TINFOILHAT: Is Katy Perry’s eye a vaccine injury? And who is preventing her from tweeting about it?


Is Katy Perry’s eye a vaccine injury?

  • If I had to guess, I’d say “yes.” Here’s my reasoning.

Steve Kirsch

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Here’s the story of Katy Perry’s eye.

Here’s the video… 16.4M views.

First off, let’s eliminate the obvious.

Katy Perry has a “wonk” eye, but it is her left eye. She admits this in this video from 2011. Now how can we be sure the video wasn’t mirrored and it’s really her right eye? We can ascertain this because the candy bar she shows at 00:35 into the video is correctly displayed so we can read the writing. So the video isn’t mirrored. It’s her left eye.

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If it was the vaccine, she wouldn’t be able to admit it.

The fact that she has said nothing about this on her Twitter feed is also very suspicious. Everyone is talking about this. So it means there isn’t an explanation for this incident that she is allowed to share with the public that the public will believe (that is consistent with what we all observed).

So I’m guessing a COVID vaccine side effect.

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Who would be motivated to shut her up?

Celebrities tweet about everything all the time.  Why not about this?

Who has enough power to get her to keep quiet for what ever it is and whatever caused it.

AND, if it is a vaccine injury, then we need to know?


SCIENCE: Is Tonga’s eruption a warning of more to follow?


AAP/Japan Meteorology Agency
Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next
January 15, 2022 3.04pm EST 
Shane Cronin, University of Auckland

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Volcano researchers call this “fuel-coolant interaction” and it is akin to weapons-grade chemical explosions. Extremely violent blasts tear the magma apart. A chain reaction begins, with new magma fragments exposing fresh hot interior surfaces to water, and the explosions repeat, ultimately jetting out volcanic particles and causing blasts with supersonic speeds.

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An interesting read which appears to be a quiet warning of bad things to come. 

If the “world” cares about people, (and we know that the Gooferments certainly don’t), then there would be some sort of universal effort to get these folks out of harm’s way quickly.

But, it’s not like those folks are “celebrities” or politicians / bureaucrats!


SCIENCE: Laplace’s ideas


Global Wave Discovery Ends 220-Year Search
An 18th-century physicist first predicted the existence of a chorus of atmospheric waves that swoop around Earth. Scientists have finally found them.

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Laplace’s ideas launched a centuries-long quest to find such waves. But the oscillations proved as gentle as they are giant, stubbornly refusing to reveal themselves even to some of the biggest names in the physical sciences.

At last, the search is over. An exquisite new meteorological data set has uncovered what millions of barometer readings missed: an ensemble of waves that race around the Earth, covering it in a patchwork quilt of high- and low-pressure zones. The detection is a stunning vindication of a vintage theory.

“This a really beautiful piece of work,” said Leo Donner, a geophysicist at Princeton University who was not involved in the study.

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Them Dead Old White Guys were damn smart!