TINFOILHAT: Is the “deep state” getting rid of Joe in order to have “their” candidate run?


Is the Deep State Coming After Joe Biden?
By Josh Hammer
January 13, 2023

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But obvious similarities — hence, Biden’s egregious hypocrisy stemming from his earlier attempt to seize a moral high ground — in these situations aside, there are some crucial differences. Those differences do not reflect well on the current White House occupant.

By far the most important difference is the constitutional distinction in the statuses of the two men at the center of this two-pronged saga: Donald Trump was president of the United States, while Joe Biden was merely vice president of the United States during the time that he absconded with classified documents.

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Whenever the “corporate media” “breaks” an old story (i.e., this was known to them BEFORE the midterm elections), one has to ask “why now?”.

Cui Bono.

Has the Deep State selected his replacement and must “clear the decks” for their preferred candidate?

Is it Kamala, or (imho) the more likely Michelle Obama?

It has been rumored that BHO44 is running the Presidency via Susan Rice.  Will this now be “simplified” by just put in Michelle in the Presidency?

Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “TINFOILHAT: Is the “deep state” getting rid of Joe in order to have “their” candidate run?

  1. Thanks for the comment. I think the “deep state” is real and it is a label for the semi-permanent administrative state that underlies the politicians. These bureaucrats — think J. Edgar Hoover — have the “dirt” on everyone and can’t be “rooted out”. Not sure how the USA regains its freedom. The Trump election caught them by surprise and they weren’t going to let it happen again. Argh!

  2. Not sure I agree with all the particulars o your analysis (for one thing… I think the Trump election, whether one likes him or not, seems in my view to have put to rest a lot of the concerns about the power of of “The Deep State”.) but you it’ll certainly be interesting to see how it plays out.

    Re Prez vs. Vice Prez taking docs home: Actually I’d be more inclined to forgive a Prez. A President might be making important decisions the following day and want to look docs over before going to bed. A Veep doesn’t have as strong an excuse in that direction. A Prez would also have (or at least would reasonably “feel” they have) more “authority” to skirt the edges of a rulebook in something like that when it came to doing their job.

    – MJM, wintering it out in Philadelphia….

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