TECHNOLOGY: Car windows in a flood; a new Gooferment diktat

Australia Wants to Make Your Car Easier to Escape in a Flood
Steven Ewing

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What’s happening

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) will implement new safety regulations making cars easier to escape in a flood.
Why it matters

The rules would require a car’s power windows to remain operational for 10 minutes after going under water, making it easier for occupants to escape or rescue workers to get in.

What’s next

ANCAP’s new rules go into effect in 2023.

There’s a pretty simple rule of thumb to follow when it comes to driving in floods: If the water looks too deep, it is too deep.

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The Australian Gooferment want to make cars escapable. Doesn’t everyone have one of those windshield breakers on their car key reing? I give them to all new drivers and have them on my ring!

Depending upon the Gooferment for anything is foolish.

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Five bucks!

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INSPIRATIONAL: Who is allowed to control when and how I end my suffering?

Social Issues
My Journey Of Fighting For The Right To Pass Away Voluntarily 
Holly Warland
Community member  

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My name is Holly Warland, I’m 30 years old, I have Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and I have won the right to die. In 2021, my home state of
Queensland (Australia) legalized Voluntary Assisted Dying – a process formerly known as euthanasia – for people suffering from terminal
illnesses. I advocated and fought for this law so that I could control when and how I end my suffering.

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It’s a very sad story of what this woman is afflicted with.

I hope she finds peace.

With all the furor of Roe v Wade, this is a picture from the other end of life’s spectrum.

As a pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I think that the Gooferment, with it’s one size fits all diktats, is the worst way to “regulate” anything.  Life and death included.

With the proper safeguards, those in impossible situations should be allowed to “own their own body”.

Sadly, all I can do is empathize and send some good thoughts in her direction.

Dona Nobis Pacem


INSPIRATIONAL: A cave dive that could have been a disaster

‘The Everest of cave diving’: Australia’s most mysterious cave system and the incredible story of how an expedition survived after being trapped for 27 hours

  • diver Andrew Wight led an expedition to the Pannikin Plains cave system
  • The area is in the Nullarbor Plain, a vast desert which sits atop limestone bedrock
  • While exploring the caves a storm swept in and caused the entrance to collapse
  • His team was trapped

underground until a daring rescue mission saved them

PUBLISHED: 20:37 EST, 22 January 2022 | UPDATED: 20:37 EST, 22 January 2022

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Deep below the Australian Outback are some of the largest and most mysterious cave systems on Earth – where a team of explorers once miraculously survived after being trapped for 27 hours by an avalanche.

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Read this and see the pictures to get a sense of the danger and drama.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: End the Scamdemic “Covid is unlikely to ever go away”

End Covid Repression, Let Life Resume
John Stossel 

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Parts of America still demand that kids and vaccinated adults wear masks, even outdoors. Australia and China enforce even more tyrannical lockdowns. But now that vaccines protect most of us from serious Covid reactions, continuing such mandates is cruel.
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Denmark realizes that. They recently ended ALL their Covid restrictions.

“Go Denmark. We in the United States should do the same,” Economist Don Boudreaux says. The costs of restrictions now dramatically outweigh the benefits.

“We reduced COVID, through vaccination, to a fairly mild ailment,” Boudreaux tells me. “We don’t have to continue to upend human life in our quest to eliminate COVID, which can’t happen anyway.”

Covid is unlikely to ever go away. Even if all humans became free of Covid, Boudreaux points out, the virus can still live in animals. Humanity has never eradicated a virus that can live in both animals and humans.

As Denmark and other Europeans countries show, normal life can go on. Let people LIVE.

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Sic semper tyranis!

Let’s put the tyrants back in the asylum they belong in.  Or the dust bin of history.

“We, The Sheeple” are now smarter about being SCAMMED or PANICKED into giving up their liberties.

But the Aussie with they still had their guns.

“From my cold dead hands!”


INTERESTING: The ‘dingo baby’ case; it was a dingo!

Australia inquest hopes to solve 1980 mystery ‘dingo baby’ case
By staff and news services

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SYDNEY — A coroner on Friday opened Australia’s fourth inquest into the most notorious and bitterly controversial legal drama in the nation’s history: the 1980 death of a 9-week-old baby whose parents say was taken by a dingo from her tent in the Australian Outback.

Azaria Chamberlain’s mother, Lindy, was convicted and later cleared of murdering her and has always maintained that a wild dog took the baby. She and her ex-husband, Michael Chamberlain, are hoping fresh evidence they have gathered about dingo attacks on children will convince Northern Territory Coroner Elizabeth Morris and end relentless speculation that has followed them for 32 years.

Anne Lade, a former police officer hired by the court to investigate the case, told a packed courtroom at the Darwin Magistrates Court in the Northern Territory that in the years since Azaria disappeared, there have been numerous dingo attacks on humans, some of them fatal.

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Sad for this poor mom who was vilified in the press.

The world is a dangerous place for hairless, slow, “stupid” bi-pod humans. I’ll beat my drum about “guns” being the big equalizer. Every man, woman, and child should be packing. We’ve become so complacent that we presume we have a “divine right” to survival. Foolish people wander around the planet and don’t understand how fragile life is.


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