WRITING: Where2Aim (An Index Card Story)

Where2Aim (An Index Card Story)

She is a thin young blonde college student. Senior. Slightly shy. Built. Demure. Feeling her way in the world. Out on her own for the first time. Classes and the dorm were all strange. Some of the guys were nice. Some of the others on the hunt were threatening. She stuck to her pack and the scarier guys were moved on by the herd effect. Graduation and everyone went their separate ways. She moved to the City. Her own apartment. With a room mate. A girl, of course. Like herself, a recent graduate. “Madison Avenue” competitors in the same industry, but fellow travelers on life’s road. One of the “hunters” from her college days looked her up. She was uncomfortable with his attentions. Told him so. But there was no “herd” to drive him off. So it was not surprising that one night after the girls were asleep, he came “calling”. Silently he cut the window glass that let him into the kitchen. Like a cat, he made his way to her bedroom. As he turned the door handle, he heard something drop to the floor on the other side. He pushed in quickly! He’d expected to find her “take-able”.


She was upright in the bed with a BIG ugly gun. “HALT!”, she yelled in a surprisingly deep voice. He was impressed. And, somewhat scared. In the dim light of the bedroom, he liked what he saw. He always knew she had nice assets. But, he was turned off by her aim. A little woman had not aimed at the center of mass. Some what lower! He noted that her finger was on the gun’s frame, bent in a half-circle. She was no longer timid and shy. She was a different person. “ON YOUR KNEES! NOW!” He had a decision to make. That aim and that confidence! Mostly that aim. He had no desire to be a eunuch.


The Police Detective was finishing up the report. The “fun” was over and all that was left was the paperwork. “And, Miss, here’s your desk appearance ticket for an unregistered handgun. With Heller, it’s a very nebulous legal environment. We’ve had to take your handgun. A real beauty. Sorry we had to take it. You wont be getting it back. So where did you get it? It’s a big gun for a little girl.”

Her thoughts went back to a crazy uncle who had said some even crazier things. When she graduated and announced she was going to the city. He gave her a 1911, took her to the range, and instructed her on the fine art of trigger discipline. And instructed her where to aim. His parting words were “don’t hesitate”. She always slept with the 1911 under her pillow. Slept lightly, but safe. Like her uncle was there protecting her.

She locked the door after he left. Went to the closet. And, found her uncle’s range box. The detective didn’t know but her uncle believed in twins. She’d be moving home to New Hampshire tomorrow. She’d had enough of the Capitol City’s “protection”.


“But NOTHING reduces a man’s fear of being shot in the genitals. This point of aim seems to definitely get their attention, in my experience.” Massad Ayoob

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TECHNOLOGY: Freedom of the Press?

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Keeping News of Kidnapping Off Wikipedia

from ResourceShelf

From the Article: For seven months, The New York Times managed to keep out of the news the fact that one of its reporters, David Rohde, had been kidnapped by the Taliban. Days after Mr. Rohde was kidnapped in November, editing tussles began on his Wikipedia entry. But that was pretty …

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Doesn’t anyone think that this is manipulation of the news and casts a pall over Wikipedia as a “reliable” source?

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POLITICAL: DiLorenzo’s Laws


Thomas J. DiLorenzo [send him mail] is professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author

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First Law of Government: In government, failure is success.

Second Law of Government is that politicians will never assume responsibility for any of the problems that they cause.

Third Law of Government is that, with one or two exceptions, all politicians are habitual liars.

Fourth Law of Government is that politicians will only take the advice of their legions of academic advisors if it promises to increase their power, wealth, and influence, even if they know the advice is bad (or even devastating) for the rest of society.

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How about a Fifth Law? Government, and it’s use of force, is the root of all modern day evils. Government is the meme that kills.

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