POLITICAL:A framework for dealling with illegal aliens


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US citizens get chance to play role in resettling refugees

1/20/2023, 11:45:23 AM · 30 of 30

Rurudyne to Oldeconomybuyer

No refugees. Deport all the illegals. Close the doors for a decade.

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I’d start with all the CRIMINAL illegals. 

Parole all non-criminal aliens pursuant to good behavior.

Dreamers (aka, those who were brought in illegally as children) get special consideration and put on a path to citizenship (i.e., stay clean and out of trouble).

For States or other Gooferment unit that declare themselves as sanctuaries, no Federal funds for any purpose. 

If they’d like to secede, let them. 

When we run out of criminal illegals, then reassess the situation.