TINFOILHAT: Amelia Earhart coverup by US military?

Monday, December 4, 2017


Amelia Earhart ‘was executed by the Japanese’: New ‘witness’ account claims aviation pioneer was held in Saipan before being killed – and the US military collected her body and covered it up

  • Bill Sablan of Guam said his uncle Tun worked at a Japanese prison in late ’30s
  • Tun said 2 American pilots – 1 female – were interned there after being rescued
  • That fits a theory that Earhart and her navigator were kept on Saipan island 
  • Tun said the Japanese, fearing an international incident, had the pair executed
  • And the US military retrieved the remains after World War II, but kept quiet
  • Others who were on Saipan at the time have related the arrival of the pilot 

By James Wilkinson and Emily Crane For Dailymail.com and Richard Shears for MailOnline

PUBLISHED: 17:06 EST, 25 November 2017 | UPDATED: 01:27 EST, 26 November 2017

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Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart and her navigator were executed by the Japanese government to avoid an international incident, and the US played along, a shocking theory claims.

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‘So apparently I think they were both killed in Saipan and buried there, and I found out later on as I made my inquiries that… after the war was over, their bodies were exhumed by an American military branch and shipped back to the United States.

‘Now where those bodies are now is somebody’s own question to answer.’

The Daily News suggested that they may have kept quiet in order to avoid an incident of their own. 

That contradicts the most popular theory, which is that she crashed and died in the sea on July 2, 1937, after noting poor visibility and her declining gas levels in a series of transmissions earlier that morning.

But it fits a theory proposed on the History Channel special Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence in July that Earthart died at the hands of the Japanese, and that her murder was covered up by the US government.

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But why?

It’s not like we were friends with the Japanese. We had just nuked them?

Why cover up?

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TINFOILHAT: E Howard Hunt’s secret diary in the JFK files

Saturday, November 18, 2017


No Smoking Gun? The JFK Files Are On Fire!
By Roger Stone and Saint John Hunt 
Stone Cold Truth
November 13, 2017

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E Howard Hunt’s secret diary

The missing handwritten “diary” of E Howard Hunt is buried in the October release of the JFK files.  This is only, I believe, a portion of his infamous diary, and not the entire writing.  As one might recall that during the first few months when the Watergate scandal was barely making headlines, there was a dramatic and dangerous campaign by Hunt and his wife Dorothy to blackmail President Nixon into paying money to Hunt for his silence.  In Nixon’s own words captured in oval office recordings to his inner circle, he stresses that “Hunt knows too much.”  How much did Hunt know and what did he know?  Nixon placed a minimum value on Hunt’s threats to go public at over one million dollars.  That may not sound like very much by today’s standards but by today’s standards, the 1972 million is now, in 2017, half a billion dollars.  To be exact, it’s $585.61 million.

So what did Hunt have on Nixon?  Well in the 9-page “diary” Hunt chronicles the Nixon approved, and at that time unknown CIA and Mafia plan to assassinate, among others, Fidel Castro.  Back in 1972, this was political dynamite and would have caused Nixon his place in the upcoming November presidential election.   Much of the “diary” is hard to read but I have worked out a great deal of what Hunt chronicled.  Money was paid to Hunt but in Dec. 1972 as Dorothy Hunt was on her way to Chicago to hold a press conference with CBS anchor Michelle Clark, the plane, United 553, crashed into a residential area near Midway Airport killing Dorothy Hunt.  Mrs. Hunt was carrying copies of the “diary”.  Officials placed the blame for the crash on “pilot error.”  On closer examination of events, it’s clear that the crash was deliberate.  The day after the crash Nixon appointed White House aide Egil Krogh (Hunt’s boss in the secret “plumbers” team) Undersecretary of Transportation, supervising the NTSB and FAA investigations into the crash.  One week later Nixon appointed his Deputy Assistant Alexander Butterfield head of the FAA.  Five weeks after that Dwight Chapin, Nixon’s appointment secretary became a top executive at United Airlines.  In the days following the crash Hunt pled guilty to charges stemming from Watergate and the blackmail threats stopped.

*** end quote ***

I never heard of a “secret diary” and I consider myself “interested” in the topic.

Seems like everyone is very quick to bury the stories.

“Move along, people. Nothing to see here. Go home, you looky-loos.” Officer Barbrady’s Catch Phrase South Park


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TINFOILHAT: The Las Vegas Massacre

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Why Has The Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared From The News Cycle?
by Tyler Durden Nov 2, 2017 12:30 AM

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It is without a doubt, our news cycle – in the age of 24/7 constant-connectedness – moves at a breakneck pace. With so much information and news reaching us, it’s easy to become overburdened and burned out on the world around us and the things taking place. It is true, too, that the mainstream media dictates what stays center in the mind of the public and what is allowed to fade away and be forgotten. It is of the utmost importance we remain aware – however exhaustive it may be – of stories that just don’t add up.

*** end quote ***

IF there were multiple shooters, THEN the Gooferment’s “safety” guarantee is WORTHLESS — as it always was.

IF there were multiple shooters, THEN ISIS has successfully mounted a terrorist attack in the USA — that’s a BIG first since 9/11.

IF there were multiple shooters, THEN the Gooferment and its propaganda media is exposed as liars.

Wake up call?

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TINFOILHAT: Did Hitler escape to South America?

Monday, November 6, 2017


How the CIA ‘found’ Hitler alive in Colombia in 1954: Agency was told about man with a VERY familiar face who lived in an ex-SS community where he was called The Fuhrer and given Nazi salutes, declassified files show

  • Declassified CIA report details claims that Hitler lived in Colombia in the 1950s
  • Phillip Citroen, a former SS officer, told agents the dictator was living in the town of Tunja, 85 miles north of Bogota, among a group of former Nazis in 1954
  • Citroen said the men called him The Fuhrer, gave him Nazi salutes and ‘afforded him storm-trooper adulation’
  • He even provided a photograph showing a man with a strong likeness of Hitler

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline
PUBLISHED: 09:10 EDT, 31 October 2017 | UPDATED: 09:46 EDT, 31 October 2017

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After speaking with Cimelody, agents decided to write the information into a formal report which was sent to their superiors ‘as of possible interest’.

However, the report was accompanied by another letter which says: ‘It is felt that enormous efforts could be expended on this matter with remote possibilities of establishing anything concrete.

‘Therefore, we suggest that this matter be dropped.’

Thousands of Nazis are believed to have fled to South America after the collapse of the Third Reich, including Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s Angel of Death, and Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust.

*** end quote ***

Given all the money that the Gooferment wastes, one would think root out ALL of these “thousands of Nazis” would have been a priority? 

Oh, I guess because they weren’t rocket scientists the Gooferment wasn’t interested. After all they were only war criminals and mass murderers.


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TINFOILHAT: The Deep State is exposed; what do we do?

Sunday, November 5, 2017


The JFK Files and the Real Conspiracy Against the Truth
By David Stockman
David Stockman’s Contra Corner
October 30, 2017

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If you didn’t believe the Deep State is beyond democratic control before, you now have no choice – not after the last minute mugging the Donald received on his way to releasing these ancient JFK assassination files.

And believe us, they are indeed ancient. Your editor was sitting in high school civics class learning about the difference between America’s open society and democratic government and the secretive Kremlin dictatorship of the Soviet Union when news of the Dallas tragedy came over the school’s PA.

Needless to say, the theory that the assassination was the work of a lone gunman in the Texas Book Depository, who fired three shots in 11 seconds with an 1890 vintage Italian rifle and hit President Kennedy from 265 feet was never very satisfying from the beginning.

*** end quote ***

It appears now to be “proven” that there is a Deep State. The failure to release ALL the JFK documents PROVES that “the Deep State” exists. 

It’s like proof of a black hole in astronomy.

The JFK assignation proves that the American Gooferment experience a “regime change” at the hands of Deep State conspiracy.

What do “We, The Sheeple” do?

As usual, nothing.

Now that we recognize that “freedom” in the USA is an illusion. And, we are “ruled” by an elite and it’s all an illusion like the movie “The Matrix”.


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TINFOILHAT: Time to close the CIA as a result of the JFK expose

Saturday, November 4, 2017


The Cunningness of The CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up
By Jacob G. Hornberger — The Future of Freedom Foundation — November 4, 2017

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Whatever else might be said about the assassination of President Kennedy, one thing is for sure: The cover-up of this particular U.S. regime-change operation was one of the most ingenious and cunning plots ever designed. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, given that practically from its inception in 1947 the CIA was specializing in the arts of assassination, regime change, and cover-up.

*** end quote ***

Time to shut down the CIA in its current form. Transform the DOD, NSA, and CIA back into a true Department of DEFENSE

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TINFOILHAT: “Las Vegas” conspiracy theories — looks like the “official story” is BS

Friday, November 3, 2017



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At this point it is safe to say that there was clearly something going on at Hooters during the Las Vegas Massacre that included injured or dead people and over a dozen ambulances pulling in and at least some leaving shortly after.

We already know that we have been repeatedly lied to about the attack but as the independent media continues to piece together evidence, the possibility that this was a straight up false flag terror attacks rises exponentially.

*** end quote ***

Comments? Certain makes a case that the LV incident was NOT as officially reported.

What is the truth? Darned if I know.

Just a lot of questions!

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