GOVEROTRAGEOUS: All Religious Exemptions Denied

Marines Have Now Booted 169 For Vaccine Refusal – All Religious Exemptions Denied
SATURDAY, DEC 25, 2021 – 09:30 PM

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As of end of this week the US Marine Corps has kicked out at least 169 Marines over their refusal to get the coronavirus vaccine by the mandated deadline. This after the past week alone has seen 66 additional Marines discharged on top of the initial service members booted.

Amid the new Omicron fears, of which there may be a mere handful of cases across the US military, the Marine Corps said in a new statement that “The speed with which the disease transmits among individuals has increased risk to our Marines and the Marine Corps’ mission.”

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Sorry, BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), ALL the exemptions denied means that there were NO exceptions for religious reasons.