RANT: Stop conflict let people educate their own children


Conflict and Class Integration in Wake County, NC

Posted by Neal McCluskey

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What’s the lesson here? The same one we should learn every time Americans fight — and they fight a lot – over their public schools: Lots of people want myriad different things for their kids — racial diversity, schools near their homes, specific curricular focuses – and government schooling simply cannot give it to all of them. That is why if we ever want real, lasting peace in education we must end government schooling and move to a system of universal educational freedom. It’s the only way that all people can pursue the education they want without having to impose it in on everyone else.

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IMHO the “public education” will collapse on its own account due to the finances. Like a parasite that eventually kills the host, so too the public education teachers union will kill the taxpayers. Then we can start over.

Why would a parent send their child to these cesspools? Remember the purpose of these schools! Cannon fodder for the army, pliable workers for the factories, and stupid voters to be led by the effete.

And, the taxpayers should be asking: “Why are we paying for your child’s education? We don’t pay to clothe, house, or feed them. We didn’t decide to have them. We get no joy from them. Why?”


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I’ve read some posts that people are able to fax using Verizon FIOS Digital Voice. I’ve had Vonage before switching to a triple play deal with Verizon. Now, I have Verizon FIOS Digital Voice.

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I have a traditional multifunction printer jacked into a fios setup. It works. If you need it, I can figure out how I wired it. (I just plugged stuff in and didn’t think too much about it. Guess heaven protects fools.) And, pass it along. I don’t remember DOING anything so I think stuff is just plugged in.

(As I remember, the FIOS modem has an RJ11 to my “computer room”. That’s plugged into the printer and then the “out jack” is plugged to a wireless phone’s base station. And, five wireless phones are around the house in various rooms. No science or thought put into it. I was just ASSUMING that it would work.)

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RANT: A good family serves as a prop for our Socialist President


Greek Theo Mastorakos, owner of restaurant, lunch with Obama‎!
Posted on 31 July 2010 by Apostolos Papapostolou

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The President visited Tastee Sub Shop, located at 267 Plainfield Avenue, and met with several local small business owners, including Dave Thornton, co-owner of eatery. Thornton and his business partner, Carl Padavano, met in school and worked in the Edison sub shop since they were teens. They opened a second Tastee Sub Shop together in South Brunswick, and Thornton opened a third location in Lawrenceville with his two sons.

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The President’s small business jobs proposal would provide smaller banks with capital and incentives to lend to small businesses to allow them to expand. It would also support state initiatives to make it easier for small businesses to borrow and create tax incentives to promote small business growth.

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As a long time patron, I’m sorry to see that hard working family used as a prop for our Socialist President. I hope they enjoy paying their higher taxes next year and the estate taxes when the Gooferment steals their hard earned wealth. Argh!

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FUN: Commenting on Key West Lou’s blog of his newspaper quote


>government doesn’t need to tell us how to save

Sounds like you have a spark of a “little L libertarian” in you?

Hmmm, how best to fan it?

Pointing out that the Gooferment steals from the poor to give to the rich (i.e., reverse robin hood)?

Reminding you that genocide can’t be done without the Gooferment power?

Demonstrating that “drunken sailors” only spend their own money, unlike the bozos in Congress?

Maybe pointing out that Goldman Sachs has already found a loophole and is avoiding the new “finanical reform” bill?

Nope! It has to be that the Gooferment has no role in marriage. It’s perhaps at best a matter for society to work out through the peaceful associations like Churches, fraternal organizations, or even biker bars. Gooferment’s involvement in marriage comes from the racist southern politicians and now is justified by “benefits”. Get the Gooferment out of the “benefits” business and it can exit stage left and leave the people in peace.

Yup, that HAS to be the “winning argument”.

MYOB should have been the national motto. And, especially, the Gooferment should stick to its two Constitutional roles: protecting the people form force or fraud.

Shall I send you a membership application?

LOL, there ain’t no little L libertarian “club”. Libertarians are like kittens! Hard to find two that agree on anything. But, in general, every one of them recognizes the right of the people to be left alone and figure it out for themselves.

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SERVICE: BEBO strikes out with me

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From: Bebo Service <service@noreply.bebo.com>
Date: July 31, 2010 8:31:43 AM EDT
To: reinkefj
Subject: New message from Jolyn Newburn

Ferdinand Reinke

You have received a new message from Jolyn Newburn on Bebo.

Please click below to read the message:


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Come play with me Jolyn Newburn

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That’s it for me. This is strike about thirty. I sent them two messages about it. No response; nothing done.

I’m too an impressionable fat old white guy injineer to be getting these emails. What it the old lady saw them. She’s be hurt.

I don’t need a start up social network that has NO standards.


I’m gone!!!

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GUNS: “Well Regulated” means hitting what you aim at!


Armed Citizens Prevail
Reprinted with open permission from the NRA’s American Hunter Magazine.

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When Michael Lish returned home to find the back door and a window ajar, he entered cautiously with his handgun for protection. As he inspected the home, a man dressed in dark clothing and wielding a sword sprung out at him. Police say the burglar threatened Lish and walked toward him. Lish fired a shot, wounding the burglar who fell to his knees. The burglar reached behind his back in an apparent attempt to grab another weapon, forcing Lish to fire two more shots, killing him. The burglar, who was on probation at the time of his death, was also carrying two illegally possessed guns, a knife and a stun gun. (Tulsa World, Tulsa, OK, 04/03/10)

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“Well Regulated” means hitting what you aim at!

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