POLITICAL: DiLorenzo’s Laws


Thomas J. DiLorenzo [send him mail] is professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author

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First Law of Government: In government, failure is success.

Second Law of Government is that politicians will never assume responsibility for any of the problems that they cause.

Third Law of Government is that, with one or two exceptions, all politicians are habitual liars.

Fourth Law of Government is that politicians will only take the advice of their legions of academic advisors if it promises to increase their power, wealth, and influence, even if they know the advice is bad (or even devastating) for the rest of society.

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How about a Fifth Law? Government, and it’s use of force, is the root of all modern day evils. Government is the meme that kills.

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One thought on “POLITICAL: DiLorenzo’s Laws

  1. Greetings Sir,
    I just stumbled across one of your articles posted online. The before mentioned article expressed your view on the Montgomery GI BILL.
    I would like to think you as I am a recipient of the GI BILL. I thank you because you are a tax payer and you too subsidize my education.
    Not everyone in our nation comes from a privileged backgrounds as you yourself have. I served 8 years in the Marine Corps. I have led men in combat. I have been wounded. I have received a Purple Heart amongst other military medals. I did earn what money I do receive every month.

    Your paycheck is in some ways comprised of the funds that supply those veterans who use their earned privileged of attending school; or have you overlooked that very obvious fact professor.

    Why don’t you compose an essay on obesity in American academia?

    If it were not for the MEN of our nation, it’s weak (yourself included) would not be able to live in freedom.

    Seriously slow down on the big MAC’s before your next pic.

    Respectfully submitted,

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