RANT: Walgreens “delivery” didn’t!

Walgreens <donotreply@rxorder.walgreens.com>
Thu, Jun 30, 3:59 PM

There’s an issue with your prescription, insurance or payment information that needs your attention in the next 3 business days so that we can continue to process and ship your order.

For further questions, please contact your Walgreens.com pharmacy at (877) 250-5823.*
Thank you,
Your Walgreens Pharmacist

# – # – # – # – #

Placed an order for delivery. Went thru no problem.

Two days later an email that there is a problem. No phone call!  No real alternatives.

Call and after bouncing around, I got some one who explained they do NOT fill that type of prescription. 


Bottom line they really screwed me.


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