VOCABULARY: Deadnaming

Deadnaming is the act of referring to a transgender or non-binary person by a name they used prior to transitioning, such as their birth name. Deadnaming may be unintentional, or a deliberate attempt to deny, mock or invalidate a person’s gender identity.

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Never heard this before.


INTERESTING: History is unreliable; the further back in history we go, the more unreliable it is


The Past, Present and Future of Gold
Posted on February 16, 2023

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A few things about history have to be said before delving deep into it. We’ll avoid Napoleon’s quote and instead say that history should be taken with a grain of salt. And we generally have a worse idea of what transpired the further we go back, especially when talking centuries.

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This really casts doubt on everything we think we “know” as history.  What is a metric for the degradation in “history”?  Is it 1% per year or 5%?  Or does it vary with the topic being remembered?



DISCOURAGING: Seems that almost ⅓ of the population has left the workforce

Adding a new category: DISCOURAGING!  Because a lot of the news is just that.


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There is a monthly government statistic called U-6 and another metric called Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate. These two stats, added to the official Unemployment rate, reveal another estimated 12 million unemployed or underemployed individuals over and above the official stats. Another important metric is people who could work but choose not to do so. Yes, the government keeps that number as well.

When you combine all these numbers, you approach 100 million people who don’t work for a variety of reasons. That number has risen by about 35 million in the last ten years.

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How can the USA survive if there are no willing workers?


INSPIRATIONAL: A doctor’s curiosity leads to a new approach; can we learn from it?


CNA Insider
Christy Yip @ChristyYipCNA
Jinee Chen
19 Feb 2023 06:15AM (Updated: 19 Feb 2023 06:26AM)

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  • Alcoholics kept returning to A&E in this hospital. So a medical team chose to help them at home
  • Is going cold turkey the way to tackle alcoholism? For some patients, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital advocates a different approach by, for example, encouraging them to reduce their intake rather than harp on abstinence.
  • Alcoholics kept returning to A&E in this hospital. So a medical team chose to help them at home
  • The KTPH team helps patients achieve their personal goals, rather than focusing on their addiction.
  • One patient used to drink nine cans of beer a day. The team helped her drop to three — through a badminton game with her family.
  • Visits to the emergency department from these patients have dropped by more than half since the programme began in 2020.

SINGAPORE: Emergency physician Desmond Mao has encountered many a drunkard. At work, the protocol was to treat their physical ailments and send them home with a referral to an addictions specialist.

Outside of work, he used to give them a wide berth. Like most people, perhaps, he “didn’t want any trouble”, he said.

But these days, his nonchalance has turned to curiosity. It was propelled by a nagging problem in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s (KTPH)’s emergency department, where he has been practising for some 12 years: The same patients with alcohol misuse kept returning.

These patients could come in with chest or leg pains — symptoms of overdrinking — or could be brought in by paramedics because they were on the streets, flat-out drunk. Sometimes they were “rowdy” and caused the department “a bit of grief”.

After discharge, some would “come back straight away,” said Mao. “Some of them even come back two to three times a day.”

In 2017, he was tasked to look into the issue.

Indeed, a study published in the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs found that between 2007 and 2016, the rate of alcohol-related emergency department visits across Singapore’s hospitals had increased by 62.4 per cent.

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Human beings are incredibly complex and twisted walking and talking “problems”.

Here’s fellow, who curiosity, leads to “gold”  —  a new approach.

I hope that we can learn from this and get a new strategy and some tactics to solve “homelessness”, drug addiction, and substance abuse.


VETERANS: 85 KIAs identified from WWII; Requiescat In Pacem



An American submarine that went missing in World War II is found off of Japan’s coast
February 19, 20235:00 AM ET
Emma Bowman

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The wreckage of a U.S. submarine from World War II was found off the coast of Hokkaido in northern Japan — after disappearing almost 80 years ago.

The USS Albacore, credited with sinking at least 10 enemy vessels during the war, was found by the University of Tokyo’s Tamaki Ura and positively identified by the Naval History and Heritage Command, the Navy said on Thursday.

Albacore was long assumed to be lost forever. According to Japanese records, the submarine, with a crew of 85 men on board, likely struck a mine just off the shore of Hokkaido on Nov. 7, 1944, the NHHC said.

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Sad, but at least they are “found”.  The cost of war just keeps on growing.


INSPIRATIONAL: Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt “I’ve got too much to do.”


At 103, Sister Jean publishes memoir of faith and basketball

  • Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, the Loyola University men’s basketball chaplain and school celebrity, sits for a portrait in The Joseph J. Gentile Arena, on Monday, Jan. 23, 2023, in Chicago. The beloved Catholic nun captured the world’s imagination and became something of a folk hero while supporting the Ramblers at the NCAA Final Four in 2018. (AP Photo/Jessie Wardarski)

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CHICAGO (AP) — At age 103, Sister Jean awakes daily at 5 a.m. She sits up quickly to avoid going to sleep again — “I’ve got too much to do,” she says. After prayers for the day ahead, she reads the Gospel on her tablet.

“I guess there aren’t too many 103-year-old nuns using iPads these days – there aren’t too many 103-year-olds, period,” she writes in her memoir that will be published Feb. 28. “But I’m pretty comfortable with modern technology. I’ve always said, ‘If you’re not moving forward, you’re going to get left behind real quick.’ Adaptability is my superpower.”

In “Wake Up with Purpose: What I’ve Learned in My First Hundred Years,” Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt tells her life story, offers spiritual guidance and shares some of the lessons she’s learned.

The beloved Catholic nun captured the sports world’s imagination and became something of a folk hero as the chaplain for the Loyola Chicago men’s basketball team that reached the NCAA Final Four in 2018. 

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While I’m feeling my age, she inspires me to get moving. 

‘If you’re not moving forward, you’re going to get left behind real quick.’

Should be on a motivational poster.


INNOVATION: Autonomous self-burying seed carriers for aerial seeding

1440 Daily Digest <DailyDigest@email.join1440.com> 

> Engineers develop robotic wooden seed carriers that mimic self-burying seeds, enabling aerial seeding of hard-to-reach areas (More, w/video)


 2,639 views Premiered Feb 15, 2023

Nature. Issue Feb 16, 2023. Cover story.

Link to the paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s4158…

Project page: https://www.morphingmatter.cs.cmu.edu…

Read the paper for free online: https://rdcu.be/c5HBn


Agriculture and reforestation: Bioinspired seed carrier improves on nature.

Aerial seeding is a crucial way to cover large and otherwise inaccessible areas, and can facilitate post-fire reforestation or wildland restoration. However, when a seed lies on the surface, it can be damaged by weather conditions or eaten by wildlife, resulting in low germination rates. Seeds of various grass species can self-bury, an ability that would be advantageous if applied to different seed types.

A new biodegradable seed carrier design inspired by the self-drilling behaviour of Erodium seeds is described in a paper in Nature. The seed carrier has a higher implantation success rate than that of Erodium seeds. This technology may improve the effectiveness of aerial seeding to address agricultural and environmental stresses in degraded regions.

Authors: Danli Luo, Aditi Maheshwari, Andreea Danielescu, Jiaqi Li, Yue Yang, Ye Tao, Lingyun Sun, Dinesh K. Patel, Guanyun Wang*, Shu Yang*, Teng Zhang*, Lining Yao*. 

Collaborative Institutes: 

  • Morphing Matter Lab, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University 
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Accenture Labs
  • Zhejiang University

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Wow, what feat of engineering.  Very impressive.  A six minute video is worth watching.  

How little we know and how little we exploit what is from of our eye.

Trees on Mars is a little farfetched, but for reforestation it seems unbelievable.

I see the list of Gooferment grants funding this and unlike most of the ridiculed one (like why do fish mate), this one seems like a real winner.

Guess that excuses at least 100 boondoggles.


GOVERNACIDE: They failed to defeat a bunch of goat herders and tribesmen, buit can tell Ukraine how to fight Russia


Public Display of the Gross Incompetence of U.S. and NATO Military Leaders
14 February 2023 by Larry Johnson 

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The audacity of these two failed military leaders to pretend they are qualified to offer advice to Ukraine on how to fight a first world military when their own dismal military records show they failed to defeat a bunch of goat herders and tribesmen that had no combat air, no helicopters and no artillery is the definition of chutzpah. It would be funny were it not for the slaughter underway in Ukraine.

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The events leading up to the Russian incursion are ALL poking the bear.

Perhaps one reason, that the USA urge Ukraine to fight, was to keep the financial Biden records and the various USA funded bio labs concealed.

Blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline was designed to keep Germany in line with the war policy and keep Russia from the gas revenue.

Risking WW3 may make sense to the politicians and bureaucrats, but not to me.


INSPIRATIONAL: The law of Karma?


5-Year-old Who Emptied Piggybank for Earthquake Relief Now Wins $48Mil Lottery Jackpot at 18
By Andy Corbley – Feb 8, 2023 

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A delightful story from northern Ontario saw a 5-year-old girl’s good Karma wait 13 years to reward her.

Juliette Lamour won the state’s second-largest lottery jackpot in history, CAD$48 million, on her first-ever try. Local news from her home city of Sault Saint Marie revealed a touching side of the story—that at 5 years old Lamour made a very big act of charity, and the suggestion that her generosity has been rewarded is impossible to resist making.

It was 2010 and the island nation of Haiti had just been ravaged by an earthquake. Aid organizations from across the world rushed to help the people of the obliterated country stabilize and recover.

At the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds hockey team ice rink a branch of the Canadian Red Cross had set up a table to help raise money for Haiti, and Juliette and her sister Sophie were determined to help.

They upturned their big pink sharing piggy bank that day, out of which came $61.38.

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We deal with a lotta “laws” in our lifetimes.  I differentiate between man-made “laws” that I call diktats and the natural “laws” of the universe like gravity.

Here we have an example of a “weak” natural law, the Law of Karma.  The wheel goes around and what you send out come around.  Sometimes if you send out “bad”, it comes around to bite you in the butt.  But, like this example, it comes back around a bestows a 782013.685239 * 61.38 reward.  

“Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters “meaningtto do something kind or good without expecting anything in return.  If you cast your bread upon the waters, you do good deeds for others without expecting anything in return.

Here is a reminder.


CRYPTO: Britcoin ain’t bitcoin, but is a shot across the bow of personal liberty


The tyranny of digital currencies
Central banks are creating their own surveillance state

BY Thomas Fazi 

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Should we really be surprised that the Treasury and Bank of England are exploring whether to launch a state-issued digital pound? Sunak, after all, was the chancellor who first floated the idea of backing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) — already dubbed “Britcoin”. Nor was he alone: 11 countries, including China, Nigeria, The Bahamas and Jamaica, have already launched their own digital currencies, while more than 100 others, representing over 95% of global GDP, are deciding whether to follow suit. In the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has launched a pilot programme; the European Central Bank hopes to make a decision about the creation of a digital euro this autumn.

One might think that, amid a global cost-of-living crisis, these bodies would have other, more pressing concerns. But central bankers are never ones to miss an opportunity — and in fractious times like these, uncertainty is the most profitable opportunity in the business.

*** end quote ***

There is NO reason to allow the central banks to assume this much power over people’s daily live.

The Canadian Gooferment freezing the protesting truckers bank accounts, as well as anyone who donated to them, is just a taste of what ANY Gooferment can do using it’s central bak to “moderate” speech and behavior.


“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . .” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Before it becomes too late to do anything.

The camel’s nose, the slippery slope, or “give ‘em an inch” are all warnings about this.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.  Look at the 1913 gold seizure as an example.  “Bank holiday” my ass.  These useless drones aka politicians and bureaucrats are mini-tyrants if you don’t stop them first.

#endthefed is the battle cry.


GOVERNACIDE: Does “restorative justice” make us all unsafe?


INSANITY: Friends And Family Of Woke Store Owner Robbed And Murdered By Street Thug Don’t Want Her Killer Prosecuted (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit ^
Posted on 2/12/2023, 10:41:35 AM by MNDude

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She was particularly opposed to America’s criminal justice system which she viewed as racist.

Because of this, her friends and family claim Angel would not want her killer prosecuted in a court of law if arrested. They instead want “restorative justice” to honor Angel’s memory.

Angel would want “alternatives to traditional prosecution, such as restorative justice. Jen’s family and close friends ask that the media respect this request and carry forward the story of her life with celebration and clarity about the world she aimed to build. Do not use her legacy of care and community to further inflame narratives of fear, hatred, and vengeance, nor to advance putting public resources into policing, incarceration, or other state violence that perpetuates the cycles of violence that resulted in this tragedy.

*** end quote ***

Leftist loons make us all unsafe!  As a gun owning pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I don’t believe in the Gooferment being allowed to kill people.  Not because the criminal doesn’t deserve it, but because once the Gooferment has ANY power they misuse it.  That being said, “restorative justice” is just insane.

I like the concept of Devil’s Island.  Put the criminals somewhere they can’t repeat.  Unless they’re too dangerous to the Corrections Officers, they should spend an appropriate amount of time incarcerated.

We, the people of the USA, are in a crime wave where there is no punishment to deter criminals from committing crimes.  Repeatedly, criminals taunt the police with “we’ll be back of the street before you get the paperwork done”. I’ve seem where repeat offenders have 50= arrests and out ROR for them to continue terrorizing society,

I wan criminals in jail so they are no longer a threat.  I like violent felons serving long terms.  That’s “restorative” to a peaceful civil society.

If you don’t control crime, then you have to allow people to defend themselves


INTERESTING: Why do cows align the way they do?

Grazing Cows Naturally Align Themselves With?

The North Star, The Wind, The Sun, The Magnetic Poles


Cows grazing, oriented North along the Earth’s North/South magnetic axis.

Answer: The Magnetic Poles

They might not be known the world over as the brightest creatures, but cows sure know how to keep an organized herd. Whether you’re watching a grazing herd in North Dakota or New Zealand, there’s one thing cows excel at: orienting themselves, en masse, along the axis of magnetic North/South.

Although scientists don’t have a definitive answer as to why cows align themselves with the magnetosphere, there are several theories: it coordinates movement among herd members, facilitates escape from a predator, ensures herd members are grazing the land efficiently by moving in the same direction together, and it may help the cows better map out their physical environment if they consistently orient themselves in the same direction.

# – # – # – # – # 

How little we understand the physical world we live in.  “Grazing efficiently” seems correct but it’s by no means factual.

I continue to be amazed at “factoids” that have no explanations.

We know so little.


GOLDBUG: When priced in gold, beer was $3 a litre in 301AD


Gold’s Return as Money
By Alasdair Macleod
February 17, 2023

*** begin quote ***

To confirm gold’s price stability, we can go even further back to the time of Diocletian, who produced his edict of maximum prices in 301AD. The circumstances were that the purchasing power of the denarii coin was falling due to its debasement. From the edict, we find that a gramme of gold was fixed at 216 denarii, giving us a conversion value for goods listed in the edict for comparison with today. From this, we know that in today’s currency pork was about $4 a pound, sea fish about $8 a pound and a dozen eggs $3.32. Vin ordinaire was $2.96 for a 75cl bottle, and good quality wine $11.10 a bottle. Beer was $3 a litre. Clearly, prices for staples which we still consume were similar to today, irrefutable evidence that gold valued as money is stable even over thousands of years. 

*** end quote ***

The gold standard did not collapse. Governments abolished it in order to pave the way for inflation. The whole grim apparatus of oppression and coercion — policemen, customs guards, penal courts, prisons, in some countries even executioners — had to be put into action in order to destroy the gold standard. Solemn pledges were broken, retroactive laws were promulgated, provisions of constitutions and bills of rights were openly defied. And hosts of servile writers praised what the governments had done and hailed the dawn of the fiat-money millennium. — Ludwig von Mises

I always use my three silver dimes for a gallon of gas in the Sixties to demonstrate that the “dollar” has lost its purchasing power due to inflation.  That and “penny candy” which has long since disappeared. 

I can’t translate what $3 per liter of beer equates to, money wise BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), I do know that a liter is about 33 fluid ounces. That’s about two 16 ounce bottles that I pay 6$ each for at the local tavern.

So in 301AD two bottles would be 3$ and today it’s 12$.

So when the politicians and bureaucrats tell you “what inflation?”, you can tell them %$^#&@( themselves.



POLITICAL: Biden’s billionaire tax is ‘dead on arrival’ in Congres


Biden’s billionaire tax is ‘dead on arrival’ in Congress, top Wall Street backers and Democratic strategists say
Published Thu, Feb 9 202312:22 PM ESTUpdated Thu, Feb 9 20232:14 PM EST
Brian Schwartz,Christina Wilkie

  • “What it really is, or at least the way we see, it is a prepayment or withholding tax on future capital gains,” he said Wednesday on ” Squawk Box .” The White House didn’t respond to follow-up questions from CNBC about the plan.
  • The plan would require households with a net worth above $100 million to pay a minimum annual tax of 20% on both their standard taxable income and on gains in the total value of their “tradable assets,” which includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities.

*** begin quote ***

Corporate leaders who backed President Joe Biden in the 2020 election conveyed deep skepticism that the so-called billionaire’s tax Biden proposed in his State of the Union address this week would ever become law.

The plan would require households with a net worth above $100 million to pay a minimum annual tax of 20% on both their standard taxable income and on gains in the total value of their “tradable assets,” which includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities.

*** end quote ***

I can’t imagine a more “economy killing” idea.  What do they think these wealthy people do with their money?  Swim in it like the Scrooge McDuck in a comic book pool.  No, they invest the capital in the economy that make productivity possible.


INSPIRATIONAL: Man Finally Meets Family That Hid Him During Nazi Holocaust


Man Finally Meets Family That Hid Him During Nazi Holocaust 80 Years Ago–And Visits the House
By Andy Corbley – Feb 7, 202

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An elderly Belgian man was able to meet the descendants of a neighbor who saved him from the Holocaust after his perseverant son and a helpful geneticist managed to track down his grandchildren.

The meeting was organized in the same house where a 5-year-old David Rossler was hidden along with his mother. Now 85, Rossler had a chance to thank the grandchildren for what their grandfather, Georges Bourlet, had done.

Mr. Bourlet lived in Auderghem, Brussels with his four adolescent children, Paul, Jacques, Anne-Marie, and Christiane. Together they gave shelter to Rossler and his mother towards the end of the war in 1944 after Rossler’s uncle and grandfather had already been seized and sent to Auschwitz.

*** and ***

“In Jewish tradition, there is a saying that ‘he who saves one life saves all of humanity’ – Georges Bourlet saved humanity nine times over We are submitting our testimony to Yad Vashem in hopes that he will be recognized for his heroism and granted the title of ‘Righteous Among the Nations,’” said Lionel, referencing the Israeli civilian honor for those who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

*** end quote ***

I’m not sure I’d have the courage to hide Jews from the Nazis.  Not only did Georges Bourlet risk his own life but also that of his family to do a brave thing.  He knew the risks and did it.  That’s “stones”.  

We don’t know how many took the same gamble and were killed for it.

As I said, I’m not sure I could handle a big challenge like that.  May all my temptations be small enough for my limited abilities. 





GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Christie Todd Wittman should fly in to assure everyone that the air around the site was safe to breathe!


‘Don’t tell me it’s safe’: Residents of East Palestine express fears about returning after it’s revealed there were more toxic chemicals on derailed Ohio train than originally reported and thousands of livestock left dead

  •     About 50 cars, including 10 carrying hazardous materials, derailed in a fiery crash in East Palestine on February 3
  •     Officials conducted a ‘controlled explosion’ of the highly flammable, toxic chemicals
  •     Residents now worry about the health effects of these chemicals 

By Melissa Koenig For Dailymail.Com
Published: 11:19 EST, 14 February 2023 | Updated: 13:30 EST, 14 February 2023

*** begin quote ***

Residents of a small town in Ohio fear for their health and safety after huge clouds of toxic chemicals were released in a controlled explosion following a train derailment earlier this month.

About 50 cars, including 10 carrying hazardous materials, derailed in a fiery crash in East Palestine at about 9pm on Friday, February 3.

Homes within a one-mile area were soon evacuated as vinyl chloride was slowly released from five of those cars. Authorities then ignited the gases for a ‘controlled release’ of the highly flammable, toxic chemicals in a controlled environment, creating a dark plume of smoke seen miles away.

*** end quote ***

I point to my personal “EXHIBIT #1” of Christie Todd Wittman, the head of the EPA, assuring us that the air around the 911 site was safe to breathe. 

I wouldn’t believe any Gooferment assurances about safety,

Where are the Ohio Senators and Representatives?  The Ohio governor, all their politicians, and bureaucrats?

Any wagers that they are not down there breathing that “air”?



INSPIRATIONAL: The infamous Navier-Stokes equations


Hard Science — February 8, 2023
Solved: 500-year-old mystery about bubbles that puzzled Leonardo da Vinci

  • The solution involves the infamous Navier-Stokes equations, which are so difficult, there is a $1-million prize for solving them.
  • Small bubbles shoot straight up in water, but larger bubbles dance and zigzag.
  • This effect has intrigued scientists, beginning with Leonardo da Vinci.
  • A new study finds a solution that we can understand intuitively. 

Tom Hartsfield

*** begin quote ***

Pour water — or another tasty, bubbly liquid — into a clear glass. Carefully watch bubbles as they nucleate and then float up in the glass: You’ll notice that some of them rise differently than others. The tiniest ones shoot straight up, while bigger bubbles rhythmically bounce back and forth, slowing their trip. If you’ve ever wondered why this occurs, you’re not alone. No less a natural philosopher than Leonardo da Vinci was confounded by it.

*** end quote ***

I guess we can say Leonardo da Vinci’s genius had its limits.  Took 500 years, modern math, advance computers, and some fudging to get close to an answer.  So we can forgive poor old da Vinci for flubbing it.

Found it fascinating that a bubble can become an oval.

Wonder what other mysteries are out there?  We know so little.


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Seymour Hersh puts the Nordstram bombing clearly on the USA Gooferment’s doorstep


How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

  • The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now

Seymour Hersh
Feb 8

*** begin quote ***

Last June, the Navy divers, operating under the cover of a widely publicized mid-summer NATO exercise known as BALTOPS 22, planted the remotely triggered explosives that, three months later, destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines, according to a source with direct knowledge of the operational planning.

Two of the pipelines, which were known collectively as Nord Stream 1, had been providing Germany and much of Western Europe with cheap Russian natural gas for more than a decade. A second pair of pipelines, called Nord Stream 2, had been built but were not yet operational. Now, with Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border and the bloodiest war in Europe since 1945 looming, President Joseph Biden saw the pipelines as a vehicle for Vladimir Putin to weaponize natural gas for his political and territorial ambitions.

Asked for comment, Adrienne Watson, a White House spokesperson, said in an email, “This is false and complete fiction.” Tammy Thorp, a spokesperson for the Central Intelligence Agency, similarly wrote: “This claim is completely and utterly false.”

Biden’s decision to sabotage the pipelines came after more than nine months of highly secret back and forth debate inside Washington’s national security community about how to best achieve that goal. For much of that time, the issue was not whether to do the mission, but how to get it done with no overt clue as to who was responsible.

*** end quote ***


# – # – # – # – # 

Dave Smith called this as suspect when it first happened.  Using “cut bono” logic, the USA Gooferment had “the means, motive, and opportunity”.   Putin, Russia, and Germany have no motive.

# – # – # – # – # 

Dave Smith seems to ignore that Russia’s Ukraine conflict would expose the many nil-abs that are reportedly funded by the US Gooferment.  

# – # – # – # – # 


But for a comedian, he’s certainly on point with his analysis of the evil actions of the US Gooferment

RANT: Bullied NJ teenager suicided as a result of taunting


‘Humiliated’ New Jersey teen killed herself at home after being taunted with texts from bullies who beat her in school hall – as callous superintendent claims there are ‘two sides to every story’ – the day before her funeral

  •     Adriana Kuch killed herself on February 3 – two days after being beaten up 
  •     Her father says her bullies were taunting her with texts after the attack 
  •     School bosses failed to call police, and still have not expelled the students

By Jen Smith, Chief Reporter For Dailymail.Com
Published: 09:41 EST, 10 February 2023 | Updated: 10:17 EST, 10 February 2023

*** begin quote ***

‘Humiliated’ New Jersey teenager Adriana Kuch killed herself after being taunted with texts from the bullies who beat her in the school halls, her father has told DailyMail.com. 

Adriana, 14, took her own life in her bedroom at her family home in Berkeley Township, New Jersey, on February 3. 

Hours beforehand, she had received a taunting text message from one of the girls who filmed the attack, making fun of her for ‘dripping’ blood on the floor, and being ‘whooped’. 

*** end quote ***

Reportedly the school didn’t call the police.

If I was the parent, I’d have called the police and confronted the juveniles involved.  I might be the one getting arrested.

At the very least, my child would NOT be returning to that school.  There must have been a relative who could have hosted her in a new school district.

This I see as one of the problems of Gooferment Skrules. The parent doesn’t control the flow of money as happens in every kind of free market exchange.  No service; no money.  Try that with any Gooferment”service”!

Bottom line: this is an outrageous incident that just should not have happened.


BITCOIN: Nigeria is an exemplarfor what could happen here


Nigerians Are Fighting For Their Own Money And Bitcoin Can Help

  • As Nigerians have been cut off from access to their own money amid a banknote redesign, Bitcoin is the best chance to reinvent the system.

Ray Youssef  —     Feb 7, 2023

*** begin quote ***

This is an opinion editorial by Ray Youssef, a founder and CEO of Paxful and a founder of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation.

Imagine standing in endless lines, fighting to get ahold of your own money. Read that again and try to make sense of it. This is life for millions of Nigerians right now, who face a redesign of their banknotes, the naira, which means old naira bank notes will be useless after February 10. This is a problem because while Nigeria hopes to move closer to a digital-cash economy, the country is still heavily cash dependent. The policy is causing a flood of people at bank offices and ATMs, desperate to swap their old bank notes for the new redesign.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has imposed a weekly cash withdrawal limit which, as of January 9, was 500,000 naira for individuals (around $1,087) and 5,000,000 naira (around $10,087) for organizations. While these weekly limits already seem insane, the actual amount Nigerians can pull out depends on what’s available at each location.

What’s Unfolding On The Ground In Nigeria

My team in Nigeria is witnessing all-day queues — with many people walking away empty handed. Some bank offices and ATMs do not even have cash to dispense. Nigerians are bringing mattresses to ATMs and others are arriving at ATMs at 4:00 a.m. to be 115th in line for when they open at 8:00 a.m. Scarcity is an even bigger issue in some rural areas and individuals have not been able to access any new notes. I’m hearing that, after returning the old notes to the banks through their kids or agents because most are unbanked, they are unable to get new notes. This puts a halt to their day-to-day transactions and livelihoods. And for the individuals who are able to get naira, point-of-sale (PoS) transaction charges skyrocketed by 400% in most cities across the country. This is causing a lot of fear as inflation is already over 20% and Nigerians are struggling to keep up with the cost of living. 

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While inflation in the USA is not near as bad as in Nigeria, it’s still bad if you’re on a fixed income, a wage slave, or just trying to get by.

Unlike fiat currency, ₿ bitcoin has a mathematical enforced scarcity.  While probably not a good as bullion, it is transportable with the memorized word list.  

And it frees you from Gooferment and its clutches.

Forewarned is forearmed!


MONEY: Gooferment Debt in a “death spiral”


Welcome To The Death Spiral
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Feb 06, 2023 – 09:00 AM
Authored by John Rubino via Substack,

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And there’s nothing that the monetary authorities can do to stop it, because either choice – keep interest rates high or push them back down – leads to the same place, which is a currency crisis. Meanwhile, each turn of the wheel makes the problem more intractable and the collapse more imminent. That’s what the term “death spiral” refers to: a process that feeds on itself until the system implodes.

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Assuming that they, our wise and merciful Overlords, can see that they can no longer kick the debt can down the road, what can they do?

Easier said than done, cut spending.  The Military Industrial Complex is spending the USA into oblivion.  They have to face the largest share of the cuts.  It would seem that NATO has far outlived its usefulness and should be ended.  Our participation in the UN and all its corrupt activities should also go.

Then, we need to address welfare and entitlements.  Sorry but they have to get cut too.  As humanely as possible.

The cathedral of “education” needs to be starved too.

The entire class of Gooferment drones have to be freed to take on more productive roles.

Unpleasant times for everyone.

The alternative is the fall of Rome.


INTERESTING: Svingerudsteinen rune pushes known history backby hundreds of years


‘Sensational’ Runestone Discovered in Norway With Mysterious Inscription–May Be World’s Oldest
By Andy Corbley – Jan 31, 2023 

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A runestone was discovered in Norway recently that jumps back the origin date of runic writing by hundreds of years to a time before the fall of Rome.

Based on carbon-dated organic remains, the reddish-brown sandstone block may have been carved as far back as 250 to 1 CE—making it the oldest ever found.

Most runestones are named based on the location they were discovered, and this one is called the “Svingerudsteinen,” or “the Svingerud Stone.”

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Runologists like Zilmer don’t have a large body of reference, as only 30 or so stones have been found with inscriptions dating from the 6th century or earlier.

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Amazing about how little we know about human history.  Here’s some messages from the past (obits) that are cryptic bits.

What all did these people know that is lost in “history”.


POLITICAL: Downsize Gooferment

How brains get ground into dust 


“I don’t believe in government. I hate politics. I’m against it. And I hope that sometimes this fall, we can destroy part of our government, and next year destroy even more of it. The less government, the happier I will be.” Ray Bradbury