SCIENCE: Is Tonga’s eruption a warning of more to follow?

AAP/Japan Meteorology Agency
Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next
January 15, 2022 3.04pm EST 
Shane Cronin, University of Auckland

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Volcano researchers call this “fuel-coolant interaction” and it is akin to weapons-grade chemical explosions. Extremely violent blasts tear the magma apart. A chain reaction begins, with new magma fragments exposing fresh hot interior surfaces to water, and the explosions repeat, ultimately jetting out volcanic particles and causing blasts with supersonic speeds.

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An interesting read which appears to be a quiet warning of bad things to come. 

If the “world” cares about people, (and we know that the Gooferments certainly don’t), then there would be some sort of universal effort to get these folks out of harm’s way quickly.

But, it’s not like those folks are “celebrities” or politicians / bureaucrats!


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