Why you can blame crazy gas prices on Joe Biden

This July 4th, as you fill up your car or truck, you might be tempted to blame President Joe Biden for high gasoline prices.
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No doubt who screwing the poor and middle class and it is not Big Oil. It’s the politicians and bureaucrats pushing the left’s-agenda.


RANT: Walgreens “delivery” didn’t!

Walgreens <donotreply@rxorder.walgreens.com>
Thu, Jun 30, 3:59 PM

There’s an issue with your prescription, insurance or payment information that needs your attention in the next 3 business days so that we can continue to process and ship your order.

For further questions, please contact your Walgreens.com pharmacy at (877) 250-5823.*
Thank you,
Your Walgreens Pharmacist

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Placed an order for delivery. Went thru no problem.

Two days later an email that there is a problem. No phone call!  No real alternatives.

Call and after bouncing around, I got some one who explained they do NOT fill that type of prescription. 


Bottom line they really screwed me.


INTERESTING: Another question to ask about a future residence


Comcast-less in Seattle —
Jon Brodkin – 6/29/2022, 7:30 AM
Couple bought home in Seattle, then learned Comcast Internet would cost $27,000

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When Zachary Cohn and his wife bought a house in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, they didn’t expect any trouble getting home Internet service. It was only after closing on the house in July 2019 that they learned the bad news. “All six neighbors I share a property line with are wired for Comcast, but our house never was,” Cohn told Ars.

Comcast’s predecessor company had wired up the neighborhood with cable decades earlier and the ISP provides high-speed broadband to the abutting properties. But the cable TV and Internet service provider never extended a line to the house purchased by Cohn and his wife, Lauryl Zenobi.

Cohn spent many months trying to get answers from Comcast on how he and Zenobi could get Internet service. Eventually, he contacted his City Councillor’s office, which was able to get a real response from Comcast.

Comcast ultimately said it would require installing 181 feet of underground cable to connect the house and that the couple would have to pay Comcast over $27,000 to make that happen. Cohn and Zenobi did not pay the $27,000, and they’ve been relying on a 4G hotspot ever since.

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Not our first Comcast horror story

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Maybe the Comcast web site should not have said “available”?