TECHNOLOGY: The “iCosystem”? WTH it’s about creating “dead end” that are rich for Apple

Andrew McAfee is a principal research scientist at the MIT Center for Digital Business.

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I hope the vitriol and alarmism around the iCosystem dies down, because it’s not doing much good. Maybe Barry Goldwater was right that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. But crying wolf surely is.

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I could care less about the “iCosystem”. If Apple can con folks into paying a health markup for some dumbed down hardware / software platform, more power to them. (Happened to be at the Apple store yesterday, saw a lot of playing but not a lot of buying. Saw quite a few monitors being exchanged. Saw a lot of bitching about hardwre problems. Including me, with a defective Time Capsule. Saw two purchases. One cash and one credit card. Have to do a lot better to pay the rent, I suspect.) While if given one, I certainly would refuse, put it in the trash, or put it in the corner. But, why should I buy an expensive dead end on the Information Super Highway. It has just enough “features” to fool the technological illiterate into buying it. First, which model do you buy. Cheap “small” wifi or expensive “big” talker? You don’t get the ubiquity of the cloud without getting the talker. With only wifi, then the device is shown to be an “island” as one struggles to find free wifi. Not very “ubiquitous”. And, like a coffin, the “closed” nature of the beast starts to give you claustrophobia. Buy the WSJ, buy more apps, buy games, buy, buy, buy. Bye bye wallet. And, what do you have after all these “purchases” (Oh, I should say “licenses”!) when you can “lose” your access to what you think you bought. We haven’t heard that screaming yet. But sooner or later it’ll come. Nope, it’s a dead end. Designed to allow the old media to pretend to have adapted. imho

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