MONEY: Who will buy GM’s IPO? The voters

Uncommon Sense
Obama’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment At GM
Shikha Dalmia, 08.30.10, 12:21 PM EDT
The company’s politically motivated IPO could jeopardize taxpayer ”investment.”

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The General Motors IPO, the second largest ever, is arguably this decade’s most hyped financial event. But it might also turn out to be this decade’s biggest financial fiasco. Its timing is driven not by the financial needs of the company– or the interests of taxpayers who are poised to get royally screwed–but the election-year needs of the Obama administration.

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And, we still got screwed as the GM bond holders.

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RANT: The bad conduct just keeps on coming

Belgian cardinal disappointed that meeting with victim was taped
August 31, 2010

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A spokesman for Cardinal Godfried Danneels said that the cardinal regretted what transpired at a meeting with a now-retired bishop and the nephew whom the bishop abused.

During an April 8 meeting, Cardinal Godfried Danneels urged the man abused by Bishop Roger Vangheluwe of Brugges to remain silent about the abuse until the bishop retired, according to a tape secretly made by the victim. Transcripts of the tape were published in the Belgian press over the weekend.

The cardinal “realizes that the whole approach, as it was, was not the right one,” said his spokesman. “It was improvisation.”

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Just like I’d never talk to a politicians and bureaucrats without my lawyer. (See example of “talking to politicians” results for Roger Clemens faux pas! See example of “talking to bureaucrats” results for Blago’s fate.), so to I’d never talk to any criminal without recording it.

The cardinal is now in a cover up.

And, as we are instructed by the “Rules of Thumb”, and Martha Stewart learned the hard way, “it’s not the crime but the cover up that gets you”!

Why would anyone suggest covering up any crime? Money!

We’ll have to see how this unwinds.

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5 American troops killed in latest Afghan violence
Aug 31, 7:37 AM (ET)

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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Five U.S. troops were killed by roadside bombs and insurgent fire in southern and eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the latest casualties in a particularly bloody spell that has left 19 service members dead since Saturday.

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Exit strategy?

Just leave.

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INSPIRATIONAL: Chinese should embarrass us into action

News: China Plans To Mine the Yellow Sea Floor on Sunday August 29, @09:33AM
Posted by timothy on Sunday August 29, @09:33AM

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eldavojohn writes “Details are limited but state media is reporting on $75 million being put into a new research facility in Qingdao, Shandong Province that will conduct research into mining the sea floor. From the article: ‘Scientists believe sea beds at a depth of 4,000 to 6,000 meters hold abundant deposits of rare metals and methane hydrate, a solidified form of natural gas bound into ice that can serve as a new energy source.’ The research center’s first goal is to do surveying and exploration with a new submersible named ‘Jiaolong’ (a mythical aquatic Chinese dragon). Hopefully these quests yield energy resources to meet growing demand for resources like liquefied coal in China.”

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So, why should this be “inspirational”?

It should be inspirational, because we should be embarrassed that we are so far behind. And, out of touch with reality.

Why aren’t we DOING the big things?

Venial leaders, lazy people, and an economy that is suppressed by the Gooferment!

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INSPIRATIONAL: John Taylor Gatto “schooling and education”

John Taylor Gatto: Here he is on the difference between schooling and education.

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What gets taught in schools:

  1. confusion — everything is interrupted
  2. class position evy fear – contempt — rigged competition
  3. indifference — lesson of bells — nothing is permitted to upset routine
  4. emotional dependency — surrender to the chain of command
  5. intellectual dependency — told what to think
  6. evaluation of experts of what you are worth
  7. you have no privacy — closely watched

Taught to be an Egyptian slave —- stones in a pyramid


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POLITICAL: End “benefits” now

August 29, 2010
One payoff to pass Obamacare not paying off
Ed Lasky

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We know about the backroom deals made to get Congressmen to vote for ObamaCare but there were also favors cut out for unions, drug makers, and even small business to get them to support the program.

Guess what? The “credit” offered to small business to help them pay for the increased health care costs-due to ObamaCare mandates- turns out to be not much help at all.

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Make a deal with the devil and don’t be surprised when you get cheated.

Not much to say, but dealing with the Gooferment for “special favors” isn’t what business is supposed to be all about.

Remember this whole benefits mess was created by FDR’s wage and price control in WW2. And, generations later we are still screwed by it.

Time to take some bitter medicine.

Phase out “benefits”.

Businesses should pay their workers their full wage. Allow people to buy “health insurance” like car insurance. THen it would be “portable”.

Perhaps then credit unions to offer group insurance to its members?


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TINFOILHAT: BHO44’s certificate

Obama blasts lies, disinformation

By GLENN THRUSH | 8/29/10 7:11 PM EDT Updated: 8/29/10 9:17 PM EDT

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Williams, sitting under a tent in a rain-soaked New Orleans, where the First Family commemorated the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, asked Obama why so many people were uncertain about something so fundamental as his faith.

“I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Obama, who took a deep breath to gather his thoughts when asked if the poll reflected his inability to communicate with voters.

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Excuse me, we didn’t ask for him to go around with his “birth certificate plastered” anywhere!

We’d like to see the REAL document. And all the other papers that have been deliberately concealed.

No wise cracks. Just release them.

Real simple. Ten minutes. We either have the Truth, or not!

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