POLITICAL: Can’t get the bad guys out of gooferment


ASHES TO ASHES: Democracy Is A Luxury That We Can No Longer Afford
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Democracy Is A Luxury That We Can No Longer Afford

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The time has come to admit that we no longer live in a Democratic Republic. The people of the United States are no longer sovereign. Our political and financial leaders make policy decisions that do not represent the will of the goverened. And to say that we can simply vote these leaders out of office—thus replacing the corrupt leadership and thus retaining the sovereignty of the people—is false. It is false because Democrats and Republicans are opposite sides of the same coin. Bought and sold leadership knows no ideological boundaries.

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I’ve been in the tax revolts and there is just no way to get the varmints out.

Politicians, bureaucrats, family, friends, and their toadies live off the public trough.

The only way is to shut it down completely.


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POLITICAL: France ponders a burqa ban: No cover up | The Economist

France ponders a burqa ban: No cover up | The Economist

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France ponders a burqa ban
No cover up
Jun 25th 2009 | PARIS
From The Economist print edition
The government takes on a “walking prison”

WHEN the French government decided in 2004 to ban the Muslim headscarf in state schools and other public buildings, it set off a heated debate over religious expression and women’s rights in a secular state. Now Nicolas Sarkozy has sparked another by calling the burqa, a head-to-toe Islamic garment, “a sign of subjugation…of debasement” that is “not welcome on French territory”.

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Wonder how this will play in America?

We have “religious freedom”. But, no overt religious symbols law, but will this stretch “tolerance”.

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GUN: Women’s rights


“The gun is the great equalizer. It is the only tool that puts a 100 pound woman on the same level as a 250 pound rapist. Women’s self defense courses, emergency call boxes, and mace cannot compare to the power of a gun in a woman’s hands.”

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Like: “God made men and women; Sam Colt made them equal!”

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