TINFOILHAT: RIP Caleb Swanigan; did the Covid Fax kill him?


Caleb Swanigan: How can a 25-year-old die from natural causes?

  • The term means someone didn’t kill him and it wasn’t an accident. It is common since the jabs rolled out for young people to die unexpectedly like this. It is only happening to the vaccinated…

Steve Kirsch

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Doyel: Purdue’s Caleb ‘Biggie’ Swanigan escaped brutal childhood, but story ends at age 25
Gregg Doyel
Indianapolis Star

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People are crying for Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan in West Lafayette today. People are crying at Purdue. People are crying on the south side of Indianapolis, which is where I live. A man is crying in the living room here. I’m alone.

We are emotional because Biggie was wonderful and because this isn’t the natural order of life. We don’t bury our children. No, Biggie wasn’t my child, or yours. But he was ours, you know? And he was so young. Too young, just 25, when news of his death was announced Tuesday morning.

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What does “natural causes” mean?  It seems an oddly more frequent occurrence that young healthy men just drop dead. Is this part of a large uncontrolled experiment on “We, The Sheeple”?

I’ll just adjust my tin foil hat and wait for the truth to emerge in six months.  That seems to be the lifecycle from “Conspiracy Theory” to “Generally Accepted Fact”.