turn you off”.


Not for me any more.

I’m moving.

Glacially it seems at times, but moving.

To Linux.

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SERVICE: Yahoo BRIEFCASE service shutting down

Dear Yahoo! Briefcase user,

We will be officially closing Yahoo! Briefcase on March 30, 2009. Until then, we are offering you the opportunity to download your files back to your computer. You will need to take action before we close, after which any files remaining on Yahoo! Briefcase will be deleted and no longer accessible.

To access your Yahoo! Briefcase account, click the link below:


If you are a Yahoo! Briefcase Premium subscriber, your current subscription will be canceled on March 30, 2009. We will refund the unused portion of your Premium subscription, if any. The refund will appear as a credit via the billing method we have on file for you. So please make sure that your billing information is correct and up-to-date. For more information, please visit https://billing.yahoo.com.

For additional information or to review a list of our frequently asked questions, click the link below:

Briefcase Help

We appreciate your being a Yahoo! Briefcase user.

Yahoo! Customer Support

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Why don’t I feel appreciated? Demonstrating a big flaw in cloud computing. Vendors quit! Even if you’re paying them!
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SERVICE: FACEBOOK mistake documented!

One of my fellow alums posted a status referring to a link.


So I queried, an she sent back:


So, clearly, we have nailed a FACEBOOK error!

The same page shows her one thing and me another.

Love it!

Talk to me about “cloud computing” some more.

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SERVICE: CARDSCAN is down for more than 24 hours


Dear fjohn,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. we are still trying to catch up from the move Cambridge MA to Stamford, CT… We have done some major repairs and updates to our website recently so this may be why you were having problems signing in. I just tried and was able to sign in under your profile. It shows your 8100+ names are available .

Mike Bouffard
CardScan Support

[JR: At least, some response. Some warning would have been nice. Best, avoid it entirely.]

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UPDATE: 20090202 @ 0815 Back up; no explanation

And, since it responds, it fools http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com!

So much for “cloud computing”!

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