GOVEROTRAGEOUS: 7B$ for a worthless TSA?

Boys and Their Toys by Becky Akers

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In its perennial quest to justify its existence and the $7 billion of our taxes it annually wastes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is up to its usual tricks at American airports. When its screeners aren’t leering at naked passengers on millimeter-wave scanners, they’re manufacturing terrorists from innocuous Americans. Nor do these heartless bureaucrats care about the ruined lives that litter their wake. Neither kids nor US Marines are safe from their abuse, either.

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I blame Bush, a complicit airlines industry (They got non-transferable tickets and unloaded their security problem on the taxpayers), and the sheeple for the TSA.

Another “Post Office” but a very annoying one. I choose not to fly unless I absolutely positively have no other choice! I certainly do NOT volunteer for this treatment.

We have to emulate Ghandi and just refuse to cooperate with the Gooferment.


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