INNOVATION: Putting “nature” to use instead of chemicals

Duck alla Pest Control—This Horde of Ducks Have Been Protecting 140 Acres of Vineyards for a Half Century (WATCH)
By Andy Corbley – Jul 21, 2022

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An antique vineyard in South Africa has ditched toxic pesticides for a horde of hungry ducks, as they attempt to make their wines more sustainable.

In reality, Vergenoegd Löw, the wine estate outside Cape Town, South Africa, has been running ducks through their grape vines since the 1970s, but recently they’re trying to introduce this method of pest control to their industry allies.

The idea first came from east Asia where ducks are used to clear harmful invertebrates out of rice paddies, and it’s become so successful on the estate, that a quacking 1,600 ducks are used.

“I call our ducks the soldiers of our vineyards,” managing director Corius Visser told CNN. “They will eat aphids, they will eat snails, they will eat small worms; they keep (it) completely pest-free.”

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Now this is an idea that needs more publicity.  Like using goats in Riverside Park to trim brush and poison ivy.  Ot train crows to recycle aluminum cans.  I love when someone comes up with a way to harness “nature”.

I’d buy a bottle of their wine just to support the ducks.  

(Whom, by the way, are pretty funny in the video.  Who knew about flightless ducks?)