MONEY: Competing currency is an inflation hedge

Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan
by Dan Armstrong
Posted: 07.12.2010 at 8:13 PM

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Jeff Kotchounian says he’s used this Ron Paul half troy ounce of silver to get $25 worth of gas from a local station. While the government and banks don’t accept them, many others do. So why is there interest in these competing currencies?

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Pretty simple.


The Federal Reserve Bank is going to enable the politicians and bureaucrats to inflate their way out of the debt.

Of course, those on fixed income, the poor, and anyone with savings in dollars will be totally screwed.

A silver round may make the difference between eating and not.

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RANT: BHO44 on the View

As Beck says: “Makes blood come out of your eyes!”

Argh! cubed.

He talks about job creation, but ignores the uncertainty in taxes, regulation, healthcare, healthcare insurance, benefits, … … (why would anyone take on new obligation.

He conveniently ignores the end of year tax hike!

He ignores his promise of peace.

He talks about poll ratings and rightly says who cares.

He goes thru a litany of things he’s done.

We’ll see if it makes any difference.

He’s very telegenic and comes across as just one of the girls.

Unfortunately, he’s a politician and has trained in a “Jedi like” mind control.

Sorry, but I still see the guy who won’t release his papers, worshiped at Reverend Wright’s church, had a ghost written book advanced as his own, studied under the terrorist Saul Alinsky, and got his home mortgage from Tony Rezko.

How can you tell that a politician is lying?

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PLINKY: The No-Fail Way to Make Me Roll My Eyes

It doesn’t help that I wrote this while watching BHO44 on “The View”.


When politicians pontificate and tells about their “struggles”! These are well-paid rich, often from wealthy families, who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. And, they are going to tell us how they have had a “hard life”. Give me a break. I’d like to see lot less haughtiness and a lot more humility.

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SERVICE: Are all RX services this dense?

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From: Caremark

To: Caremark Participant

Date: Sent: 07/19/2010

Subject: We are about to contact your doctor for a new prescription – Case ID [#144609535

*** and ***

One or more prescriptions enrolled in our automatic prescription renewal program have no fills remaining or will expire soon. CVS Caremark will contact your doctor to obtain a new prescription for you. If your doctor approves the new prescription, your order will be shipped within 10 days. If approval is not received, CVS Caremark will notify you.

This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this message. The security of your personal information is important to us. If you have further questions, Contact Caremark to ensure a secure transaction. You may also call the toll-free number on the back of your benefit ID card.

*** and ***

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This communication and any attachments may contain confidential and/or privileged information for the use of the designated recipients named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this communication in error and that any review, disclosure, dissemination, distribution, or copying of it or its contents is prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by telephone and destroy all copies of this communication and any attachments.

*** and ***

Copyright 2009 Caremark All rights reserved.

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* 2 item(s) in this order was/were voided

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(1) This is sent to her on a closed web based email system. So why can’t I just reply to this message?

(2) How CAN it be sent to someone else in error?

(3) Why not just mention the drug and the doctor without making me hunt through their obtuse “portal” looking for it?

(4) Once an item is “voided”, it no longer is part of the “order”. (Argh!) And, “unfindable”.

Did ANYONE ask the Users of this pig what share of lipstick they wanted?


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This is what is wrong with Obamacare, and insurance in general. If I was paying the bill, then I wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to make the system responsive to our needs. Right now, the LAST thing I need is more irritants.

Argh! Squared!

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p.s., I still can NOT find what drugs they magnanimously voided for us!

And how can you copyright an email message? Guess they haven’t heard of “fair use”.

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We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. The reason you see 2 items mailed and 2 items voided is due to the prescriptions were entered 2 times by our pharmacy. The 2 prescriptions that were duplicated were voided. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

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TECHNOLOGY: As done today, electronic medical records are poor substitutes

Saturday, July 10, 2010
10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased
Are technological advances infringing on our right to privacy?

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Microsoft’s HealthVault and VeriMed partnership is to create RFID implantable microchips. Microchips for tracking our precious pets is becoming commonplace and serves to condition us to accept putting them in our children in the future. The FDA has already approved this technology for humans and is marketing it as a medical miracle, again for our safety.

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Two points: Obama’s health care is going to depend upon electronic medical records to save money. And, those same EMRs are going to make care better.

If the current crop of “Health Vault” type offerings — Microsoft’s, Google, Caremark, or WallGreens — are any indication, then there is a long road before they will see and “savings”. The systems are inaccurate, lose data, and are not ready for Prime Time.

The interfaces are rudimentary at best. And bad data flows from system to system. The consumer facing data capture are kludges at best and not descigned form a Human Factors pov for the fast, accurate, and comprehensive data collection.

If used in the real world with real patients, they are going to cost: wealth, time, and eventually lives.

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MONEY: One slug is as good as another

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Their warning came as new figures indicated there were £41 million fake £1 coins in Britain – one in every 36 in circulation. This is a record level and suggests that the proportion of counterfeit coins had tripled in the last decade. The situation has worsened since last year, when one in 40 £1 coins were fake. Experts and MPs said the level of fakes were so high there was now a serious risk that consumer confidence in Britain’s most popular coin was becoming compromised.

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There has to be something “funny” — funny peculiar; not funny hah — at the bureaucrats calling out that fake coins might undermine confidence in their fiat currency. <Just shaking my head in disbelief> What is the intrinsic value of their “real” fiat coin. It’s worth what someone is willing to give you for it. If it’s a fake, it’s still worth what someone will give you for it. So this should point out that there is no difference between the “Real” and “Fake” ones. Isn’t that “funny”? Like the stories of countries printing high quality fake $100 bills. Who cares? There’s nothing to be “faked” out of. When coins were gold, or even silver, there was something of value that you could be “faked out” of. Now one slug is as good as another. No?

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