TECHNOLOGY: Why isn’t cable treated like the power company?

In thinking about the MyFy portable hot spot, why don’t we make telephone and cable like the power company?

The electric company has a meter on the side of the house. Just like water. Sewer is “measured” too. (Input = Output)

So why don’t we make the cable company do it the same way.

Phone has an interface box.

Why do we allow them to dictate how we use our “water”?

Why do we allow them to dictate what hardware we have inside our walls?


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POLITICS: Obama’s inflation will break the country

Obama’s Plan For A Debt-Ridden Future
By ERNEST S. CHRISTIAN AND GARY A. ROBBINS | Posted Friday, June 05, 2009 4:20 PM PT

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In effect, American families would over time lose an amount greater than an entire year of GDP — a blow far more severe than the damage being done to them by the current recession.

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Between debt and unfunded liabilities, we are falling further and further behind. Sad to say, we can’t even guess how much we pay in taxes. The politicians have succeeded in hiding and burying taxes in every conceivable manner.

When Obama’s inflation starts, it’ll be too late to react.

Gold! The ancient store of value.

There’s a reason that Jefferson and Jackson were against “central banks” like the Federal Reserve Bank and paper money. Those allow politicians and bureaucrats to hide the true cost of their evil deals.

Imagine how they’d be on the hook, if they could NOT silent tax every dollar in the world with inflation?

Like withholding and corporate taxes, everything gets hidden from view.

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