INSPIRATIONAL: Tourists self-organize a rescue

Moment beachgoers form a human chain to rescue drowning tourist from choppy seas in the Philippines

  • A man in his 20s was caught in a powerful tide on Binmaley beach on January 1
  • Revellers celebrating the New Year formed a human chain to rescue the man
  • The man was pulled to safety and was declared healthy by medics on the beach 

PUBLISHED: 04:32 EST, 6 January 2022 | UPDATED: 08:05 EST, 6 January 2022

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This is the heroic moment beachgoers formed a human chain to save a tourist drowning in the sea in the Philippines.

The man in his mid-20s was playing in the waist-deep water when he was knocked over by the powerful waves on the Binmaley beach in Pangasinan province as holidaymakers were celebrating the New Year on January 1.

Onlookers heard his cries for help and immediately banded together to reach the drowning man, who was struggling to stay afloat because of powerful tides.

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Wow, what a powerful example of spontaneous cooperation.

Safe a life; save the world.

No Gooferment; no politicians and bureaucrats, just good people reacting quickly.