RANT: AMAZON PHARMACY like Hotel California — you can check in but not out!


Amazon Pharmacy Virtual Assistant

Hi there. A few things to mention before we connect you with an Amazon Pharmacy Customer Care agent…

12:48 PM

Need to speak with a pharmacist? Call 855-745-5725. Our pharmacists are available 24/7…

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 12:48 PM


Amazon Pharmacy Virtual Assistant

When typing your questions or responses, be sure you don’t include any personal or sensitive information…

12:48 PM

The current wait time to chat with an Amazon Pharmacy Customer Care agent is minutes. If waiting isn’t possible—and we’re sorry for the inconvenience—you can call us now at 855-745-5725.

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Only an on-ramp.  Second RX I entered, they couldn’t include it.  Nor match my insurance price.

Then there was no obvious way to cancel.

After 45 minutes on hold by phone and same waiting for chat with agent, I found away.  GO to change your credit card and there’s an option to cancel;

I urge you to consider NOT getting involved with it.  Like PillPack, it just didn’t work as advertised.