TINFOILHAT: Assertion that the Mob killed JFK


The most convincing account yet of how – and why – the Mob killed JFK: New film by relative of Mafia boss sheds fresh light on the President’s assassination nearly 60 years on

  • Mafia boss Sam Giancana controlled a criminal empire stretching across the US
  • His great nephew Nicholas Celozzi reveals all in his new film, titled 2 Days/1963
  • The JFK operation included two assassins Johnny Roselli and Charles Nicoletti

By Tom Leonard In New York For The Daily Mail
Published: 19:31 EDT, 15 July 2022 | Updated: 19:36 EDT, 15 July 2022

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Nah, I think the CIA and LBJ did it.  

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But while it’s hard to actually imagine any part of the U.S. establishment — even the spooks — executing a President, the Mafia sounds entirely feasible.

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This is just naïve.  The DEEP STATE has long had it’s own agenda and the power to do it.


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