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NATIONAL: Why do we suffer the UN fools?

UN committee calls for dumping US dollar…

*** begin quote ***

The dollar plunged today following a United Nations report which called for the greenback to be replaced as the global reserve currency by the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights (SDRs).

*** and ***

The dollar is being targeted for destruction because the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse in the first place want to exploit the crisis in order to institute a new global currency issued by a global central bank.

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(What side is George Sorros on? I bet he stands to make a pretty penny off this. He destroyed the Thai Baht, the British pound, and now is working on the US Dollar. Why don’t we have a Constitutional Gold and Silver currency?)

So why are we in the UN at all?

I’m not an isolationist, but have you seen who’s on their Human Rights Committee? Everyone who should be embarrassed at their presence! Argh!

We should withdraw our economic support. They want to dump the US dollar. Fine, we’ll help you start. We won’t give you any.

And where did the IMF get its start?

And, we should cut that nonsense off at the knees.

And, by the way, take your headquarters elsewhere. It’s disruptive. It’s corrupt. And, let someone else deal with their tin pot crack pot ideas. American kids trick or treat for UNICEF so that fat cats can get rich. Argh!

Get out of the UN now. Follow George’s dictum: NO entangling alliances!

It’s all part of that expansionist one world gooferment crap any way.

How does that Johnathan Martin line go: Makes no difference if I am ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or three hundred tyrants ten miles away. Or something like that.

<insert Google’s “memory”>

*** begin quote ***

Among the most famous of those witticisms was one Dr. Byles reportedly delivered on 8 March 1770, during the funeral for the first four victims of the Boston Massacre. Witnesses estimated that several thousand people participated in the processions that day, dwarfing even the ceremony for Christopher Seider. Watching this crowd, Byles is said to have asked a young companion:

   which is better—to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not a mile away?

That remark even got into Mel Gibson’s mouth in the movie The Patriot. But how reliable is the quotation?

*** end quote ***

Movies do have the power to inspire one.


Argh squared!

Argh cubed!

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INTERESTING: Doing impressive scary stuff for its own sake

FROM ONE OF MY HIGH SCHOOL CHUMS (N.B. ten minutes, SFW, in German)

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The following was produced as a commercial for a German heavy equipment manufacturer. You don’t want to be in the same marketplace with competitors like this.

The operator isn’t exactly a slouch either.

They didn’t tell us how they got it down

*** end quote ***

Very entertaining.

We, in the USA, have lost that “competitive feeling”.

Why did these guys do it? Who cares they did it.

I think it has to do with the feminization of our culture. Women’s rights has emasculated us. No one does big scary shit just for the sake of the adrenalin rush. Still still, be polite, don’t offend anyone, political correctness, graft, laziness, and corruption are the values praised today.


We should have rebuilt the WTC in record time with three towers, the middle one being a little taller.

We should throw out all these “leaders” an get some Pattons, some Jesse Venturas, some Reagans. To inspire us.

We have a temporary advantage while the Arab countries fight with one hand behind their back (i.e., they suppress their women).

We need to eliminate the welfare / warfare state and throw open the borders to anyone who wants to come here to work. We need the energy.

Drill, nukes, as well as conservation and new technology.

We need honest money to make this all possible.

Most of all we need to take back our birthright as “not females”!


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<Yes, dear, put down the computer and finish the housework.>

Argh! Squared!

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