TECHNOLOGY: Car windows in a flood; a new Gooferment diktat

Australia Wants to Make Your Car Easier to Escape in a Flood
Steven Ewing

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What’s happening

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) will implement new safety regulations making cars easier to escape in a flood.
Why it matters

The rules would require a car’s power windows to remain operational for 10 minutes after going under water, making it easier for occupants to escape or rescue workers to get in.

What’s next

ANCAP’s new rules go into effect in 2023.

There’s a pretty simple rule of thumb to follow when it comes to driving in floods: If the water looks too deep, it is too deep.

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The Australian Gooferment want to make cars escapable. Doesn’t everyone have one of those windshield breakers on their car key reing? I give them to all new drivers and have them on my ring!

Depending upon the Gooferment for anything is foolish.

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Five bucks!

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