RANT: I’m sorry but that is a CRUEL thing to do to a young child; shame on Dad … and Mom.


Dad abandons son, 5, at school after discovering he’s not his father
By Emily Lefroy
July 13, 2022 1:23pm Updated

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A man in China reportedly refused to care for his son after discovering he’s not actually his biological offspring — and left him at preschool.

The 5-year-old, who is being identified under the pseudonym “Xiao Rui,” was abandoned last week by his father, who dropped him off for school per usual but failed to return to collect him in the evening, according to local reports.

Xiao had a backpack with him containing only a change of clothes and a mobile phone, reported the Jiangxi Morning Daily via the South China Morning Post.

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I always thought that Chinese society was more … … humane than this example.

I hope that the folks around Mom and Dad “instruct” them in the errors of their ways (i.e., ostracism; throw excrement on them).

If no one wants him, I’d take him.

Makes me sad.

Maybe the South China Morning Post should publish the parent’s pictures!