POLITICAL: Dependency programs are a moral hazard


The Effects of Dependency Programs: More Harm than Help
by Donlyn Turnbull

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Aside from the dire economic outlook, equally important is the harm social dependence is causing for people who enter the system and become stuck.

It’s not called “in-dependency” programs for a reason.

Whoever controls your money and your choices controls you.  And when you lose that ability, you begin to stop taking responsibility for your life. Dependency programs breed more dependency and can create the same psychological effects as people involved in abusive or other severely difficult situations.

Many people assume if you are in a bad situation you will do anything to escape it.  However, the truth is, “If you feel like you aren’t in control of your destiny, you will give up and accept whatever situation you are in”.  It’s the very definition of a psychological effect proven in the 1960’s by scientist Martin Seligman, called “learned helplessness”.

When people begin to believe they can’t help themselves they eventually stop trying.

The Administration is allowing people to become fully dependent on them for their basic needs like food and access to health services, even encouraging it. The more they rely on the Government, the more Government has control of their lives and the less people feel they are capable of escaping their situation.  Without responsibility and choices, they give up.

An excellent example of this was presented in a study in 1976 by Langer and Rodin.  It showed the effects of nursing home patients who were given responsibility and choices as opposed to those “where conformity and passivity is encouraged and every whim is attended to.”  The latter dramatically declined in overall “health and well-being”.  The study was extended to homeless shelters.

When people were given both responsibility and choices they were much more likely to find work and a place to live.

A continuation of the same study showed “increased-responsibility conditions” have very positive long term effects as well.

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I remember my Mom saying to me, when I complained about this or that, “Fix it!”, “Do Something About It”, or “That’s Not My Problem”. And, heaven help me, if I said I was bored. She’d find something that I needed to do. Later in life, when “stuff happened”, as it always does, she’d say: “That’s life; deal with it.” or “Well, what are you going to DO about it?”.

I’ve made many bad decisions in my life. Done dumb things for which a price had to be paid. Squandered tons of money. Burned bridges, spilt milt, and regretted so many missed opportunities. Some, due to NOT making a conscious decision, but many due to a deliberate choice. Good decisions go bad through what I’d call bad luck. But the vast majority of my “disasters” were of my own making.

(In writing this, I wonder what “choices” I missed completely. That’s not “shoulda, coulda, and woulda!” thinking. It’s just realizing that there maybe have been “hidden” options that I’m not even aware of or just didn’t see as a choice.)

I’ve heard this before form the lady who runs a welfare to work charity in Mercer County. How the State Welfare bureaucrats want their “Clients” to stay on the dole. She has to literally retrain people to think independently. She has great success stories which just proves to me that people are beautiful when they are free of these artificial constraints.

I’ve long thought that the Gooferment shouldn’t be in the charity business. Just prevent force and fraud, and allow people to suceed or fail on their own.

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RANT: No harm, no foul, no arrest!


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UNIONDALE, N.Y. (CBS 2) — He was arrested for protecting his property and family.

But it’s how the Long Island man did it that police say crossed the line.

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Not guilty!

p.s., I cced <an upcoming juror> who going to jury duty. Wanna get her conditioned to: “No harm, no foul, not guilty”! Just because the Praetorian Guard thinks they are the only ones who should have weapons, that doesn’t mean the citizens can’t have and use them. So who’s going to protect this man’s home if not him. Did they shake down all the folks threatening him? Bet they were carrying concealed! Sorry, but gang members do NOT need a weapon to scare and threaten me.

Gun control should be limited to hitting what you aim at.

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UPDATE: 2010-09-10


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The use of force in response to what law enforcement perceives to be a lack of force on the part of the trespassers in this case is a gross misinterpretation of the events.

A criminal does not have to have a weapon to forcefully enter a home and assault its residents, especially if the criminals number twenty individuals suspected of being part of a violent gang who are instigating the threats on private property.

In our view, the fact that these individuals were on Mr. Grier’s property, making physical threats against him, his wife and his children is reason enough for Mr. Grier to not only fire warning shots, but to take all available means to eliminate the threat.

This is exactly the reason why high-powered, semi-automatic weapons should be a part of every home defense plan.

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Well said!

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JOBSEARCH: An example of “Using Your Corporate Email”


How Not To Handle A Resignation Gracefully
by Jack McKenna on Apr 24, 2010

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I should note, that instead of responding, he instead removed my email account. Real pro of him. Good thing I forwarded it to myself first :P

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Now while the story is about who’s the bigger a hole, a fact which is debatable.

I would like to direct your attention to the email account. And, how fragile that threat is.


You should be EXTREMELY careful how you use any email address that you don’t own and control. You’re employer can nuke your email address on a whim as you are escorted out of their premises. Even your Internet Service Provider, whom you pay faithfully every month, can nuke you or change your email address on a whim. Sell out, buy out, merge, or exit the biz and you are the one who is screwed!

Your address book may go up in internet smoke in a heartbeat never to be seen again.

You try and find everyone who knows you by that email address. And, remember, you may not have given someone the address. They could have gotten it from a third party. Try and find those.

And, when you used that now lost email address to register for sites, you’re stuck with the obsolete sign on. And, don’t have a a password malfunction with the now defunct email address because you can’t get a password reset there. Good luck changing that old email address for a new one. (I’ve even seen a site restore my old one on me!)

Bottom line: If you don’t own your own domain, you are asking for trouble and the Universe will send you what you ask for when you can least afford it.

For a few bucks? Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: 7B$ for a worthless TSA?


Boys and Their Toys by Becky Akers

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In its perennial quest to justify its existence and the $7 billion of our taxes it annually wastes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is up to its usual tricks at American airports. When its screeners aren’t leering at naked passengers on millimeter-wave scanners, they’re manufacturing terrorists from innocuous Americans. Nor do these heartless bureaucrats care about the ruined lives that litter their wake. Neither kids nor US Marines are safe from their abuse, either.

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I blame Bush, a complicit airlines industry (They got non-transferable tickets and unloaded their security problem on the taxpayers), and the sheeple for the TSA.

Another “Post Office” but a very annoying one. I choose not to fly unless I absolutely positively have no other choice! I certainly do NOT volunteer for this treatment.

We have to emulate Ghandi and just refuse to cooperate with the Gooferment.


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LIBERTY: Imaginary property sparks a bloggers revolt

There is a new comment on the post “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (or, the Privatization of the English Language)”.


Author: James

“Riling the blogosphere is akin to poking a hungover tiger with a sharp stick, except instead of mauling you, it will leave thousands of negative reviews against your products on Amazon.”

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At risk of some type of infringement, (read the post and you’ll understand), this is a great realization!

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TECHNOLOGY: WGA is one of the reasons I’ve left MSFT


Windows Genuine Advantage is still genuinely bad
Ryan Russell By Ryan Russell

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Microsoft’s system for validating Windows before users can download most updates continues to be a problem for legitimate customers and for Internet security as a whole.

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And, what exactly are you buying when you give Microsoft your hard earned money — either directly or indirectly?

Nothing. Potentially nothing.

For any reason at all they can “turn you off”.


Not for me any more.

I’m moving.

Glacially it seems at times, but moving.

To Linux.

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SERVICE: FACEBOOK mistake documented!

One of my fellow alums posted a status referring to a link.


So I queried, an she sent back:


So, clearly, we have nailed a FACEBOOK error!

The same page shows her one thing and me another.

Love it!

Talk to me about “cloud computing” some more.

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